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6 Tastylicious Food Delivery Doral: From Classic Comfort Foods to Exciting New Flavors

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A secret of well-being is to always maintain an attitude of openness towards new things that life can offer you. Surprises are wonderful! and even more so when they are associated with something as basic as sensations: new aromas, new sights, new sounds, new textures, new flavors… and here let’s make a stop. Who can not be a fan of discovering new exotic and delicious foods? And if we discover them in the comfort of our own home, the experience takes on a whole new dimension. In this article we want to help you with that. If you are in that wonderful area of South Florida that is Doral, let’s explore a list of food delivery. Dare to welcome home new delicacies from local restaurants today!

Best food delivery in Doral: Our selection

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, this is the list that won’t let you down when it comes to ordering and having the food of your choice delivered to your door. If you live in Doral, try one by one the restaurants on our list and you will see that they will soon become your favorites.

1.- Los tamales de mamita

If when you hear the word tamale you think of Mexican food, we tell you that in Cuba it is also a delicious and very laborious traditional food. Ideal for celebrations and parties.

In fact, in this restaurant located in Miami Lakes, FL 33016, the minimum order is for 10 people, must be placed 24 hours in advance at 7867141444 and includes tamales and other typical Cuban dishes such as paleta, yucca and congrí.

Cuban food is an explosion of flavors because it literally emerged from a mixture of aboriginal, Yucatecan, Spanish, African and even Asian traditions. Its ingredients include garlic, red peppers and pork chunks that give it an authentic tropical flavor.

2. Chifa Du Kang

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Do you want to surprise your guests with an incredibly exceptional meal? The food we offer at Chifa Du Kang is a must on your Doral food delivery list because it’s Chinese food with Peruvian seasoning that will leave you wanting to repeat at every gathering.

In fact, Peruvians have Chifa gastronomy as their first choice when it comes to food delivery because each dish mixes typical Peruvian and Chinese flavors, sweet and savory, under the Wok cooking technique that allows cooking with little oil, preserving the crunchy and appetizing texture of the vegetables with their vitamins and minerals.

In Chifa Du Kang we offer specialties such as rice chaufa of chicken, beef, shrimp, pork or vegetables, the famous lomo saltado, tipakay chicken and more. If these dishes don’t ring a bell, it’s because you’ve missed the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy and it’s about time to discover it.

Food delivery Doral: Why try Chaufa rice instead of another type of Chinese rice?

The magic of this typical Peruvian Chinese rice is in the mix of flavors, since Chifa food integrates Peruvian ingredients such as pineapple, papa, aji panca, but the way it is cooked is key: sautéed at high heat and very quickly in a Wok with soy sauce. The base is vegetables, rice and egg omelet along with the protein of choice and is accompanied with sillao or chili cream.

We have two restaurants in Miami, Du Kang Kendall Drive and Du Kang Bird Road. You can visit us or if you live in Doral you can order your service at home.

3.- Qialong Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Its name comes from a great Chinese emperor. The owners want to evoke that strength, reputation and rottenness, now transferred to their dishes. They serve traditional Cantonese and Peking Chinese food, in a wide menu that can please all tastes. Their signature dish is Peking duck, which is served in two courses and can only be ordered by reservation.

This restaurant stems from a long family tradition that began in Venezuela, with the Chinese restaurant El Palmar, in Caracas, and for several years now has expanded to the United States, starting with this location in Miami. For this reason, its dishes have the flavour of Venezuelan Chinese food.

The restaurant is located in Doral and offers table service in a beautiful dining room, as well as delivery and take out. To book or order, all you need to do is go to their website.

4.- La Cocinita Miami

If you are looking for a Doral food delivery option that allows you to stay on a vegan or vegetarian vibe, La Cocinita Miami is an excellent choice. Their restaurant is located at 5th street, suite 107, Miami, FL 33131 but their delivery will bring the taste of their varied menu to your doorstep even up to 20 miles around their location.

They describe themselves as vegans who love to eat food that tastes good, and their healthy and cruelty-free options include salads, hot dogs, burgers, wraps, green bowls, tacos, soups, tofu arepas, pancakes and all kinds of Latin American dishes veganized under the direction of Chef Mr. Mitrano.

The texture of the food at the Miami kitchenette is described by themselves as “Goood Comfort Food”.

5.- Bandeja Paisa

In Miami there is no way to miss Colombian food in all its splendor and variety because there are many restaurants that brought the best of the Caribbean country to this location. Today we are going to talk about Bandeja Paisa, which enters our top food delivery Doral because it offers a diverse menu with typical dishes from each region of the country with all the colorful tropical ingredients and full of flavor.

The slogan of this place is “try one or try them all and take the flavor of our beautiful country to your mouth. The menu includes of course the dish that gives the restaurant its name, the “original” bandeja paisa, which includes red beans, rice, powdered beef, chicharrón, fried egg, Antioquian chorizo, ripe plantain, avocado and the inevitable arepa, which according to the Bandeja paisa website is the dish that denotes the “most authentic identity of our immense and rich Colombian gastronomy”.

Since 2008, it has been the only place to offer an extensive menu of Latin dishes such as hot dogs, hamburgers, maicitos, quesadillas, soups, sancochos criollos, grilled meats, chicken, ajiaco and mondongo. Currently located at 9511 W Flagler St, Miami FL 33174.

6.- Fratelli Milano

Italian food is a must in any food top that has managed to penetrate the hearts of the whole world. From pizza, pasta, pesto… this restaurant strives to offer “a little piece of Italy” in its dishes.

It is located at 213 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131-1901 and specializes in Southern Italian, Tuscan and Sicilian cuisine. Its menu has vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. In 2022 it won the Travellers’ Choice award.

Some of the comments from those who have eaten here highlight the quality and authenticity of the food: “Authentic Italian flavor in Miami. It is a small place with excellent service and delicious food. My recommendation is the Lasagna and the classic Margarita pizza” and “very good food! The fusilli con tre funghi are delicious! Highly recommended!”.

Discover the Peruvian Chinese seasoning at Chifa Du Kang: The Best Food Delivery near Doral

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If you have decided to try the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy, order from Doral Chifa food at Chifa Du Kang. You will want to repeat once you try it!

Remember that our menu has options for all tastes. Let yourself be surprised with our dishes.

Click here, order, and start living a one of a kind gastronomic experience.

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