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Fried rice delivery near me: arroz chaufa from Chifa Du Kang

Too lazy to cook? 8 top spots of Fried Rice Delivery Near Me in Miami

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Not in the mood to cook? Craving Asian flavors? You’re probably already typing “fried rice delivery near me” on your cell phone. Because obviously, Chinese rice is that delicious, aromatic and nutritious dish that is always good for a quiet night at home, maybe with movies and even a glass of wine. Do you agree?

Today we live in a world full of speed that requires us and our energy 24 hours a day. If not at work, then on the road or at home. There is no time to stop, we are always doing something, so it is normal that at least one day a week we want to close the kitchen doors and just wait for a delicious box of food to knock on our door to break the routine, relax on the couch and eat delicious food (And can you think of anything more suitable for that picture than Chinese food?).

If you are in Miami, to help you out, today we will share with you our list of Chinese restaurants with delivery service. Try them all! You won’t regret this delicious adventure.

Best restaurants for fried rice delivery in Miami

Miami has it all. We have talked about it extensively in this blog. When it comes to eating, there are places to enjoy all kinds of gastronomies, and besides that there are all kinds of services, from the utmost luxury to those small family places that are a treasure.

And within that universe, restaurants with home delivery service stand out. How convenient! Typing in Google: “fried rice delivery near me” and having delicious food at home in less than half an hour is one of the wonders of modern life.

As we share with you that double love for Chinese food and for enjoying this delicious dish at home, today we will share with you our Top 8 fried rice delivery near me, Miami edition. Believe it, you will thank us for this. Let’s get started.

1.- Jardines de Confucio

It is a Colombian restaurant that has specialized in Cantonese Chinese food with Latin influence, being fried rice one of its most requested dishes. It offers 17 presentations of Chinese fried rice, so you will have no problem to get your favorite. Before ordering online, check the payment methods, availability, hours and days of operation. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

Fried rice delivery near me: arroz chaufa veggie style from Chifa Du Kang

Have you tried chifa food? If you haven’t yet, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the explosive flavors it offers and what better option than in our restaurant Chifa Du Kang and with one of the six fried rice dishes (shrimp, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and special) in Chinese-Peruvian version?

We are experts in this fusion. Our roots are in these two countries and nothing pleases us more than sharing our secrets every day with hundreds of people who visit our Miami locations. But if you don’t feel like going out or your commitments don’t allow it, that’s not a problem. Contact us and our staff will bring the order to you. Our restaurant on Kendall Drive offers fried rice delivery service near me.

3.- Ping House

It is a simple place to taste basic dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine, rich in quality and abundance and at very reasonable prices. Do not hesitate to include it in your personal list of restaurants that provide home delivery service with excellent Chinese food.

4.- Canton Room

Offers fried rice delivery service near me up to 10 miles around their location at 916 and 71st Street in Miami Beach to provide an excellent experience. If your order is over $30 and you are within 5 miles, the service is free.

5.- Tanka

This place is a hidden gem that you have to discover. Details are perfectly taken care of in the contemporary Chinese dishes inspired by Cantonese, Shanghai and Szechuan cuisines. Tanka is in the Edgewater Grand Condominium. Log in to their website and social media to order online.

6.- Hong Kong City

Delicious and authentic Chinese food you find in this restaurant, located in Northwest Miami, that you can consume on site, order to go or request the contactless delivery service through Beyond Menu. Hong Kong City has everything to match your Chinese fried rice, such as delicious honey chicken wings or barbecued ribs.

7.- Panda Express

Panda has seven locations in Miami and you can order online at all of them. You just have to pay attention to the location of the restaurant and the closing hours because they vary from one branch to another. Here Chinese food is deliciously fused with American tradition.

8.- International Chop Suey

Mongolian beef, special fried rice, egg rolls and chop suey are the most in-demand dishes at this modest restaurant that, in addition to table service, has specialized in take-out and home deliveries. In less time than you can imagine, you will be enjoying your order from the comfort of your own home.

Get lazy day ready with our Chinese Peruvian fried rice delivery at Chifa Du Kang!

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Stuck thinking about the Chinese-Peruvian version of fried rice? No wonder. This dish is a sensory experience that once you try it you won’t forget.

Our chifa fried rice will not disappoint you. We prepare it with the exact point of each ingredient to get the perfect balance and exotic flavors that Chifa food gives us.

Forget the kitchen for today and order fried rice delivery near me at our Chifa Du Kang restaurant located on Kendall Drive.

Next time visit us at our Bird Road location and enjoy our unique ambiance, we look forward to seeing you!

Click here and check out our menu. Order chifa food today at Chifa Du Kang.

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