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Sabor a Perú: Bringing Peruvian Cuisine to Miami FL

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In this article we want to tell you about Sabor a Perú, a Peruvian restaurant in Miami with a wide menu of Peruvian specialties and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a nice lunch or informal dinner with family or friends. It is located on Biscayne Blvd and it is definitely a hotspot that you must include if you are a fan of Peruvian cuisine or simply a seafood lover.

Let’s talk a little more about Sabor a Perú Miami, its menu, its quality of service, what it offers, when you can visit it and some alternatives about Peruvian food in the city. Let’s get started!

Sabor a Perú Miami: a nice hotspot in Biscayne Blvd

Sabor a Perú Miami Restaurant

Sabor a Perú is one of those small, home-style family restaurants that are a pleasure to find in big cities. As far as Peruvian cuisine goes, its menu and service has earned a place in the Miami dining scene.

This place serves international Peruvian food and is open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm for Dine-in, Pick-up and for delivery. On its website it claims to have chefs of great experience in the gastronomy of our country, internationally known and with great prestige. So, in this establishment it is possible to enjoy the ultra well-known ceviche, as well as other dishes such as lomo saltado, Choro a La Chalaca or Papa a La Huancaina.

Its atmosphere is fresh and informal. You can eat inside the restaurant in its small dining room or outdoors at one of the tables arranged in the front. Its decoration is totally Peruvian to offer an experience with local color.

Sabor a Perú Menu: know their specialties

The star dishes on the menu at Sabor a Perú Miami are the iconic Peruvian recipes, cooked in the most authentic and traditional way. This is a restaurant to get a big picture about the gastronomy of our country.

Within that big catalog, seafood and fish are the protagonist in the menu. Thus, Sabor a Perú offers 13 types of ceviche and other dishes such as seafood Cau-Cau, saltado de pescado, pescado a la chorrillana, sudado de pescado, seafood chaufa rice, tiraditos, jalea, and soups such as Parihuela, Chilcano and chupe de camarones.

If seafood is not your thing, there is a wide variety of dishes based on beef, pork and chicken. Keep in mind that there are very few options that could be considered vegan.

Another great item on the Sabor a Peru menu is its desserts. There are few places in Miami to eat Peruvian sweets, and this is one of them. If you ever visit this restaurant, be sure to try the suspiro limeno, tres leches and cuatro leches cakes.

Finally, this is also a good place to try Peruvian drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Be sure to try drinks such as mango, parchita, lucuma or chirimoya juices; local sodas such as Inca Kola; as well as Peruvian beers.

Ratings & Reviews

Sabor a Perú is present in all the gastronomic recommendation platforms in Miami. In all of them, its ratings and reviews are mostly positive.

On Yelp!, for example, the restaurant has 3.5/ 5 stars; on TripAdvisors it has 4/ 5 stars; on Google it has 4.3/ 5 stars; on Zomato it has 3.9/ 5; and finally on FourSquares it has 8.4/ 10.

Fan of Peruvian food? We invite you to know the Peruvian chifa

Arroz chaufa and more chifa dishes

Sabor a Perú is a great place to taste the dishes that have turned our country into a world-famous gastronomic destination. It is perfect if you want to take a first step in this wonderful South American culinary universe. But if you want to delve a little deeper into the secrets of Peruvian cuisine, we want to tell you about Peruvian chifa.

The Peruvian chifa is the best kept treasure of Peruvian food. It is an exotic fusion of flavors between Peru and China, which is a deep-rooted tradition in every Peruvian home.

Peruvian chifa combines native Peruvian flavors with oriental seasoning and a very particular method: wok cooking. All this comes together in a wide range of dishes that are still little known in the world but that little by little are also making their way as a national seal. Among them are lomo saltado, chajaukay chicken, tipakay chicken, wantan soup, chaufa rice and more.

Believe it! if you are interested in learning more about Peruvian food or you a re a real foodie and love new discoveries, this is a step you can’t miss!

Do you want to try Peruvian chifa in Miami? Come to Chifa Du Kang!

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At Chifa Du Kang we offer you the most authentic chifa experience in Miami. In our menu you will find all the classic dishes of this gastronomic culture, which is the best kept culinary secret of Peru.

We have two restaurants in the city: in Kendall and on Bird Road. Sit at the table with us and try our chaufa rice, our wantan soup, the traditional lomo saltado and more fusion dishes such as chijaukay chicken or various types of noodles.

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