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Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall: vaca frita dish.

Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall: Their ‘Vaca Frita’ & ‘Rabo Encendido’ are out of this world

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El Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall lives up to its name. When you enter this small restaurant you are immersed in an atmosphere of aromas that transport you to the heart of Cuba.

In this little corner you feel at home, waiting to enjoy those drinks and dishes with the authentic Cuban flavor. Two of its star dishes are rabo encendido and vaca frita. Here we tell you why.

Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall: Their Specialties

Authentic homemade seasoning is what you’ll enjoy at Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall. Those are the aromas that surround this kitchen and the flavours that are tasted in each one of its dishes where garlic, cumin and onion are the basic ingredients that give it that genuine touch of Cuban Creole food.

The menu they offer is quite extensive. But let’s focus on two of the most traditional dishes of the island, which are the most famous and in demand in this restaurant thanks to their unequalled flavour. Let’s talk about Vaca frita and Rabo encendido. Two simple recipes that you should give yourself the opportunity to savour if you haven’t already done so at Rinconcito Cubano Kendall.

Rabo Encendido

Rabo Encendido  - Cuban style Oxtail Stew. dish  Cuban-American. Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall.

It’s a dish that takes some time to prepare and is well worth the wait if you make it at home. But if you want to skip this step, there’s nothing better than visiting the Rinconcito Cubano of Kendall. Let us tell you a little about it!

Rabo encendido is a stew made with oxtail. The oxtail is cut into small pieces that are then seared in a pot or pan with a little oil.

Once seared, garlic and onion are added and left to fry for a few seconds to allow the aromas to emerge and permeate the meat. Then add tomatoes, oregano, cumin, peppers and chillies. It is this last ingredient that complements the name of the recipe (flaming tail).

Rabo encendido refers to the spicy taste of the stew which, according to belief, is best eaten the day after it is prepared because the flavour is more intense. Could this be the secret of Rinconcito Cubano Kendall?

Fried Cow

This is another of the star recipes of Cuban cuisine. Like the previous one, its name is quite peculiar, but its flavour is exquisite.

It is a crispy meat dish. It is prepared with cuts of skirt steak or arrachera. Once the meat has been parboiled, it is shredded and poured over a sofrito of onion, garlic and peppers until it reaches a crunchy texture.

In some versions of the recipe, the meat is fried first and once it has reached a crispy texture, the seasoning is added and the frying is finished.

When it is ready, it is served with white rice, beans and ripe plantains. Oh, and don’t forget a few slices of lemon to squeeze over the fried cow to enhance its flavour. Visit Kendall’s Rinconcito Cubano and discover why these dishes have captured the palates of everyone who sits at a table in this small restaurant.

Rinconcito Cubano Kendall Menu

Vaca Frita and Rabo Encendido are not the only things served at Rinconcito Cubano Kendall. This restaurant’s menu is a spectacle of traditional recipes that parade from breakfast through lunch, dinner, desserts, antojitos and even coffee.


Perico ripiao, bistec a caballo, bread with tortilla, flour, eggs to taste, are some of the dishes you can order for breakfast. All include coffee with milk and toast.

Lunch or dinner

The Cuban feast is more extensive, with Creole dishes that are a delight. Some of the options that will make you feel at home are: pork dumplings, arroz con puerco, rabo encendido, vaca frita, arroz imperial, arroz con pollo, filetillo de pollo salteado, picadillo, lechón asado, chicharrones de pescado, serrucho frito, shrimp or lobster enchiladas.

But there’s so much more! Rinconcito Cubano Kendall also serves pasta with ground beef, pasta with shrimp or chicken in white sauce or red sauce. Cuban sandwich, bread with steak or bread with suckling pig, chicken soup, pumpkin cream and salads.


At Rinconcito Cubano de Kendall Menu the masterful closing is with desserts. They serve a coconut flan, guava shells with cream cheese, rice pudding and fritters to offer you a delicacy of the gods.

Are you a Latin food lover?

Chifa food

Latin gastronomy has many flavours to offer and Peru is among the list of cuisines that arouse the greatest curiosity due to its variety and popularity. Not for nothing has the country been recommended for almost a decade as one of the best culinary destinations in the world.

With such a reputation, who wouldn’t want to discover what’s so special about these dishes? Here’s a sneak preview.

Peruvian cuisine is all about strong, explosive flavours. It deeply values the great variety of fresh local foods that it incorporates in its traditional and fusion cuisine to obtain those unmistakable flavours that make it easy to recognise at any table.

An example of this can be found in the Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, known as chifa. It is a mixture of enviable flavours that has allowed the creation of succulent dishes such as chaufa rice, lomo saltado, wantán soup, chijaukay chicken, among other creations that are a true treasure of Peruvian gastronomy. Have you tried it?

Chifa Du Kang: The best chifa restaurant in Miami

Chifa Du Kang menu

If you want to discover the flavours of Chifa food, come visit us at any of our locations on Kendall Dr and Bird Road.

At Chifa Du Kang we serve authentic Peruvian-Chinese fusion dishes with the explosive flavours that identify this cuisine and that have conquered millions of palates.

We offer you a cozy atmosphere to enjoy in good company the excellent cuisine that we bring to Miami for the whole family.

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