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9 Peruvian restaurants in Kendall that will keep you coming back

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Find a good Peruvian restaurant in Kendall is possible. Despite being a small community, there are several places with excellent Peruvian food that will captivate your palate and, without a doubt, you will want to become a regular diner.

The restaurants on this list have three things in common: the location in Miami-Dade County, the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine and the excellent service.

Join us on this gastronomic journey!

What dishes can you order at a Peruvian restaurant in Kendall?

Corn and potato, ingredients peruvian food

When we are craving to visit a Peruvian restaurant in Kendall, a suburb in Miami, it is because we have had the opportunity to enjoy this food and we want to return to delight ourselves with those flavors that make us undertake a ticketless trip to Peru. Or maybe it is because we have heard so much about this gastronomy that we want to discover what is so special about it.

Peru is recognized as one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, thanks to the unique flavors achieved in each dish by combining techniques and foods typical of the country. It also enjoys great prestige for the fusion of its cuisine with other culinary arts brought from Asia and Europe.

In these restaurants you cannot miss the ceviche, one of the most famous dishes of the Peruvian culinary art. The variety is almost infinite, but all of them stand out for the spicy and accentuated flavor added by the leche de tigre.

Also a delight for the palate is the causa limeña, aji de gallina, rocoto relleno, arroz chaufa, lomo saltado, as well as some traditional drinks such as chicha morada, pisco sour and desserts such as suspiro a la limeña and picarones, just to mention some dishes of the wide repertoire that show the Peruvian food menus.

Have you worked up an appetite? Let’s not wait any longer! Let’s see our selection of the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall.

Find the best Peruvian restaurant in Kendall

Looking for a Peruvian restaurant in Kendall? The answer is a little obvious. So let’s help you with that search.

1.- La Perla Peruvian Restaurant

La Perla Peruvian Restaurant in Kendall is a great option that we recommend you to taste delicious dishes with authentic seasoning of our beloved Peru. There you will live a luxury culinary experience. Those who have already visited it highlight the excellent service received, the pleasant atmosphere and, of course, the excellent presentation and flavor of each dish.

2.- La Bodega – Peruvian Restaurant

We continue our recommendation list with the Peruvian restaurant La Bodega in Kendall, a place that has remained for more than 30 years among the favorites of Peruvian food lovers.

Part of their slogan reads, “Come and experience why many people say, ‘it tastes better than in Peru'”.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

We bring to Kendall the best of chifa food (fusion of Peruvian-Chinese cuisine). Here you can enjoy the best chaufa rice that will make you experience the richest explosion of flavors in a single bite. This is one of the Peruvian’s favorite gastronomic styles, they eat it at least 3 times a week!

In its menu, the Peruvian restaurant in Kendall Chifa Du Kang includes chicken chijaukay and lomo saltado, other dishes very appreciated by the Peruvian community and that you can enjoy if you are in the city of Miami.

Chifa cuisine is one of the best kept secrets of Peru, and Chifa Du Kang came willing to share it with all the people who live in and visit Miami.

4.- CVI.CHE 105

Another option if you are looking for a Peruvian restaurant in Kendall, is CVI.CHE 105. Here you can enjoy one of the best ceviches you have ever tasted in your life. To such an extent that we have no doubt you will come back very soon to enjoy all the presentations of this light dish, and others in great demand such as aji de gallina, seco de res de antaño, lomo saltado, lomo a la pobre, tacu tacu marisquero, tacu tacu con lomo saltado, among others.

5.- Aromas del Perú

Aromas del Peru is a family restaurant in Kendall, with locations in other areas of Florida. It is described as an establishment “born to spread our Coast, Highlands and Jungle gastronomy abroad”. Its menu contemplates traditional Creole cuisine with some variations, without altering the essence and originality of Peruvian dishes.

6.- Taipa

This restaurant has been offering the best of authentic Peruvian food for over a decade, and it is a true reflection of what the word Taipa means, “Well served”.

Here you will be captivated by the octopus ceviche, chicken with lime, grilled veal, fish chilcano, choritos a la chalaca, among other dishes, in a family atmosphere. Or, if you prefer, you can order delivery service.

7.- Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

In this restaurant you can enjoy Peruvian food and drinks with a touch of modernity to make your visit one of the best experiences you have ever had when tasting ceviche, grilled octopus, soups and even hamburgers.

8.- Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

Our last Peruvian restaurant recommendation in Kendall is Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar. The prices are affordable and the menu is varied. In addition, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is very quiet. Undoubtedly, a place you will want to return to, especially if ceviche is your thing. The names of this specialty are quite particular, such as “psiquiatra”, “el loco calato” and “doctor tokyo”. Come and find out which one you like the most!

Chifa Du Kang: A unique Peruvian restaurant experience in Kendall

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Are you in Kendall and looking for an authentic Peruvian dining experience? Come to Chifa Du Kang and enjoy our Peruvian Chinese fusion cuisine, Peru’s best kept culinary secret.

Travel through our dishes, flavors and aromas. We assure you that you will want to come back!

We wait for you Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. On weekends the hours are extended until 11:00 pm.

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