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7 Best Peruvian Food Restaurants in Kendall

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Ceviche, causa limeña, aji de gallina, parihuela de mariscos, choritos a la chalaca, tiraditos de lujo, lomo saltado, arroz chaufa… does your mouth water when you think of these delicacies of Peruvian food? Well, we don’t blame you, they are indeed gastronomic treasures that Peru has handed down to mankind and those who already know them always want to taste them again. If this is your case and you are in Miami, in this post we want to offer you a short list of Peruvian restaurants in Kendall.

Let’s get started on this delicious tour!

Warning: as you read on, you’ll be flooded with a craving that you’ll have to deal with today.

Did you know the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall?

Maybe until today you didn’t know that there are very good Peruvian restaurants in Kendall that serve food with the authentic aromas and flavours that characterise this cuisine that is recognised worldwide as one of the best.

Peruvian cuisine has been able to take many palates out of their comfort zone. Its flavours, fusions and techniques are not conventional, on the contrary, they are very characteristic. That is why these flavours are impossible to forget.

In Peru we take our cuisine very seriously. We preserve traditional techniques and if we dare to modernise them, it is with the utmost respect and expertise. We don’t joke when we talk about food. We are perhaps the most foodie country in the world, and we love it!

Where are the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall?

Despite being a fairly small community, there are several Peruvian restaurants in Kendall with exquisite traditional dishes and a little bit of innovation, maintaining the unique flavour of the aji amarillo pepper as an irreplaceable ingredient in Peruvian cuisine.

1.- CVI.CHE 105

The best Peruvian ceviche served in Kendall is prepared by CVI.CHE 105. This establishment is part of the chain of restaurants opened by Peruvian chef Juan Chipoco in the city of Miami. At CVI.CHE 105 you can sample all the flavours of Peruvian cuisine, with the cebiche dishes being the speciality of this place due to the abundance of creativity in each one.

If you want to discover what CVI.CHE 105 has in Kendall, go to 7535 N Kendall Dr #5000, Miami, FL 33156.

2.- Aromas of Peru

This is another successful Peruvian restaurant chain in Miami. In Kendall, this restaurant chain has a location at 13823 Southwest 88th Street. The Aromas del Peru restaurant serves traditional Peruvian cuisine, which you can accompany with typical Peruvian drinks such as pisco sour, chicha morada, chilcano and Inca Kola.

It has been so well received that in 20 years they have six locations in different parts of Miami, where the resident Peruvian community and tourists from other countries have opened up to explore the different flavours that Aromas del Peru brings to this city.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

Osaka Nikkei Miami 2

If you’re looking for Peruvian fusion cuisine in Kendall, you have to come to our restaurant. At Chifa Du Kang we serve Chinese-Peruvian food with a family touch that we’ve preserved for decades. We are Miami’s premier Chinese food specialists and our restaurant in Kendall is the epicentre of this wonderful cross-cultural dining experience.

Come to our restaurant for one of our six types of chaufa rice, or lomo saltado, tipakay chicken, Kamlu Wantan and more, accompanied by a refreshing Inca Kola and Peruvian desserts. You will seriously become obsessed with this gastronomic experience that for Peruvians is an everyday thing.

4.- Pisco and Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

This restaurant leaves its kitchen open so that the public can enjoy watching the preparation of each dish brought to their table. Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar serves traditional Peruvian food with a modern twist to suit the diversity of the Miami crowd.

Its large dining room has a very particular shape that, although people are seated at different tables, they project the image that everyone is sharing the same giant table at this place located at 8405 Mills Drive, #206 Miami.

5.- Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar

This restaurant offers exquisite dishes that touch your soul to comfort your mood. Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar’s proposal is that the entire staff operates at full speed to create dishes that generate well-being in the diners.

After just 10 years, they remain one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall. If you want to discover their creative proposals, visit them at 13766 SW 84th Ave.

6.- Taipa Peruvian Restaurant

Ceviches, soups, meats, fish, seafood, pastas, rice and well-served desserts is what Taipa Peruvian Restaurant offers in Kendall, an establishment that took its first steps in a food truck, and to the surprise of its creators, in a short time took the form of a restaurant. All its dishes are well prepared and catch the eye at first sight. Taipa is located at 3855 SW 137th Ave.

7.- La Perla

La Perla offers a menu that invites you to explore the flavours of traditional Peruvian, New Andean and Asian fusion cuisine for a memorable experience in a space with a family atmosphere.

Chifa Du Kang: One the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall

Latin asian fusion food: shrimps with casheu

If you are looking for Peruvian food in Kendall but want to get out of your comfort zone as well as escape the tourist traps, Chifa Du Kang is the place you are looking for.

Come and try our dishes in a friendly and familiar atmosphere that will transport you straight to Peru, no passport required.

We are located at 11768 SW 88th Street, Miami FL 33186. Come visit us and discover why we are one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Kendall.

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