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Stay in and Savor: 4 Peruvian Food Delivery Downtown Miami

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If you live in Downtown Miami and you haven’t tried Peruvian food yet, or if you are a passionate foodie who wants to have “on file” the best places to go to enjoy good food, we bring you what you need: a list of 4 incredible places. We have titled this guide “Best Peruvian Food Downtown Miami”.

In Peru we are foodies from the womb. We love good food and the world knows it. Peruvian gastronomy is one of the most varied and extensive in Latin America, the result of a long cultural trajectory that starts from the culinary knowledge of ancient Peru that has developed and taken the best of the cultures that generation after generation have migrated to our beloved country. That is why our food is rich in flavours and origins. In fact, its flavour, colour, variety and nutritional contribution made it consolidate since 2011 as “Cultural Heritage of the Americas for the World”.

Let’s see what you can get in downtown Miami. ¡Buen provecho!

What characterises Peruvian food?

Dishes full of colours that connect with nature: yellow, red, green and white are some of the colours that stand out the most. The ingredients that are usually protagonists in their dishes are: seafood, fish, a diversity of potatoes and corn, quinoa, avocado, chilli peppers and spices. All this makes their dishes have a great nutritional value and their flavours are very particular.

Best Peruvian Food Delivery in Downtown Miami

The truth is that the United States has been very receptive to Peruvian migration and its cultural and gastronomic contribution. Not for nothing, to date there are 441 Peruvian restaurants in 32 cities, with New York, California, New Jersey and Florida being the main cities where they are located. Peruvian food has managed to captivate everyone who tries it, and North America is obviously no exception.

If you’re in Dowtown Miami, these are some of the Peruvian restaurants that you can’t miss on your list of places to visit, and which also bring the food to your home:

1.- Ceviches by Divino

This restaurant defines itself as a “Peruvian-style Grastopub” with a concept of a cosy place to spend a relaxing time with family and friends while enjoying exceptionally tasty food. It was founded by brothers Frank and Christian Encalada, the latter is the Executive Chef.

They offer high quality Peruvian tapas, pokes and ceviches. To accompany the meals they have a wide variety of craft beers and cocktails.

Visit their website to find out how to order. Their food can accompany a high level event in your home.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

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Chinese or Peruvian food? With Chifa food you won’t have to make that decision because we are talking about a gastronomic genre that fuses both countries in the same wok.

Chifa food, which is our speciality, is Peru’s best-hidden gastronomic secret. Every Peruvian who migrates to another latitude misses eating chifa because it is as common in our country as any other dish of their local gastronomy.

Chifa food has established itself as a true culinary delight due to its ingredients and cooking techniques that you can’t skip on your gastronomic bucket list.

Chef Anson Tou Liu leads the kitchen at our two restaurants in Miami. The mission is to preserve a family tradition and cultural heritage that we take personally.

If you are in Downtown Miami you can order delivery to our restaurant on Kendall Drive. We are also on Bird Road with table service and take out.

3.- El Chalan Restaurant

Another excellent option for Peruvian food in downtown Miami is El Chalan Restaurant, located on Bird Rd. They are pioneers in Peruvian food in Florida.

El Chalan opened its doors to the public in 1985, founded by Mario Abanto. Today, his sons continue his legacy by offering a wide variety of authentic Peruvian cuisine.

You can order by calling the restaurant or through the food apps UberEats, Postmates, Doordash and Grubhub.

4.- Peruvian Fusion Cuisine at Downtown Miami

Another very interesting fusion cuisine is Peruvian Fusion Cuisine at Downtown Miami, which you can visit on North Miami Avenue. It is a restaurant with a wide variety of high quality Peruvian dishes as well as burgers, fries and American salads on the menu.

If you and your friends can’t agree on whether to eat hamburgers or a “causa limeña”, you can place an order at this restaurant, where everyone will be happy. They call themselves a new concept and guarantee that every day they serve fresh food for quality dishes.

Are you in Dowtown Miami? Chifa Du Kang brings the most authentic Peruvian food to your doorstep

kendall chinese restaurant: chicken from Chifa Du Kang

If when you think of Peruvian food the first thing that comes to your mind is ceviche, it’s time to go for more! Believe us you will love us when you try Chifa food. It is the most popular Peruvian food in Peru and one of the most succulent!

Peru is a gastronomic universe and within it, chifa food is a whole system on its own. Dare to explore it in our restaurants.

We bring to your door such delicious dishes as chaufa rice (we have it in six versions for you to choose from), lomo saltado, chijaukay chicken, wantan soup, noodles in various presentations of the house, and more.

Visit our website, explore the menu and take off on your journey to the chifa experience! But be warned, order today and you won’t be able to stop!

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