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Peruvian Food: This 10 flavorsome dishes will make you feel alive

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Peru is a world-famous five-star gastronomic destination. Year after year thousands of people from all five continents visit our country looking for unique recipes that fuse European, Asian and African roots. And not only that, every day more and more gourmet restaurants around the world include Peruvian food dishes in their menus. Our cusine is our country brand!

Join us on a succulent journey to discover which are those famous Peruvian dishes you can’t miss, the best way to get to know Peru is through its food! So let’s take off!

Peruvian food dishes, why do they like them so much?

peruvian food dishes: chaufa seafood rice and ceviche

Peruvian food dishes are a true delicacy at first sight. The flavors, textures and aromas that only Peruvian cuisine achieves are a unique fusion between the ancestral Andean flavors, the fruits of the Pacific Ocean and the legacy of the different gastronomic cultures that have made Peru their home.

If you have already experienced it, we are in tune. But if you still don’t know what we’re talking about, you should know that Peruvian gastronomy has something really special. In fact, the country has been recognized eight times as the best culinary destination in South America.

A good reason for you not to despise an invitation to taste Peruvian food.

The best traditional Peruvian dishes

There are many famous Peruvian dishes, whose composition may vary depending on the geographical region. Let’s remember that Peru’s landscape includes jungle, mountain and coast. Hence the originality and versatility with which each menu is created.

To give you a much clearer idea, the protein of the chaufa rice prepared on the coast can be very different from the one added to the preparation of the same recipe in the mountainous areas. The reason is very obvious, isn’t it? But don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to be in Peru to enjoy that good food.

The Peruvian culinary art has expanded so much that, for sure, in any country you are in you will find a restaurant that will make you believe you are on 100% Peruvian soil.

Let’s not go any further and see what we mean when we talk about Peruvian food and traditional dishes.

1.- Ceviche

Mixed ceviche with peruvian sauce and garlic sauce

Peruvian ceviche is a worldwide reference, it is our flagship dish. It is a dish based on raw fish fillet that is cooked in lemon juice accompanied with julienned red onion, chili bell pepper, coriander, pepper, salt and leche de tigre. The leche de tigre is obtained by mixing a small portion of all the ingredients of the ceviche in a blender. The juice obtained is added to the ceviche to obtain a more intense flavor.

This dish is served alone or with lettuce, parboiled baby corn and sweet potato. In some countries it is served with plantain chips.

2.- Parihuela

It is the famous “levanta muertos” of Peruvian gastronomy. It is a thick soup of fish and seafood. It has a super concentrated flavor that immediately takes you to the Peruvian coasts. You can order it as a starter or main dish; you can eat it alone or accompanied.

3.- Aguadito de Pollo

It is said that this dish is capable of reviving the dead after a night of partying. It is a thick chicken broth with rice and vegetables. It has a greenish appearance because of the coriander, spinach and onion added to it. The flavor is reinforced with lemon juice and a little chili bell pepper.

4.- Chicharrón Sandwich

It is very common to serve the chicharrón sandwich at breakfast in Peru. It is a round bread filled with pork chop, a little red onion, fried sweet potato slices and sauces.

5.- Chaufa rice

arroz chaufa peruano

The arroz chaufa is another exquisite Peruvian food dishes that will allow you to enjoy the authentic chifa, the unique fusion between Peruvian and Chinese food. It consists of rice sautéed with different vegetables, chicken, beef, fish or seafood. Along with ceviche, it is one of the most emblematic dishes of Peruvian cuisine.

6.- Lomo saltado

Lomo saltado with peruvian sauce and garlic sauce

Another authentic chifa dish that combines the best of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. It is a delicacy of thin strips of beef, sautéed in a wok with yellow chili, paprika, onion, tomato and soy sauce. The Lomo Saltado is usually served with potatoes and white rice.

7.- Ají de gallina

peruvian food dishes: aji de gallina

The main ingredient of this dish is the Peruvian yellow chili bell pepper, since it is responsible for giving that fantastic color to the creamy mixture obtained by blending milk with bread and chicken broth. This preparation is used to cover the shredded chicken meat stew, which is usually served with white rice and boiled eggs.

This recipe is considered one of the wonders of Peruvian cuisine for its unique flavor.

8.- Stuffed Rocoto

Peruvian food dishes stand out not only for the fusion of different cultures, but also because they are simple recipes that represent a real delight for the palate. And a sample of this is the stuffed rocoto.

The rocoto is a hot, apple-shaped bell pepper grown in Peru. The dish is obtained by stuffing the vegetable with a preparation of meat, some cheese, eggs and onion, which is then cooked in the oven.

9.- Causa limeña

Causa limena - Traditional Peruvian Food dishes

Another of the many famous Peruvian dishes par excellence is the Causa Lima. It is served as a starter. It consists of a kind of mashed potatoes seasoned with aji amarillo, salt and lemon, served in layers separated by a filling of avocado and another of red or white meats. The causa limeña is a stuffed mashed cake. It owes its name to the fact that during the war of independence, some women sold this dish to raise funds for the liberating army. In the street they offered it saying: “Por la causa” (for the cause).

10.- Quinoa soup

In this list of traditional Peruvian dishes, quinoa soup cannot be missing. A dish widely consumed in Peru, with an unparalleled nutritional value. It is a mixture of vegetables, broth and quinoa seasoned with coriander, cumin and a touch of oregano. If you prefer, you can add beef or chicken.

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