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6 Peruvian Food Delivery Miami Lakes: From Ceviche to Pollo a la brasa

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We Peruvians never have a bad-regular flavor-basic food day. Mealtime is sacred to us. Even on those days when we feel lazy and don’t feel like cooking, we eat like gods without lifting a finger. How? Because Peruvian food delivery is always there to save us, with fresh flavors and a variety of dishes made with the same love as if they were homemade. If you don’t want to worry about today’s cooking, we present to you the best places for Peruvian food delivery in Miami Lakes, so you know what we’re talking about.

Prepare your taste buds for some sazón peruana!

6 Best Peruvian Food Delivery Near Miami Lakes

1.Pisco y Nazca Cebiche Gastrobar

Pisco y Nazca gastrobar will turn your casual dinner into your own personal happy hour with over 50 varieties of drinks, fresh seafood dishes and traditional Peruvian dishes with a modern twist ready to be delivered to your home. 

Their specialty is cebiche, which comes in diverse and innovative presentations with fresh ingredients and bold flavor. Open your dinner by ordering the Jalea as an appetizer and as a main course their Trio de Cebiches is a great way to sample their most popular flavors. Throw a little party for yourself by enjoying this Peruvian food delivery option in Miami Lakes.

2.Chifa Du Kang

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Once you try our delicious Chinese-Peruvian fusion dishes at Chifa Du Kang, you will understand why Peruvians always choose Chifa food as their first choice when ordering home delivery. Our menu is a tribute to the combination of these two great gastronomies. Each dish will revive your passion for life by awakening your senses thanks to the mixture of Peruvian and Oriental ingredients, the perfect wok cooking technique and the harmonious contrast of sweet and savory flavors.

If you want to spoil yourself on a special night, you can order our beloved Arroz Chaufa de Pollo. You will adore it for its unmistakable flavor, but it will be the comforting sensation it leaves you with after eating it that will make it your new favorite comfort food. You will feel satisfied and in a better mood!

Do you enjoy different chicken preparations? Try our Chicken Ti Pa Kay. It’s juicy and crunchy texture will remind you why for Peruvians mealtime is a real ritual. Delight your taste buds in a culinary journey full of identity and diversity that only the fusion of Chinese-Peruvian food can offer you. Delivery time will be the most awaited moment of the week at Chifa Du Kang!

3.La Brasa

In Peru, the day we order pollo a la brasa there is a special energy in the home. Peruvians await its arrival with excitement, as if it were the night after Christmas for a child. And when we finish enjoying it, we feel happier and in better spirits to face the week. You can enjoy the transforming magic of this dish in all its splendor when you order it at La Brasa. If you’ve tried it before at other restaurants, you know that it comes with a generous portion of crispy fries and a refreshing salad to satisfy our vegetable quota. You can choose between a family size to share or an individual portion to treat yourself.

In addition to this classic, La Brasa offers other exquisite dishes of Peruvian cuisine, such as the juicy Lomo Saltado, a classic fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food, which you can also order in its version with chicken. Craving something with rice? Try their Chifa-style Fried Rice and choose whether you want it with chicken, beef or pork. They also offer soups and salads to satisfy your appetite in a lighter way. Definitely one of the best places to order Peruvian food delivery in Miami Lakes. 

4.Dr.Limon Ceviche Bar

If you’re looking for something creative for your non-cooking day, you’ll love the concept of Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar. Much of the names of their dishes are puns mixed with medical terms so you can enjoy them as a ‘medicine’ ready to treat your ailments-something you’ll appreciate on days when the mood isn’t 100%.  

Start your treatment with ‘Mi Causa’, a mild, spicy and fresh Peruvian causa that will give your spirits a boost or follow the Chef’s recommendations and order a ‘Quítate el Es-tres’, a three-flavor sample of cebiche that is the best marine remedy on stressful days. In Dr. Limon’s culinary treatment for bad days you can’t miss the main courses classics of Peruvian food such as Ají de Gallina and Lomo Saltado, with one bite you can already feel the corners of your smile rising!

Cure yourself of boring food days by adding Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar to your personal list of best places to order Peruvian food delivery.

5.La Jato Restaurant

There is nothing like homemade Peruvian food and even if you don’t have time to cook it yourself, you can experience its cozy taste by ordering delivery at La Jato Restaurant. Their dishes preserve the authentic flavor of homemade food, which is prepared at family gatherings in Peru, with love as the main ingredient.

Just like in a family, where we all have our own tastes, this Peruvian food delivery restaurant in Miami Lakes makes sure to offer dishes to satisfy all palates. The varied menu is divided into traditional dishes, seafood, ceviche and grill. This means you can enjoy either an invigorating Leche de Tigre or a hearty Tallarín a la Huancaína con Lomo as your main course. Prefer a lighter dinner? Indulge yourself with the fresh Causa Sample, stuffed with chicken, tuna and octopus.

Experience the familiar warmth of the food at La Jato Restaurant by ordering a delivery service to Miami Lakes. 

6.El Granero Restaurant 

El Granero Restaurant offers the four types of dishes that Peruvians consider a “safe option for a day of food delivery”. 

In its menu you will find dishes such as grilled chicken, Lomo Saltado, Ceviche y Arroz Chaufa con Pollo. However, within each category there is a wide variety of dishes that differ in their preparation and ingredients. Every day, they use fresh ingredients to cook each of the dishes on the menu, which are characterized by being abundant and full of lively flavors. Ordering Peruvian Food delivery in Miami Lakes from El Granero is an excellent way to have a cheat day meal without indulging in fast food.

Spoil yourself in your no-cooking day ordering our delicious fusion dishes at Chifa Du Kang

Play your favorite show, relax on your couch and discover the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy from the comfort of your home: the chifa. We deliver to Miami Lakes.

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