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Peruvian Chinese food: arroz chaufa

5 Top Peruvian Chinese Food Restaurants in Miami to Eat Arroz Chaufa

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Chaufa rice is the crown jewel when it comes to Peruvian Chinese food. This delicious dish from the chifa gastronomy is loved by everyone in Peru and more and more people around the world are becoming fans of its explosion of flavors.

If you have not yet tried chaufa rice and you live in Miami, in this post we want to recommend the best restaurants to take this culinary adventure that, we assure you, you will not forget. Take note!

Chaufa rice: the star of the menu of Peruvian Chinese food

Shrimp fried rice

Before starting with our selection, we would like to tell you a little about chaufa rice, the most emblematic recipe in the repertoire of Peruvian Chinese food. 

The first piece of information we can give you is that the word “chaufa” is an adaptation of the Cantonese word “chaofan” (fried rice).

Faithful to the custom of their homeland, since their arrival they began to prepare their famous rice. Not only because it was a tradition, but also because it was an economical and hearty meal, perfect for maintaining their demanding nutritional needs throughout the day. But as time went by, the magic of fusion took place and local ingredients were added to the original recipe.

Little by little they perfected their discoveries, making the formula of the new chaufa rice more elaborate. The base is fried rice, vegetables, egg omelet, soy sauce and meats to taste; over time new versions were incorporated with seafood, fish, chicken, quinoa and more.

At this point it is important to clarify a vital fact: the secret is not only the mixture and the ingredients. What is fundamental for an authentic arroz chaufa is to maintain the oriental cooking method of stir-frying “saltado” in the wok. This enveloping technique is what gives chaufa rice its unique flavor and texture.

Today, every restaurant and every family has their favorite chaufa recipe and their secrets in preparing it. This is because the versatility of the dish allows the cook to give free rein to his or her creativity. It is a noble and delicious food!

Peruvian Chinese Food Top 5: The best chaufa in Miami

Now, let’s go with our selection of the best places to eat chaufa rice in Miami. If you are from Peru, go make yourself at home by browsing the menus of these restaurants, and if you are American or from any other country, it is time for you to discover this culinary treasure!

1.- Chifa Du Kang: Peruvian Chinese food

Undoubtedly our favorite hotspot to taste not only chaufa rice, but the entire repertoire of authentic Peruvian Chinese food on their menu. At Chifa Du Kang, our chaufa rice is one hundred percent prepared with the original technique, you will feel like you are in Peru!

We have rice chaufa with shrimp, vegetables, chicken, beef, pork and special, which is explosive!  And you can enjoy them with a refreshing Peruvian drink, for example, an Inca Kola.

Our atmosphere is family friendly, perfect for a lunch or a casual dinner when you want to experience new flavors. We have two restaurants in Miami, one in Kendall and one on Bird Road.

2.- Chifans

This restaurant specializes in chifa food and is located on 88th St in Miami. They have a variety of Chinese Peruvian food, and when it comes to chaufa rice, they have the special chaufa and chicken chaufa.

Delivery and takeaway service is available. The menu also features Peruvian drinks and desserts.

3.- Chi Fa

More than a restaurant, Chi Fa is a stylish food truck parked at Veza Sur Brewery in Wynwood. It offers all kinds of chifa food, with a modernized concept. One of its most famous dishes is the Arroz Cervezero, which is chaufa-style fried rice with beer, soy sauce, red bell pepper pickled onions and smoky rocoto.

4.- Sabor a Perú

This restaurant does not specialize in chifa, but in Peruvian food in general. So its menu includes all kinds of national dishes, from ceviche to lomo saltado. It is located on Biscayne Blvd.

There are six versions of arroz chaufa: chicken, vegetables, fish, seafood, shrimp and beef.

5.- Ceviche 105 Miami

Finally, if you are looking for a more fancy option, this Peruvian food restaurant may be interesting. Its menu is very extensive and it combines classics of the national gastronomy with modern variations. Its rice menu includes a “Chaufón De Mariscos” which is described as follows: “Rice with the full Chifa flavor”. It is available in three versions: chicken, beef and seafood.

It has four restaurants: Downtown Miami, South Beach-Lincoln Road, Aventura Mall and Dadeland Mall.

Have you already decided to try Peruvian chaufa rice? This is our favorite option

Peruvian Chinese food: arroz chaufa

If you are determined to try Peruvian chaufa rice or you have a strong craving to taste the flavors of Peru again, we are waiting for you at Chifa Du Kang. We guarantee you the most authentic chifa experience in Miami.

Come and try our repertoire of chaufa rice, and remember to come several times so you can choose your favorite! Chifa gastronomy is Peru’s best kept secret and in our restaurants you can discover it!

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