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peruvian chinese food near me

Best Peruvian Chinese Food me Near Me: From Peru to Miami

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“Chinese-Peruvian food near me.” If you have made this search on the web today, we are on the same page. We are also fans! Chifa food, which is technically the name given to this genre of fusion cuisine, is one of the wonders of the modern world in terms of culinary art. Having a Chifa restaurant nearby is always a great advantage because as soon as you crave it, you can rush to indulge in their spectacular menu. If you have already tried it, you know what we are talking about.

So today we want to share with you a list of the best places to eat Chinese-Peruvian food if you’re in Miami. Take note and don’t discard this post because it can get you out of more than one craving situation. Let’s begin now!

Best Peruvian Chinese food restaurants near me

If you’re a fan of Peruvian-Chinese cuisine, it’s always cool to have a list of places that offer the dishes you love. Why? Because you’ll know exactly where to go without wasting time on last-minute searches. You can also share your recommendations and trust us, it’ll come in handy more than once.

If you don’t have a list yet, we’re here to share one with you. And if you already have your own, it never hurts to add new options. We dare say that from now on, this list will become your go-to guide every time you crave “Peruvian Chinese food near me.”

1.- Chifa Du Kang

pollo tipakay y chijaukay: peruvian chifa dishes / chinese fried rice near me

We’re a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant in Miami that serves a variety of 50 dishes from this fusion cuisine. Our gastronomic project started in Peru with four highly popular restaurants. We arrived in Miami in 2008 with the purpose of expanding and introducing the unique and explosive flavors of Chifa dishes that have become an essential part of Peruvian cuisine.

Our dishes retain the bold flavors of this cuisine, so as soon as you taste the first bite, you’ll know it’s authentic Chifa. We have two restaurants: one on Bird Road and the other on Kendall Drive. Both provide a casual family-friendly environment.

2.- La Mar by Gastón Acurio

This is a Peruvian restaurant that serves traditional and Asian fusion dishes, so you’ll find some Chifa dishes on the menu, such as Lomo Saltado and Arroz Chaufa – two cornerstones of Peruvian cuisine. La Mar is a luxury restaurant located in the Mandarin Hotel on Brinckell Key Dr, perfect for a special meal.

3.- El Farolito

This is a family-owned restaurant located in Coral Gables. Their menu features wok dishes, which for Peruvians are as essential as ceviche and causa limeña.

4.- Dr. Limón

This is an interesting Peruvian proposal that knows how to prepare some of those fusion dishes to satisfy those cravings for Chinese-Peruvian food near me. Dr. Limón is located in Southwest Miami and is known for providing adequate doses of flavor and textures in dishes that touch your soul and help you recover from a long day.

There are several proposals to be found in Miami – some offer only a few fusion dishes on the menu, while others offer such a variety that you’ll need to make multiple visits to taste all those flavors.

The Chinese-Peruvian dishes you can’t miss

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In Miami, there’s a variety of Chinese-Peruvian dishes near me that are worth checking out. Here are some of the must-try dishes:

  • Arroz Chaufa: We can’t stress enough that this dish is the jewel of Chinese-Peruvian cuisine. It is the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice, but with an unmistakable flavor thanks to the ají amarillo, rocoto or panca. It can be served as a main course or a side dish and can be combined with a variety of ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.
  • Lomo Saltado: This is another popular Chifa dish. It consists of sautéed beef with garlic, ají amarillo, red onion, cilantro, pepper, vinegar, and soy sauce. It’s served with French fries and white rice or arroz chaufa.
  • Sopa Pac Pow: This is a thick soup served hot, combining seafood with meat and vegetables. The thick consistency is achieved with egg whites and diluted chuño.
  • Tay Pa: This is one of the most delicious Chinese-Peruvian dishes near me. It consists of sautéed shrimp with chicken, pork, lots of vegetables, and finally, boiled quail eggs are added.
  • Pollo Chijaukay: This is an excellent Chinese-Peruvian dish that consists of boneless crispy chicken with oyster sauce and ginger.
  • Arroz Aeropuerto: Is a Peruvian dish from the chifa cuisine that consists of a generous portion of fried rice mixed with pieces of eggs, meat, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. The mix is seasoned with soy sauce and other spices and is typically served with a side of French fries and a slice of lemon. The dish is called “aeropuerto” because, according to legend, it was created to satisfy hungry travelers arriving at the Lima airport who needed a quick and hearty meal.

Looking for authentic Chinese-Peruvian cuisine near me in Miami? Chifa Du Kang is the place to go

We are a family-owned restaurant dedicated to delighting all our customers in Miami with the best chifa food. If it’s your first time visiting us, you’ll have the pleasure of discovering a new level of Chinese cuisine, and we warn you that you’ll be hooked on these flavors.

If you’ve already visited us, you understand perfectly that our dishes are unbeatable by the competition.

We offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery services. Find the location nearest you and unlock the explosive flavors we have at Chifa Du Kang. We are in Kendall Drive y Bird Road.

Click here and just push play to the chifa experience.

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