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Cooks cooking on a flattop grill in the busy kitchen of a Chinese restaurant in Miami Beach

Craving oriental flavor? Check this 5 Trendy Chinese Restaurants in Miami

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Chinese food is always a winning option when we want to get out of the routine. The oriental flavor has that certain something that can seduce all kinds of palates, in addition to a long catalog of specialties that always allows you to discover something new. That’s why today we want to tell you about our top 8: Best Chinese restaurant in Miami and nearby, so you have several options when choosing your next culinary destination in the city. Let’s start the tour!

Chinese Restaurant Miami: what to looking for

Chinese lanterns outside a local restaurant. They are called Kon

Want to know about Chinese restaurant in Miami and nearby? First let us tell you something. Talk about Chinese gastronomy is to enter a whole universe of flavors, styles and fusions. Although some dishes are much more popular than others, the truth is that the cuisine of the oriental giant is as wide as the country itself, and has also been nurtured by the culture of all the corners of the world where it has arrived.

Miami, as a cosmopolitan city, offers a little bit of everything when it comes to Chinese food, so its inhabitants have the great advantage of being able to choose what kind of experience and Chinese food they want to try every time they decide to venture out for an evening away from home.

Besides the menu, there are also other factors to take into account. There are upscale Chinese restaurants in Miami, family restaurants, street restaurants, take-out restaurants, take-home restaurants, more fancy places and even where to eat and party hard. The list is long and it is up to you as a diner to decide how you want to spend your evening.

Top 8: Best Chinese Restaurant in Miami Beach, Downtown and surroundings

Best chinese restaurant in miami: Fried spring rolls on cutting board.

According to Tripadvisor, there are 2446 Chinese restaurants in Miami and its surroundings. We want to share with you our selection. These are our 8 favorites, do you know any of them?

1.- CH’I

Located in Brickell City Centre, this Chinese restaurant is one of those oriental food places where the jewel of the menu are fusion dishes; they are not afraid to innovate and the public has rewarded them with loyalty and very good reviews. In this case, it is a Chinese-Latin mix where dishes of long Chinese tradition shine shoulder to shoulder complemented with Western flavors. Its cocktail bar also stands out. It is a place to spend a night of drinks and good food as a couple or with friends.

2.- Kitsune House

Located in Downtown Miami, it offers a varied menu of Chinese, Japanese, Asian and Thai cuisine. You can eat on site or order and they take your food home. Their menu is traditional and their reviews on Yelp! and Tripadvisor are excellent. It is an ideal place for a casual lunch.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

Let’s talk about Chinese-Peruvian fusion food. Chifa is a deep-rooted tradition in Peru that is born from very strong cultural ties. This gastronomy has expanded around the world and that is what we want to offer in Miami with Chifa Du Kang.

We have two establishments located on Kendall Dr and Bird Road. Our atmosphere is family friendly and the menu has dishes loved by Peruvians such as chicken chaufa rice, wantan soup, Chijaukay chicken, lomo saltado and many more.

4.- Salon Canton Restaurant

It is located in Doral. This Chinese restaurant in Miami has excellent reviews in the different gastronomic recommendation networks. The house specialty is the House Special Combination Platter, a tasting plate for 4 people in which they serve, as its name suggests, the house specialties: salt and pepper pork, sweet n sour shrimp, Singapore noodles, Honey Garlic Chicken & House special fried rice. It is a restaurant of great tradition that is worth knowing and enjoying.

5.- Jardines de Confucio

This is a Cantonese-Colombian fusion restaurant with 16 years of history in the city. It is located on Fontainebleau Blvd, Miami. It is a small establishment with a family atmosphere, it can be a good place for an informal lunch.

6.- South Garden Chinese Restaurant

It is located in Miami, on SW 72nd St. It is a family restaurant with traditional Chinese food. It has very good ratings in all the platforms; in almost all of them, the reviews highlight its careful attention, as well as its Chinese tea.

7.- Hakkasan Miami

Located in Miami Beach, in the lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel, this restaurant has a strong endorsement: the Michelin guide. Its menu includes Cantonese classics as well as more contemporary interpretations. Its decoration is exquisite; it is a place with a festive atmosphere. The most recommended dish is the Peking roast duck.

8.- Jia

Last but not least. This is another of our favorites that also appears in the Michelin guide. You can visit it in Miami Beach. It serves traditional Cantonese food, but not only that, it is also a place to celebrate. It has a more private space for karaoke. Among its most popular dishes are Jia’s Crispy Mushroom Salad, Black Truffle Sticky Rice, Short Rib Dumplings, Pekin Duck, and Glass Noodles with a Crab Roe Sauce.

Come to Chifa Du Kang and get to know Peru’s best kept secret: Chifa, an exotic fusion of flavors

Chifa food

If you love Chinese food and are looking to get out of the routine, the best advice we can give you is to come and visit us at Chifa Du Kang. Our menu, with dishes of Chinese-Peruvian fusion, are an expression of an ancestral tradition that is testimony of an explosive mix of cultures and flavors.

Come and taste our specialties and enjoy a unique atmosphere in Miami. Discover Peru’s best kept secret: the chifa. Magic happens in our wok, and you can taste it.

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