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Sabor and Umami: Best Latin Asian Fusion Food Places Near Miami

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“Latin Asian fusion food”. Doesn’t the phrase cause a kind of short-circuit? Many people don’t know that Asian food in Latin America is not so Asian. Just as we Latinos put flow and flavour to everything, so we did with Chinese food, and the result is explosive!

We have Chinese to Peruvian, Japanese to Dominican, Cantonese to Venezuelan, Korean to Colombian, Thai to Cuban and more. Diversity is wonderful and when it comes to bringing the two sides of the world together, it is more than welcome (especially for our palate).

Latin Asian fusion food in Miami: Our top 10

If you are in Miami and know little to nothing about this fusion, the good news is that there are many restaurants that offer you the experience of trying these dishes. Here is a short list of our favourite places.

1.- Chifa Du Kang

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At Chifa Du Kang we are known for serving Chinese Peruvian fusion food in Kendall and Bird Road. We have over 25 years of experience preparing and perfecting every dish we bring out of our kitchen. We are passionate about bringing a quality dish to your table, with unique and explosive flavours.

On our menu you will find chaufa rice, lomo saltado, kamlú wantán, chijaukay chicken, chicken with Chinese noodles, tay pa, wanton soup, stir-fried noodles, among other delicacies.

2.- Osaka

Osaka is one of the best Nikkei food offerings you’ll find in Miami. It showcases Chinese-Japanese fusion cuisine in the Brickell House Condo. It has an extensive menu with interesting proposals of ceviches, suhi rolls with vegetables and quinoa, as well as salads, cakes, anticuchos, crispy rice and special dishes that stand out for their show of flavours and the way they are presented.


This is another of the Asian fusion Latin food options that you will find and enjoy in Miami. The restaurant is owned by Juan Chipoco, one of the most renowned Peruvian chefs in the city who, with great ingenuity, has managed to create the perfect combinations in each dish that is savoured under the pleasant warm atmosphere that you will find in Miami Beach. At INTI.MO you eat Peruvian-Japanese.

4.- Balagan

In the colourful Wynwood district you’ll find another excellent place to become a Nikkei food taster. We are talking about Balagan, a project with little time on the market, but with a staff that has enough experience to create the best Peruvian-Japanese fusion dishes that can be found in Miami. When you visit Balagan don’t forget to check out their drinks menu, they have some cocktails that will surprise you.

5.- NOA Café

It is a restaurant located in Wynwood that can be considered as a place to enjoy Asian fusion Latin food since here the proposal ranges from lomo saltado to the popular pad thai or from crispy Thai prawns to french fries with guacamole. Our recommendation? The lomo saltado bowl. It combines yellow rice, sautéed beef tenderloin with tomato and onion, fries, guacamole, fried cheese and spicy mayonnaise.

6.- El Tiesto Café Miami

Have you tried Dominican-Japanese food? If you haven’t yet, El Tiesto Café gives you the opportunity to do so in the city of Miami, specifically at the Bulervar Biscayne and Pembroke Pines.

Here you can explore sushi rolls, tapas, sandwiches and salads with the flavours of the Dominican Republic and Japan.

7.- Inari Sushi

At Inari you have several options to indulge in. You can start with a ceviche empanada and continue with salmon tiraditos, a wakame salad, miso soup or go straight to the Peruvian-flavoured sushi rolls.

Inari is a creation of Cuban chef Pedro González who was captivated by Nikkei cuisine and found an excellent opportunity to share it at Las Hamacas.

8.- Aromas of Peru

The north of the Aromas del Peru restaurant chain is traditional Peruvian food, but some of these traditional Peruvian dishes have strong Asian roots, such as Chifa dishes and sushi maki. Aromas del Peru serves a variety of arroz chaufa, lomo saltado and sushi rolls at each of its six locations – Kendall, Coral Gables, Pompano, West Miami, Palmetto Bay and Hammocks – so it’s a good place to explore Latin and Asian fusion food.

9.- Qianlong

This is the pioneer restaurant of Venezuelan Chinese food in Miami. Here you can enjoy Cantonese dishes in all their splendour. The house speciality is Peking duck, but the menu is very extensive and ranges from fried rice to short ribs in all their varieties. It is located in Doral. It is a 5 star experience.

10.- Jardines de Confucio

Here they serve Colombian-style Chinese food. What an experience! Latin fusions of Chinese food are very tasty and this is no exception. The menu of specialties is very extensive, we highlight the Confucius Rice. The restaurant is located on Fontainebleau Blvd.

Latin food in Miami has its temple at Chifa Du Kang

kendall chinese restaurant: chicken from Chifa Du Kang

If you’re exploring new gastronomic directions and you’re in the Latin Chinese food alley, Chifa Du Kang has to be your next stop.

Chifa food is explosive and if you add to that the mastery of our chef, the result is fireworks.

Come to one of our restaurants and try one of our seven varieties of chaufa rice, our lomo saltado or our chijaukay chicken. Do these sound like exotic names to you? Well, once you try them, they’ll sound familiar and you’ll be sure to repeat them.

We are located at Kendall Drive and Bird Road. We have an informal atmosphere ideal for families and we also offer delivery and take out.

Warning: if you click here there is no turning back. The Chifa has you.

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