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La Mar Restaurant Miami: ceviche and leche de tigre

La Mar Miami Restaurant: Explore Peru’s #1 Chef Gastón Acurio’s diverse approach to Peruvian cuisine

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One of the most emblematic dishes of Peru is ceviche, and La Mar Restaurant Miami is one of the best places to serve it. Not only because it has that special touch that the best Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio puts on it, but also because of the scenery offered by the Biscayne Bay, allowing diners to enjoy a memorable experience.

Join us to discover the flavors offered by the cuisine of this special place.

What does La Mar Restaurant Miami offer?

Ceviche peruano

La Mar Restaurant Miami has been delighting residents and tourists for almost 10 years with authentic dishes of Peruvian gastronomy, in a luxurious atmosphere that includes modern bars so that, in addition to food, they can taste the special cocktails and typical drinks of our beloved country.

Those who visit La Mar Miami choose where to enjoy their stay in the place: at the tables set outdoors with the freshness of the sea breeze, in the elegant lounges or in the three modern bars.

La Mar Restaurant Miami: Menu

La Mar Miami restaurant has a select menu that includes traditional Peruvian food, fusion food and exclusive dishes of the novo-Andean cuisine.


  • Ceviche: Of this dish, which cannot be missing in any Peruvian restaurant, you have several options to choose from: the classic, chalaco, criollo and chifa. All with a base dressing of leche de tigre, chili peppers and marinades, but with different presentations.
  • Luxurious Tiradito: It is a dish very similar to ceviche for its cooking and presentation. At La Mar Miami restaurant they prepare it with Japanese hamachi (fish), blue crab chalaca, avocado, smoked trout eggs, radishes, roasted peppers, vegetables confit in leche de tigre.
  • Pulpo al olivo: It is a representation of Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine. It consists of Spanish octopus, Peruvian botija in olive sauce, roasted piquillo peppers chimichurri and avocado, served with water crackers.
  • Causa limeña: It is part of the traditional Peruvian cuisine. The presentation created by Gaston Acurio comes with chicken, avocado, egg, tomato, olives and huancaína sauce.

Cold snacks

  • Quinoa Capresa: Quinoa is considered a highly valued superfood in Novo-Andean cuisine. Gastón Acurio incorporated it into his menu with this rich salad that includes burrata cheese, red quinoa, heirloom tomato and aji amarillo dressing.
  • Trout Churros: Trout is a freshwater fish very rich in flavor. La Mar Miami Menu has included it in its menu, in the form of crispy churros filled with smoked trout mousse, Peruvian trout and avocado.

Hot snacks

  • Anticuchos: Consists of chunks of beef, heart, chicken or fish that are marinated in chili sauce and then grilled on a wooden stick. It is served with corn or potatoes.
  • Seafood jelly: It is a very popular dish in Peruvian gastronomy. It consists of fried seafood, accompanied by tostones and cancha (toasted corn kernels). .

Hot cuisine

  • Lomo saltado: This is a star dish of Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, known as chifa. The meat is sautéed in a wok with onions, tomato, potato, cilantro, soy sauce. It is served with white rice and corn.
  • Sudado a la norteña: It is a fish stew, with abundant broth of jora (malted corn) and seasonings. It is considered a typical soup of northern Peru, in which once the seasonings are cooked, the fish is introduced and steamed or cooked over very low heat.


At La Mar Miami restaurant you can enjoy drinks with or without alcohol. Among the most popular are the pisco sour, coco corn, piscojito, velvet summer, llama colada, chicha morada, among others.


To close with a flourish after having explored the flavors of the cuisine, chef Gaston Acurio offers a dessert composed of Peruvian chocolate mousse and lucuma mousse topped with caramelized sesame and hazelnut, among other desserts included in his menu.

The best weekend brunch

On Saturdays and Sundays, La Mar Miami restaurant offers three hours of brunch, with alcoholic beverages, and culinary specialties prepared by chef Diego Oka, arranged in several stations to choose from.

La Mar Restaurant Miami Reservations

Reservations at La Mar Miami restaurant are made exclusively online. Enter their website, follow the instructions there and you will be assured a table at this facility located in the luxurious Mandarin Hotel.

Would you like to explore other flavors of Peruvian gastronomy?

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Peruvian gastronomy is so diverse that you will have enough reasons to make several visits to the different Peruvian restaurants located in Miami. This way you will be able to explore as many of the flavors present in the extensive menus offered by these places, which include traditional Peruvian food and fusion cuisine.

One that you can explore soon is chifa, fusion food between Peruvian and Chinese gastronomy, characterized by dishes that combine varied textures and flavors to obtain unique dishes that captivate the most demanding palates.

In Peru, eating chifa is part of its tradition. The dishes are part of their daily menu. The portions are quite generous and explosive in flavor. If you still do not know chifa food, it is because until recently it was one of the best kept secrets of Peruvians.

Do you want to discover chifa food? Come to Chifa Du Kang

If you still don’t know Chifa food you have missed out on one of the best fusion cuisines you can enjoy. Tasting the combination of flavors of Peruvian and Oriental cuisine is one of the best culinary experiences.

At Chifa Du Kang restaurant we offer you the best chifa dishes: chaufa rice, lomo saltado, wonton soup, tipakay chicken, among other dishes that will allow you to discover part of the hidden gastronomic treasure in Peru.

We are waiting for you in our stores located in Kendall Dr and Bird Road in the city of Miami!

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