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La Granja Restaurant Miami: pollo a la brasa

La Granja Restaurant Miami: Satisfying your Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken Cravings

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Tasting a delicious roast chicken with the family is one of the most common things you can do in our beloved country Peru, so it is also a very sought after experience by Peruvians abroad when they are homesick and want to feel at home. If we have to indicate which is the favorite place for many people in Florida for this gastronomic task, La Granja Restaurant Miami is in the top 10.

In this article we tell you what is so special about the roast chicken served in this restaurant chain.

La Granja Restaurant Miami: The success is in offering the best roast chicken


With almost 30 years in the gastronomic world, La Granja Restaurant Miami managed to make its way in this city where it offers the best Peruvian style roast chicken.

There is no place in South Florida where the presence of Peruvian cuisine is not felt every day in the kitchens of La Granja through its different franchises, which have managed to position itself among the public and have earned it important awards: Best Peruvian Restaurant of the Year (2003); Best Peruvian Family Style Restaurant (2004) and Best Peruvian Cuisine in Fort Lauderdale (2007).

The secret of this restaurant? The chicken grilled on these stoves is juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside and with a unique seasoning, thanks to the creamy Peruvian sauce based on yellow chili peppers.

It is accompanied with portions of white rice, black beans, french fries or garlic fries, tostones, yucca, plantain or salads.

Although this restaurant serves all kinds of Peruvian food, today we will focus on grilled chicken, one of the most popular dishes.

Chicken menu of the Peruvian restaurant La Granja Miami

The menu of La Granja Peruvian Restaurant Miami is quite extensive, including steak, pork, seafood, fajitas, drinks and desserts. As for chicken, you have several options to taste alone or accompanied.

  • 1/4 chicken with rice and beans (only served Monday through Friday).
  • 1/2 chicken with rice and beans.
  • Whole chicken with rice and beans.
  • Boneless breast with rice and beans.
  • Chicken wings served with French fries.
  • 1/4 chicken with rice, beans, plantains and soda.
  • 1/2 chicken with rice, beans, plantains and soda.
  • 1/4 chicken, 1/2 lb. grilled steak and 1/2 lb. grilled pork served with large rice, large beans, large fries and 4 sodas.
  • Whole chicken, 1 lb. grilled steak and 1 lb. grilled pork, served with large rice, large beans, large fries and 4 soft drinks.
  • Stir-fried chicken served with double rice and fries (feeds 4 people).

La Granja Miami Peruvian Restaurant Locations

If you are craving for Peruvian roast chicken, here are some addresses of La Granja restaurant in Miami.

  • La Granja Allapattah: 3333 NW 17Th Ave Miami, Florida 33142
  • La Granja Downtown Miami: 127 SE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33131
  • La Granja La 36: 2885 Northeast 36th Street, Miami, FL 33142
  • La Granja LeJeune: 1199 NW 42nd Ave Miami, FL 33126
  • La Granja Restaurant Miami Gardens: 19600 NW 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33169
  • La Granja Miller: 13822 SO 56 ST. Miami, FL 33175
  • La Granja North Miami: 1901 NE 163 ST N Miami Beach, FL 33162

Depending on the La Granja Miami restaurant location you are visiting, check the hours and days of operation. Generally, they are open to the public from 10:00am – 10:00pm. In some establishments the hours are extended until 12:00am.

Do you consider yourself a Latin foodie? Peruvian cuisine has a lot to offer you

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At La Granja Restaurant Miami you can enjoy the best Peruvian roast chicken, but also delicious traditional Peruvian dishes. However, if you are not Peruvian and you love the latin cuisine, there is a flavor that is little known to those who have never visited the country. If you are interested in discovering this treasure of Peruvian gastronomy, we will tell you right now: the chifa.

If you don’t know what chifa is, we’ll explain it to you quickly. Chifa food is the result of the fusion between Peruvian and Chinese cuisine.

When the Chinese community arrived in Peru, they brought with them part of their culinary customs and adapted them to the ingredients they found in the Andean country. This is how in the chifa you can find dishes that mix fried rice with potatoes or other foods that are not part of Asian cuisine, but whose combination allowed the creation of new dishes that were welcomed by the Peruvians as part of their gastronomic identity.

In fact, in Peru there are many restaurants that serve chifa food, because they are no longer dishes exclusively served in restaurants whose owners are of Chinese descent. All Peruvian families know how to prepare various chifa menus, with chaufa rice being one of the favorites.

Do you dare to enjoy the best chifa in Miami? Chifa Du Kang has it

At Chifa Du Kang restaurant we have proposed to make known the best kept gastronomic secret of Peruvians: chifa food.

Our menu includes the so appetizing chaufa rice, lomo saltado, chijaukay chicken, wantán soup, among other specialties.

We are waiting for you alone or with your family, in any of our stores located in Kendall Dr and Bird Road, to delight you with the best chifa experience.

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