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Japanese Restaurants Bird Road: side view mix sushi rolls on a tray with ginger and wasabi

From Tempura to Teriyaki: 4 Best japanese restaurants in Bird Road

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Sushi and oriental food are a fixed option when we think about eating out. They are flavors with a lot of personality that have a huge fan base, so it’s only natural if you’re always looking for new places to try new dishes. That’s why today we want to share with you our updated “Japanese Restaurants Bird Road” list. If you live in this part of Miami, don’t miss it because it will be useful for your next night out.

Spoiler alert: if you continue reading this article you will start to feel the delicious umami taste in your mouth and that may bring you immediate consequences (i.e., wanting to run out to one of these restaurants)… so continue at your own risk.

Japanese Restaurants Bird Road: we updated our list

In our “Japanese Restaurants Bird Road” list you will find places of all kinds. Formal, casual, sushi-only, fusion, trendy and more… are you looking for something special for a date, maybe?

Keep in mind that Bird Road is a strategic point in the city when it comes to culinary art, and obviously this involves Japanese food, which is so delicious and in demand.

If you thought of sushi and teriyaki and your mouth is already watering, what we can tell you is that this list will make you obsessed. There are 4 incredible options! So let’s get started.

1.- Kami-Koi Sushi Fusion

“We are a combination of prime cuts and sushi,” is how this restaurant describes itself, serving a menu with an explosive combination of Japanese and Peruvian food. It is located at 13816 SW 56th St, just a 15-minute drive from Bird Road.

The restaurant has an elegant and playful décor, which makes it perfect for a special date or outing with friends. Its food has excellent reviews in all gastronomic portals. Another of its characteristics is the care they put into the presentation of their dishes, always served in an artistic way that makes them visually irresistible.

What can I eat at this hotspot?

Since this is a list for people craving Japanese food, we will share with you our favorite Japanese dishes at this restaurant.

We especially recommend the King of sushi roll (with panko fried steak roll sauted chicken teriyaki, sweet plantain, cream cheese, avocado, tomatoes eel sauce spicy mayo and swiss cheese torch finished with scallion and sesame seed) and the Chef special roll tempura (with salmon, cream cheese, tomato, avocado, top crab mix spicy mayo, eel sauce, tobiko red, sesame seed. Torch).

2.- Anaba

Yelp! users give this sushi bar 5 stars.

It is located in Coral Gables, a 5-minute drive from Bird Road. It is a simple place with a charming atmosphere, but as the users of the aforementioned portal affirm, its food deserves standing ovations.

Their specialty is sushi. We emphasize two things: as they advertise, they use very fresh and first quality ingredients, which, we know well, makes the difference in any dish, and on the other hand, the careful attention. Like any small place, it offers a very pleasant personalized service that the diner appreciates. So there is no reason to go to this place and not become a regular.

What can I eat at this hotspot?

Let’s see… at Anaba the traditional rolls are delicious, but if it’s about recommending, we are going to suggest two of the house specialties: the Sugar daddy Roll (Shrimp tempura, Mango, Avocado, torched sugar Salmon, Eel sauce) and the Toro Taku Maki (Fatty Tuna, Japanese radish pickle).

We also went for the ramen at this place. They are delicious and very filling.

3.- Sushi Sake Bird Road

This Japanese food chain has its restaurant on Bird Road, and what a good one! If you know these places you obviously know that they specialize in sushi and are very rigorous with the quality of what they serve. Sometimes food chains neglect quality, but this is not the case, believe us.

Sushi Sake began its history in 2009 and today has about 30 restaurants throughout South Florida, from Isla Morada to Boca Raton.

Their menu has traditional Japanese dishes, some with the signature of the house and also daily specials, so that a single visit is not enough to get an idea of their gastronomic concept.

What can I eat at this hotspot?

We are fans of their Lobster Blast (A combination of lobster roll, fried lobster and sautéed lobster with mushrooms, served with eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, tobiko and tempura crunch). So yummy!

And a great thing about this place: it has a children’s menu! So if it’s a family outing, you can also consider coming to this place. The children’s menu features chicken fingers, teriyaki beef and Fish Katsu.

4.- Matsuri

We close our new list of Japanese Bird Road Restaurants with this place inside the Red Bird Shopping Center. It is a small and friendly place that serves classic Japanese food, hot entrees, sashimi, noodles, bowls, and where you can drink delicious sake.

It is a place with a long history. It has been active for more than 30 years and some of its customers are regulars since those days.

What can I eat at this hotspot?

Here we are obsessed with nabeyaki udon soup (vegetables, shrimp tempura, egg and chicken cooked in a steaming hot soup) and beef tataki (sliced fresh raw beef with ponzu sauce).

You’re near Bird Road and you’re craving Asian food today? why not try chifa?

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Una publicación compartida por Chifa Du Kang (@chifadukang)

If you are near Bird Road and today you want to explore oriental flavors, we would like to invite you to discover chifa food. It is an explosive mix of flavors that has a story worthy of a movie. Why is that? Because it is the fusion of Chinese gastronomy with Peruvian flavors.

This gastronomic genre was born in Peru with the Chinese migration in the 19th century and conquered the Andean palate in such a way that today its dishes are almost a country brand that preserves the best of two continents and two cultures.

And well, we tell you that it is an ideal craving if you are on Bird Road, because right in this part of the city is Chifa Du Kang, the best chifa in Miami. We are ready to welcome you and satisfy your craving.

Our dishes mix wok cooking, so traditional of the Chinese culinary technique, with the Peruvian seasoning where aji panca, pisco and other seasonings predominate and will make you always want to come back for more. It triggers you?

Come to Chifa Du Kang today, we have a table waiting for you

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At Chifa Du Kang we have a menu full of classics such as chaufa rice (the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice) in six versions, the well-known lomo saltado, various presentations of noodles, and other delicacies.

Our explanation will never do justice to what you can really taste in our restaurant.

We have table service in the best informal atmosphere in Miami, delivery and take out service.

Click here, check out our menu and get ready to come eat at Chifa Du Kang today. Table for how many?

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