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5 Japanese Restaurant Delivery Pinecrest: From Maki to Ramen

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Asian food is an obsession, that much is clear to us. And another thing that is very clear to us is that within this great gastronomic geography, Japanese cuisine is a diamond. It’s diverse, delicious, nourishing… From sushi to ramen, everything that comes from this marvellous archipelago delights our palate. If, like us, you are a fan of this culinary genre, today we want to share with you a list of several places for you to choose the best Japanese restaurant in Pinecrest. Itadakimasu!

Best chinese food delivery in Pinecrest

In this list we have put emphasis on restaurants that offer delivery service, so that you have options to receive delicious Japanese food when you are not in the mood to cook and maybe you want to enjoy a movie or a gathering of friends in privacy.

Let’s get started with this list so you can choose the best Japanese restaurant in Pinecrest and nearby. Here is our selection:

1.- 1111 Nikkei

As the name suggests, this restaurant specialises in Nikkei cuisine, i.e. Japanese-Peruvian fusion. In addition to traditional sushi rolls, they also serve Edemame, Wasabi, Sashimi, delicious Peruvian ceviche and more. The atmosphere is fantastic, and if you want this food at home, they have a delivery service for the surrounding area. Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

On Open Table, users give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Which dish do we recommend?

From this Japanese restaurant in Pinecrest, we highly recommend their Nikkei cevice and when it comes to their rolls, the Inka Maki, filled with fresh salmon, tuna, cream cheese and avocado, topped, scallions, eel sauce and aji amarillo.

2.- SIM Sushi & Tapas

This Japanese restaurant is also close to Pinecrest and has a delivery service. Its menu also mixes Oriental and Latin food, and the atmosphere is festive. They offer cocktails and on weekends there is live music, if you want to come along. Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Which dish do we recommend?

It’s hard to choose our favourite dish in this wonderful hotspot. If we could choose two, we’d go with the Lomo Rolls (Grilled shrimp, asparagus & sweet potato topped with filet mignon and huancaino criollo sauce) and the Sim 21 (Tuna, hamachi, cilantro and jalapeño topped with mango, tuna and kimchi honey graze).

3.- Sokai Sushi Bar The Falls

Another hotspot to enjoy Nikkei food. This restaurant prides itself on offering an eclectic menu as well as fresh ingredients from 100 per cent local producers. Seafood and fish are their speciality. Open from Monday to Sunday.

On Open Table, users give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Which dish do we recommend in this japanese restaurant in Pinecrest?

At this restaurant we are obsessed with the Miso Soup (Traditional Japanese soup based on soy bean, tofu, scallions and wakame) and the Eel Sushi.

4.- Pubbelly Sushi Dadeland

This place puts its excellent service first. They are very keen to please their diners with a VIP experience. And their food is also spectacular. Some reviews on TripAdvisor point out that the sushi at this restaurant is not only the best in Pinecrest, but in the entire great state of Florida!

Of course, they also have delivey. Call and you will receive this delicious food at home.

On TripAdvisors site, users give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Which dish do we recommend in this japanese restaurant in Pinecrest?

The Sunday brunch at this restaurant is fantastic and diverse. But if you go another day, we recommend you try these two rolls: The heat roll (spicy tuna, nori tempura flakes, albacore, garlic ponzu, garlic aioli) and the Rockshrimp tempura (avocado, mango, spicy tuna, spicy mayo).

5.- Sushi Rock

Offers contemporary Japanese food, with an emphasis on sushi. It is located in Suniland Shopping Center and is open daily.

Google gives it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Which dish do we recommend in this japanese restaurant in Pinecrest?

Our favourite dishes include two soups: King Of The Sea (Seafood.
(Seafood. Shrimps, squid, crab stick, mussels, straw mushrooms and scallions) and Tom-Ka-Kai (Chicken Coconut Milk Soup with whatshot
Chicken, mushroom, lime juice, coconut milk, lemon grass and chili paste) When ordering you can tell the level of spiciness.

For sushi, be sure to order the Tres Amigos Sashimi With Jalapeno (Hamachi, tuna, salmon roll in seaweed, topped with jalapeno) and the Spicy Salmon Lover Roll whatshot (Cooked salmon, cream cheese, spicy sauce. Outside: Spicy salmon, tempura flake, spicy mayo, eel sauce).

Are you a fan of Asian food and have you tried Peruvian-Chinese fusion?

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Una publicación compartida por Chifa Du Kang (@chifadukang)

If you are a lover of Asian flavours, and more specifically, of this gastronomy fused with the Latin flow, you will surely thank us for this information: Chifa food is a treasure you should know.

Chifa is the name we give to the Peruvian-Chinese mix. It is a gastronomic genre with almost two centuries of history that marks the meeting of two millenary cultures. In Peru we eat chifa several times a week and the flavours are truly addictive.

Chaufa rice (our version of Chinese fried rice), lomo saltado, tipakay and chajaukai chicken, wantan soup and Kam Lu Wantan and many variations of noodles are part of this spectacular menu.

If you are in South Florida and would like to try it, there are several places where you can do so. Our favourite? Chifa Du Kang.

Chifa Du Kang: the best Peruvian Chinese food in South Florida

chinese rice noodles near me / noodles from Chifa Du Kang

You have to come to Chifa Du Kang! We have two restaurants in Miami, on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. With delivery and take out service if you prefer to eat at home, although we cordially invite you to our dining rooms, which have the best casual atmosphere in town.

Chifa food is the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy and we want to reveal it to everyone in Miami!

Our menu includes delicious chifa dishes, as well as Peruvian desserts and drinks. It’s quite a journey!

Click here, check out our menu and order today!

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