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Jaguar Restaurant Miami: A closeup of a delicious salad with seafood and vegetables in a bowl on the table.

Jaguar Restaurant Miami: Discover the Best Peruvian and Mexican Food in One Place

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Ceviche or burrito? When it comes to Latin food, Peru and Mexico are two countries that win gold medals. The gastronomy of these two cultures is recognised the world over for its explosion of flavours. We are sure that if you are asked which one you like the most, the question is almost impossible to answer, right? Well, today we share with you an option that won’t force you to make that difficult decision: Jaguar Restaurant Miami offers a sample of both cuisines. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Spoiler alert: this article will whet your appetite.

A little about Jaguar Restaurant Miami

Mexican tacos: Jaguar Restaurant Miami

The Jaguar Restaurant Miami is inspired by the grandeur of this feline, the only member of the Panthera genus present in the Americas. It is located at 3067 Grand Ave Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 33133-5170 and seeks to remain at the top of the list of restaurants offering food that reflects the authentic flavours of the best Latin American cuisines, including those of Mexico and Peru.

Here they serve traditional Peruvian ceviches, aji de gallina and leche de tigre, as well as irresistible Mexican tacos and the most avant-garde creations of these cuisines. What is striking is that the menu offers both dishes that fuse both gastronomies as well as flavours that separately identify both flags.

Dishes and drinks with a Chilean, Brazilian, Argentinean and Uruguayan stamp are also served. On weekends you can enjoy a delicious brunch with a Latin menu. The wide variety of its repertoire is in itself a good reason to include the Jaguar Miami restaurant in the places you are obliged to visit during your stay in this city.

Menu Jaguar Restaurant Miami

The Peruvian and Mexican restaurant Jaguar offers a varied menu of Latin American food, but its main attraction is the food from these two countries. The reason is more than obvious! Here is a preview of their menu, let’s take a look!


There is no doubt that Peruvians hold the crown as the kings of this dish, but Mexicans also do their bit. Of course, each in their own style. For example, in the Jaguar restaurant menu you can tell the difference between one and the other just by the ingredients.

  • Ceviche Vuelva a la Vida: This is a distinctly Mexican dish. It features shrimp, squid, sea bass and octopus in a spicy tomato sauce.
  • Ceviche Nuevo Camarones: The mere fact that it has aji amarillo pepper, identifies it as a Peruvian dish. The shrimps are marinated with soy sauce, lime, ginger and grape seed oil.


The appetizers on the Jaguar restaurant menu are definitely a real feast. You can choose from guacamoles, smoked fish croquettes, fried calamari, three-cheese quesadillas, among others.

Soups and salads

The soups and salads served in this restaurant, for the most part, do without animal protein. These dishes are made with vegetables, legumes and seeds. Among the dishes you can order are coriander soup, black bean soup, quinoa salad and lettuce rolls.

Grilled or grilled

This part of the menu at Jaguar Restaurant Miami is where dishes from countries other than Mexico and Peru are best appreciated. The Argentinian churrasco is served with merken sauce, the shoulder loin with a Venezuelan guasacaca and the picanha with chimichurri.

Jaguar Classics

If you’re looking for authentic Peruvian dishes, go straight to this section of the Jaguar menu and choose from lomo saltado, arroz chaufa, arroz con marisco a lo macho and salmon norma.

Tacos and burgers

If you prefer Mexican food, this section of the menu is the one for you. There are four taco options: steak, fish, vegan and pork. As for the burgers and sandwiches, you can assemble them to your liking.

The menu at Jaguar Mexican Restaurant also includes wines, special cocktails, desserts and happy hour.

Chifa Du Kang: An excellent option to discover the secrets of Peruvian food

Chifa Du Kang menu

The food of our beloved Peru is highly valued in the world for the originality of its dishes and the exquisite flavours it offers. But tell me something: do you know everything it has to offer? At Chifa Du Kang we are dedicated to making the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy known in Miami: Chifa food.

It’s a true exotic explosion of flavours, it’s Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, and you won’t believe how delicious it is! Some of its emblematic dishes are chifa rice, lomo saltado, tipakay and chijuakay chicken, Kam Lu Wantan, and more.

Chifa Du Kang menu

If you still don’t know Chifa food, don’t put off this unfinished business and come to one of our restaurants in Miami, you will become addicted!

We are located in Kendall Dr and Bird Road. We are waiting for you there to offer you the best gastronomic experience in Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

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