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5 Food Delivery in Brickell: Tasty Treats Delivered to Your Doorstep

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Working or living in Brickell is quite an experience. Miami’s financial district has it all, but with so much variety and hustle and bustle, what we locals lack is time to explore. When it comes to food, for example, there are so many restaurants that the choices are difficult. If you’re looking for options for a delicious dinner at home today, we’d like to share with you our “5 Stars Food Delivery Brickell” list.

Here are 5 of the best restaurants for food delivery Brickell

Our guide puts in your hands a curated selection of restaurants of various types with excellent delivery service that will help you on those nights when you don’t want to cook but still want to eat well. Anyone disagree with that plan? Ok, let’s get started.

1.- Stanzione87

If you’re looking for a pizza with authentic Italian flavour at Stanzione 87, you must try the house specialty, the gourmet Neapolitan pizza that goes through an Italian Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven for 90 seconds, or as they say, is “kissed by fire and smoke”.

It’s a restaurant on Calle, owned by Franco and Ashley Stanzione, which has earned a reputation for serving the best pizzas in town. That’s why it’s on our top list, because who doesn’t want a pizza on their doorstep?

This place uses fine, fresh, authentic ingredients straight from Italy, the pizza doughs are fermented for 72 hours and the mozzarella cheese is handmade every morning.

On their website they describe themselves as “the originals” due to their Italian heritage and roots: “we do everything with love and with the goal of offering the best Neapolitan pizza in Miami”.

In addition to pizzas you can find pastas, salads, wines and for dessert, the most recommended by regular diners: the Nutella calzone.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

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Have you heard of Chifa gastronomy before? At Brickell you can taste what it’s all about through our food. At Chifa Du Kang we prepare Chinese-Peruvian fusion dishes that become an obsession for each new person who meets them.

Chifa food is a must for all Peruvians and although until now it has remained a gastronomic secret in our country, it is becoming more and more known to the world. We have given ourselves the task of doing it in Miami.

Our menu includes very tasty and nutritious dishes such as chaufa rice, our version of Chinese fried rice that we serve in seven presentations (shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, special and “Airport”), lomo saltado, a flagship dish of Peru, and many more.

We serve Peruvian desserts and drinks, and overall offer a delicious multicultural experience that is well worth trying.

We are at Bird Road and Kendall Drive. Our delivery food service for Brickell is efficient and very fast. Write us and you will quickly have your order at your door.

3.- Edge, Steak & Bar

This is a very popular restaurant in Miami, located on the seventh floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Miami, which also offers delivery service through its website, by phone or through the apps UberEast, DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates.

One of the things that makes it so interesting is that its menu is made with herbs grown in the restaurant’s own garden under the direction of chef Aaron Brooks.

The menu includes a variety of meats and seafood accompanied by vegetables.

4.- Sergio’s Cuban Cafe and Grill

If you have a craving for Cuban Caribbean food, Brickell has several options for authentic Cuban food, such as Sergio’s Cuban Cafe and Grill, a restaurant that fuses the heritage of Cuban food with American culture. It is a local family business founded by third-generation women.

They serve typical Cuban dishes such as Ropa vieja, Congrí, Cochino, tostones but they are especially famous for their croquettes, so much so that they are responsible for there being a “Croquette Day” originally proclaimed to celebrate Sergio’s serving over 20 million croquettes in South Florida, first celebrated in Miami-Dade County on October 1, 2018.

Their croquettes have become a cultural event for the entire community, not content, in 2021, Sergio’s broke the record for the longest croquette in the world, an event you can see in a film called “Croquette Nation” produced by Emilio Estefan and Carlos Gazitua.

5.- Bombay Corner

In the same line of special places that make you experience unforgettable gastronomic sensations, Bombay Corner is an Indian restaurant that fuses Mughlai and Arabic, Persian and Hyderabadi cuisines and serves dishes with the colours of the land: yellow, green, red that awaken all your senses, from sight, smell to taste.

On the menu you will find Somosas, channa masala, Eggplant Bharta, Chicken curry with mango, the variety is impressive! We’d better not go on. You can order this food to your home via their website or by phone.

Ready to order the most delicious food in Miami from Brickell? Call Chifa Du Kang

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At Chifa Du Kang we have the most explosive menu to make your dinner at home a unique experience. Enjoy our Peruvian Chinese dishes, you will see that they will become an obsession.

If you allow us to recommend you, be sure to try any of our seven presentations of chaufa rice (the seventh one is not on the menu: Aeropuerto, a Peruvian speciality), the lomo saltado and the chijaukay chicken. We also recommend some of our shrimp dishes. They are all delicious!

You know, we’re on Kendall Drive and Bird Road. We can deliver your food fresh from the wok to Brickell, and if you prefer to visit us, we have the best casual atmosphere in South Florida.

Click here, check out our menu and decide what you’re having for dinner today. An explosion of flavours will ring your doorbell.

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