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Finka Table & Tap: A closeup of roasted meat with sauce, vegetables and fries in a plate on the table.

Finka Table & Tap: Cuban food & Asian Fusion Best Dishes

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Do you have an adventurous palate? If you want to explore Cuban food with an Asian and Peruvian twist, Finka Table & Tap brings to Miami a proposal that will surprise you with its original combinations of flavours.

At this restaurant, if you think you know the dishes, wait until you see them on your table. Each one has an added detail that makes Finca Table and Tap menu treasure imagination and gastronomic creativity.

Finka Table & Tap serves haute cuisine

In every dish served at Finka Table & Tap you can see how they have made fusion cuisine an art where they combine ingredients, flavours, techniques and presentation that invite you to find out what flavours they have to share.

In short, Finka Table and Tap offers you the opportunity to try unusual things, such as, for example, some wonton breast ravioli topped with mango and cheese sauce. Are you surprised by the proposal? It’s one thing to be told about it and another to taste it.

But, like this dish, which may seem a little strange, there are others that you might want to try more quickly because they are traditional Cuban dishes, such as tostones with vaca frita or Cuban fried rice, or some Peruvian-Japanese fusion dishes such as Nikkei tuna bowl.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find at Finka Table and Tap menu, so you’ll be encouraged to explore new gastronomic flavours.

Deep fried crocodile jelly

Yes, just as you read it. This exotic meat has become a star dish in fusion cuisine. Some say it tastes a lot like fish meat, but others say it tastes more like chicken. The truth is that this meat is considered very healthy and Finka Table & Tap gives you the opportunity to discover how it tastes.

Korean-style fried chicken

This is one of the most acclaimed recipes of Korean cuisine at this restaurant. The chicken is cut into small pieces and fried to a crispy texture. It is then dipped in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce to give it that spectacular touch. It is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. At Finka Table and Tap it is served with sweet potato.

Chicken and rice fritters

These are a kind of croquettes that are shaped into round or cylindrical shapes so that they can be filled with cheese. The flavour is very special as the dough is prepared with a portion of the leftover chicken rice, i.e. the rice is seasoned with all the flavour of the original dish, which is enhanced a little by dredging in breadcrumb flour and frying.

Korean “Japchae” noodles

The basic recipe consists of a bowl of Korean noodles (transparent) stir-fried with vegetables. But here it is served Finka Table & Tap style. The noodle bowl is topped with fried beef, a crispy meat that is part of typical Cuban food. In itself, it is a dish where Cuban and Korean cuisines merge.

Fried rice with lomo saltado

Lomo saltado is a typical dish of Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine and, unlike in Peru, at Finka Table and Tap it is served with fried rice – instead of white rice – egg and fries.

Angus churrasco

The juiciness of the meat is perfect! The piece of churrasco is served on a bed of mashed sweet potato on top of truffled green beans. If you like a sweet and savoury combination, this is an excellent choice.
In addition to these dishes, Fika Table and Tap menu offers braised oxtail in merlot reduction, pork ribs with sweet sriracha, pork masitas, grilled red snapper fillet, shrimp risotto, among other delicacies.

The pizzas at Finka Table and Tap menu

If you’re used to traditional pizzas like margherita, four cheese and Neapolitan, at Finka Table & Tap the story takes an unexpected turn. Here the pizzas are fried cow, braised oxtail and Hawaiian chicken, creations that make the menu even more innovative.

Discover new fusion cuisine dishes: chifa food

Noodles/ Chifa Du Kang

Fusion cuisine has many flavours to offer. Today we want to talk to you about one in particular, chifa food. This cuisine emerged in Peru after the arrival of the first Chinese immigrants in the middle of the 19th century who brought the flavours of new spices and unknown sauces that were mixed with Peruvian ingredients under a wok cooking technique at very high heat.

This resulted in amazing and delicious creations such as chaufa rice, lomo saltado, wontón soup, among other dishes that today form part of the Peruvian gastronomic identity, one of the richest and healthiest cuisines in the world due to the immense variety of fresh native foods that are incorporated into each recipe, as a way of honouring its traditions.

Chifa food is an everyday occurrence in Peruvian households. In fact, each family has its own recipes and incorporates the ingredients they find depending on the region where they live. For example, the chaufa rice consumed on the coast has more of a sea flavour than the chaufa prepared in the Peruvian jungle region. The difference lies mainly in the proteins that are incorporated, allowing for a variety of chaufa rice dishes. Have you tried any of these dishes?

If you haven’t tried Chifa food yet, come to Chifa Du Kang!

Chifa Du Kang: Lomo Saltado

At Chifa Du Kang restaurant we serve the most emblematic dishes of chifa food where incredible flavours and textures are mixed, which are able to catch the most exquisite palates from the first bite.

In Miami we are located in Kendall Dr and Bird Road, where we are waiting for you every day to offer you the best gastronomic experience that fuses Chinese-Peruvian cuisine.

Our menu includes delicious dishes such as tipakay or chijakay chicken, lomo saltado, Kam Lu Wantam, various types of noodles and traditional chaufa rice.

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