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Noodle-Licious: Our Favorite Chinese Noodle Restaurants Near Miami

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Who doesn’t love Chinese noodles? This is an almost universal dish and with all the varieties that have emerged around the world, it has arguably become a gastronomic genre in its own right. In Miami alone there are dozens of places that offer it and each one puts their own special touch on it, it’s wonderful to enjoy so much diversity! That’s why getting to know each of the Chinese noodle restaurants in this beautiful city can be an adventure of great height.

So with that in mind, today we share with you our list of our favourite Chinese noodles in Miami. There are all kinds of restaurants on this list. What we took into consideration is that they serve the most succulent noodles. And we promise, we’ve eaten at them all! This is a top made by real foodies! So we speak the truth. Let’s get started!

7 Best Chinese Noodle Restaurants in Miami

Chinese noodles can be rice or wheat noodles. Both are equally delicious. As for side dishes, the combinations are endless, from vegan to those that mix up to five types of animal protein!

This is a complete dish that is served hot and has a very high nutritional content. And well… so many advantages and the fundamental one is missing: it’s just too delicious!

Is your mouth watering yet? Let’s get started with our selection of restaurants.

1.- Chifa Du Kang

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In search of Chinese noodle restaurants? At Chifa Du Kang we serve a version you’ll love. Our noodles are made of wheat and have a slightly spicy flavour thanks to the aji amarillo, panca or rocoto that we add for exotic dishes. You can order chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, vegetables, simple and house specials.

Our speciality is serving chifa food, do you know it? If you haven’t tried Chifa dishes yet, we’ll explain briefly. This cuisine emerged in the mid-nineteenth century in Peru after the arrival of a wave of Chinese immigrants who, determined to preserve their food culture, continued to prepare their food as if they were in China, but allowing the incorporation of ingredients from Peruvian cuisine, thus giving rise to new creations that allowed them to identify a type of fusion cuisine.

Are you ready to try our noodles? Visit us on Kendall Drive and Bird Road.

2.- Beijing Chinese Restaurant and Supermarket

This is a rather unique place where you can order Chinese take-out and also buy Chinese items of your choice to prepare your meal at home. If you enter “Chinese noodle restaurants” in the search engine, this is one of the options you will get.

Peking Chinese Restaurant and Supermarket is located on 17th Avenue in Southwest Miami. It is open seven days a week and you can order online and pick up in shop.

3.- Hing’s Chinese Restaurant

Hing’s is a very small restaurant offering only traditional Chinese take-out service. Fried rice and Chinese noodles are their specialty, so consider it an excellent choice when it comes to quenching that comfort food craving. The coordinates for Hing’s? 2156 NW 7th St, Miami.

4.- International Chop Suey Restaurant

If you’re craving crispy Chinese noodles or soft noodles, this restaurant serves low mein and chow mein dishes of chicken, beef, shrimp and specials. In every dish you will appreciate the freshness of their ingredients, because they take special care to work with only the best to offer their customers quality. The vast majority of their diners agree that eating at Chop Suey International is to be satisfied with the portions, the service and the quality of the food.

5.- Kon Chau

This family-friendly restaurant is open seven days a week at 8376 Bird Road. You’ll probably come here for their dim sum recommendations, a dish that is served all day long, unlike many other Asian eateries where it is served at certain times.

Kon Chau is synonymous with quality and good service. Their Chinese noodles come in a variety of presentations to offer you a range of options to satisfy your palate.

6.- Pubbelly Noodle Bar

It is a gastropub restaurant located in Kendall that offers a first class service. It offers contemporary Asian and European-inspired cuisine, which you can appreciate in every plate of noodles, sushi and salads that come out of this kitchen. Where to find Pubbelly? In Miami Beach.

7.- Canton Palace

Canton lives up to its name, being a restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese Chinese food in Miami. Here you will find fried egg noodles and flat rice noodles. Both are combined with vegetables, meats and seafood for an emperor’s feast. Check their menu and ask for recommendations. Canton Palace is located at 7980 SW 8th St, Miami. It offers table service, take-out and home delivery.

Try Chifa Du Kang’s noodles today and it will be your new foodie vice

Noodles/ Chifa Du Kang

This is a warning: once you try the noodles we serve at Chifa Du Kang you won’t be able to stop. They are really delicious and we have them in eight presentations.

Our favourite? The Du Kang Special, with shrimp, egg, chicken, pork and the house secret touch – it’s explosive!

Come visit us with your loved ones and discover the chifa universe. You’ll be hooked for sure.

We are located on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. We serve in the best casual atmosphere in beautiful Miami and we also have delivery and take out.

Click here and browse our menu. Table for how many?

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