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Japanese restaurants Kendall: Gourmet sushi plate with fresh seafood varieties.

Sensei’s Table: 4 Exquisite Japanese Restaurants in Kendall FL

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In Miami we are fans of Japanese food, why deny it? Sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura, onigiri, sake… there are so many dishes that make us sigh just thinking about them. It is incredible that such an apparently different and distant culture has captivated us in this way and made us fall in love with it through our palate. Fortunately, in the city we have many nice and expert places where we can enjoy all these delicacies that obsess us. Today we are going to share with you our updated list “Japanese Restaurants Kendall”.

If you know any of these places, feel free to leave your comment, and if you haven’t visited them yet, run to do it. Your gastronomic tour of Miami, and especially Kendall, won’t be complete if you don’t try the food at these spots.

Let’s start our trip to Japan without leaving Miami.

Our top 4: Exquisite Japanese Restaurants in Kendall FL

Choosing where to eat if what you want is a good Japanese restaurant in Kendall does not have to be such a difficult task, it can be as simple as reading the following list and choosing the one you prefer.

That is the intention, to reduce the time you spend selecting and help you pick the best place to satiate your appetite. We challenge you to get to know some of the following culinary proposals.

Spoiler alert: some of these Japanese restaurants in Kendall are not only Japanese (thank God for the fusion cuisine that makes everything even more yummy). Ok, now let’s do start.

1.- 1111 Nikkei Izakaya

For many, the word Nikkei is widely known and refers to a person of Japanese descent living abroad as a citizen of another country. However, when we transfer this concept to gastronomic art, it refers to Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine. Here, traditional dishes from the country of the rising sun are combined with ingredients such as quinoa, sea bass, aji amarillo (yellow chili bell pepper) and palm hearts.

This is precisely what 1111 Nikkei Izakaya offers, where diners will find the best known dishes of Japanese gastronomy such as sushi, sashimi and nigiri, but also other proposals from Peru such as the chicharrón de pescado, which are fried strips of sea bass served with creole sauce and hoisin mayonnaise.

There are also other options such as the Nikkei Nachos, which is salmon or tuna chopped into thin strips covered with sea salt, yellow chili dots, lemon juice, togarashi and micro cilantro, which is served on wonton disks, spicy mayonnaise and avocado, among other dishes and drinks that show you in one dish the best of two cultures.

2.- SIM Sushi and Tapas

This is a restaurant that offers an exciting gastronomic experience that seeks to captivate the five senses of each of its diners. The executive chef is in charge of combining the authentic flavors of Japanese and Latin American cuisines to offer discerning palates a delicious experience.

At the same time they offer other attractions with a vibrant dining room, a lively sushi bar where everyone can see how each of the dishes are prepared and the covered patio where visitors can also take a seat, live music and much more.

Some of its culinary attractions are the bang-bang shrimp, consisting of crispy prawns in creamy house sauce. There is also the tuna tartar which consists of delicious tuna in calamansi vinaigrette with rice chips, among many other options, where it is also worth mentioning that they have a wide variety of national and international drinks.

3.- Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

Fusion cuisine also reigns here. The concept of this restaurant is very particular. The name is not just an occurrence, everything here is allusive to medical terms establishing a relationship between eating and one’s own well being.

They take pride in using fresh ingredients in each of their preparations and for this purpose they explain that in the restaurant they squeeze more than 6,000 lemons a week. Among the great protagonists of their menu are the ceviche, as well as other delicious proposals of Peruvian gastronomy, where the founders of this business come from.

At the same time they also offer Nikkei Peruvian food, as well as other attractive Japanese dishes. Menu highlights include crab tostones (fried green plantains topped with crab salad) and their famous sea jelly containing crispy seafood with yucca and tartar sauce, among others.

4.- Momosan Wynwood

When it comes to Japanese food, at Momosan Wynwood noodles are the protagonists such as Tonkotsu, which consists of pork broth, chashu pork, ajitama, kikurage and takana, and other proposals such as Tokyo Chicken, which is composed of chicken broth, steamed chicken, menma, kikurage and ajitama, among many others.

But it is not only noodles, in this restaurant diners also find sushi rolls, and other typical proposals of authentic Japanese food. Among its beverages, draft and bottled beers are also available, including a classic Japanese beer, the signature Morimoto Rogue and a local beer from Miami, as well as wines in its menu.

All this can be found in a place decorated in Asian culture, which also provides a pleasant atmosphere for its visitors. In addition to its flavor, it also stands out for the good service of its staff. This is one of the greatest Japanese restaurants in Kendall.

Got a craving for oriental food? Why not try chifa food?

Chifa Du Kang mix /

Earlier in this article we celebrated fusion cuisine. That’s exactly what chifa food is all about. It is the spectacular mix between Peruvian and Chinese food. These are dishes with a lot of flavor, very filling, colorful, aromatic and unforgettable.

In Peru, chifa food is a matter of every day. It is a wonderful contribution of migration and the mixing of cultures. In our country there are thousands of chifa restaurants and these dishes are prepared at home with the particular touch of each family.

Remember that in Peru we do not joke when we talk about food. We are foodies by nature, our beloved homeland is a 5 star destination when it comes to gastronomic tourism, so if we say that a meal is good, it is because it is.

Would you dare to try it? If you are in Kendall, we have the place for you.

Chifa Du Kang’s menu will captivate you

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At Chifa Du Kang we follow to the letter the main postulate of this gastronomic genre: dishes deliciously prepared in the wok, over high heat, with top quality Peruvian ingredients such as aji panca, pisco, seafood, and others.

We know well that we are representatives of a rich tradition, and the best way to honor it is to share it in its maximum expression and with top quality.

That is why we take great care in our seven presentations of chaufa rice (the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice), in our lomo saltado (a dish that is almost a country brand), in our wantan soup (which is a caress for the soul), and many more.

Come today! Our promise is that you will want to repeat. Click here and find out where we are in Kendall.

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