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Comfort Food Heaven: 4 Best Downtown Miami Food Delivery

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What’s not in downtown Miami? I assure you that no matter how strange what you are looking for, you will find it in the heart of our beautiful city. There is everything! And, of course, you can’t miss a good handful of restaurants of one of the most popular cuisines in the world: Chinese food. The quantity and variety is wide, so the big challenge here is not to find but to choose. How to do it among dozens of Chinese restaurants willing to bring delicious food to your doorstep? To give you a hand today we share with you our list titled Downtown Miami Food Delivery.

This selection is curated by foodies of Asian flavors (that’s us). Keep it handy for those evenings when cooking just isn’t an option. So let’s go!

Our list: 4 best food delivery Downtown Miami

If there is something that is indescribable about Chinese food and at the same time irresistible is its smell. The combination of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, peppers and sautéed vegetables is simply out of this world. To try a bite of any of its dishes is to throw a party on the taste buds thanks to the great amount of flavors that intermingle, between sweet and salty, sour and spicy.

Each of the restaurants on this list has something special to offer:

1.- Chifa Du Kang

Fried rice delivery near me: arroz chaufa from Chifa Du Kang

At Chifa Du Kang we bring to your table a unique gastronomic fusion: Peruvian-Chinese food. This process occurred naturally with the encounter of both cultures resulting in one of the most creative and delicious Chinese food in the world, Chifa food. And the good news for you who live in Downtown Miami is that we are close to you and we have delivery service.

On the menu you will find emblematic dishes of our gastronomic genre such as Lomo Saltado, Chaufa Rice and Kam Lu Wantan.

“Our signature dish is arroz chaufa, and the interesting thing about our version is that it doesn’t have a lot of things in it. It is a simple dish that has eggs, protein of the diner’s choice, and the traditional scallion. With this version we demonstrate that simplicity is richness”, explained Anson Tou Liu, chef and leader of the Chifa Du Kang restaurant, son of two Guangzhou immigrants who arrived in Lima in 1982 and after much effort and sacrifice gave birth to the Chifa Du Kang restaurants.

On our website you can order directly to your home.

2.- Hutong Miami

Hutong Miami is a restaurant located on Brickell Ave, which seeks to offer a vibrant and exclusive culinary experience influenced by the gastronomy of northern China. It has a bar and a terrace and its main dish is Peking duck. But in its menu you can find traditional Chinese food options such as Kung Pao chicken or more modern ones such as sautéed Wagyu beef.

The Peking Duck is a northern Chinese classic made with a whole roasted duck that is sliced and served with typical vegetables and Hoisin sauce. While Kung Pao Chicken is a very tasty dish prepared with chicken, vegetables, peanuts and a spicy sauce.

This comment from a satisfied customer review will give you an idea: “I had the Peking duck at Hutong Miami, and it was one of the best Peking duck I have ever tasted. The duck was perfectly roasted and the skin was very crispy. I would definitely recommend Hutong Miami to anyone looking for delicious, authentic northern Chinese food.”

3.- El Chinito Latin Bar

If you like the idea of fusions with Chinese gastronomy, take a look at the menu offered by El Chinito Latin Bar, a Latin-Chinese fusion restaurant that ventured into the creation of typical Latin dishes such as churros, empanadas or tacos, but with a Chinese flair.

This particular restaurant offers a space to share a good time with special craft cocktails, Asian fusion tapas and a DJ playing Latin music until late at night. They also offer delivery.

4.- PF Chang’s

Shrimp dumplings, Chang’s lettuce wraps, Mongolian beef and chicken and Chang’s spicy shrimp are the exclusive specialties of PF Chang’s, a popular restaurant chain that offers its diners authentic Chinese food that began with a first location in 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona and has gradually grown to consolidate nationally in the United States and expand outside the borders to Mexico, Canada and even some Latin American countries.

You can visit it on Miami Ave, the atmosphere is pleasant and they allow you to celebrate events such as graduations and birthdays. But if you want to enjoy in private and take the party home, it is a good option for food delivery downtown Miami. You can order them from their website or through third party delivery services, such as Grubhub and DoorDash.

Decided to try Chifa food? Great! Call us at Chifa Du Kang

restaurants near Princeton Miami / soup Chifa Du Kang

Did you know that in Peru, everyone eats chifa food at least twice a week? It is a national obsession! and this is an indicator to take into account because as it is well known, we are a country of foodies. We take food very seriously!

If your decision today is to try Chifa, great! We look forward to your order at Chifa Du Kang. We deliver delicious food to your door, fresh out of the wok.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this exceptional gastronomic fusion. We assure you that you will become addicted!

We deliver from our restaurant on Kendall Drive.

Visit our website, see our menu and just worry about waiting for your order. You will love this suggestion!

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