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Chinese Latino food: complete meal

These 5 Dishes of Latino Chinese Food prove that Asian and Latin American cuisine were born to merge

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There is no place in the world where Chinese cuisine is not present. Asians have spread throughout all continents, sharing their ancestral gastronomy and adapting it to the characteristic ingredients of each region. This has made it possible that today there is a great variety of new dishes and flavors, such as those we get in Chinese Latino food.

Regardless of the Latin American country you are in, whether it is Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela or any other, you will surely have several options of Chinese food restaurants where you can appreciate the mixture of flavors offered by one of the most open to fusion cuisines.

In this article we will present some Chinese Latin food dishes that are authentic wonders. The table is served!

Chinese Latino food: 5 must-try dishes

Chinese Latino food is unique in that it accepts the inclusion of a wide variety of local ingredients without overshadowing the authentic flavors of oriental cuisine. For example, the fried rice prepared in Mexico may include pieces of chorizo and avocado; in the version prepared by the Cubans there is no lack of pork; in the Peruvian version the Panca bell pepper and pisco stand out, and in Venezuela the sweet bell pepper plays a leading role.

As these examples, there are many dishes that we can mention that will vary according to the country, but that bear the seal of Latin Chinese food.

1.- Lomo saltado

Chinese Latino food: lomo saltado

Lomo saltado is an emblematic dish of chifa food, the Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine. It consists of pieces or strips of beef tenderloin sautéed in a wok with a little soy sauce, vinegar and vegetables (tomato, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper and onion) that must be al dente. It is served with a portion of french fries and white rice.

The combination of flavors and textures achieved in this dish represent a true delight of Peruvian Latin Chinese food.

2.- Fried rice

Arroz chaufa

Fried rice is a dish that Latinos appreciate very well. It basically starts with white rice cooked and refrigerated the day before and then stir-fried in a wok with various ingredients. The one eaten by the Chinese is white, while the “Chinese rice” eaten by Latinos is quite spicy to obtain stronger flavors. Hence, the variety of Chinese-style stir-fried rice is quite diverse in Latin America.

Among the most popular as Chinese Latino food is the Arroz tres delicias and Arroz Chaufa. In the three delights rice, ham, carrot and egg omelet cannot be missing. It is a lighter type of rice, unlike the chaufa rice prepared in Peru, or the chaulafan from Ecuador.

Chaufa rice is a dish loaded with proteins, vegetables and greens, authentic to chifa food, a type of food that is part of Peruvian gastronomy. The portions served are quite complete and cover the nutritional requirements of any person.

3.- Sweet and sour chicken with vegetables

Chinese Latino food: pollo chijaukay

Sweet and sour chicken with vegetables is a classic of Latin Chinese food and each country puts its own touch to it.

A curious fact to know is that like much of the menu of Latin American Chinese restaurants, sweet and sour chicken is a local invention, not from China. In Asia, sweet and sour sauce is almost always used for seafood, never for poultry. This is another example of dishes that had to be adapted to conquer Western palates.

One of the best known versions of “Chinese American” sweet and sour chicken is the chijaukay chicken eaten in Peruvian chifa restaurants.

4.- Spring rolls or lumpias

Chinese Latino food: spring roll

Spring rolls are another classic in Latin Chinese food, and even in American ones. They are usually filled with vegetables and pork, marinated in soy sauce. In Venezuela they are very popular and are known as lumpia. In fact, they are a must at parties and birthdays. Their particular flavor and crunchy texture have made them an exceptional place in the Latin Chinese menu.

The recipe is so simple, you can create your own version.

5.- Wantan or wonton soup

Chinese Latino food: wantan soup

It is a type of soup with noodles, Chinese cabbage, ginger, chicken, scallion and wonton stuffed with different meats. In Peru it is accompanied by a touch of sillao, a light soy sauce that gives it the chifa taste.

Are you up for discovering new flavors of Latin Chinese food?

One of Peru’s best kept gastronomic secrets is the Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, known as chifa. If you are a true foodie of Chinese Latino food, you can’t miss the great variety of dishes of this culinary culture.

When you try chifa food you will experience an explosion of unique flavors where two millenary cultures meet. In chifa recipes, typical Chinese food ingredients such as soy sauce and oyster sauce, seafood, rice and noodles are mixed with Andean flavors such as aji panca, pisco and tamarind.

Do you already know it? Until recently, chifa food, which is consumed daily in every Peruvian home, was little known in the world. The good news is that today there are already many chifa restaurants in the world, so these delicious dishes have now reached many countries, and USA is one of them.

At Chifa Du Kang you can enjoy latin chinese food in Miami

At Chifa Du Kang restaurant we offer you a menu of authentic chifa food, tasty Latin Chinese food so you don’t miss the opportunity to taste the unique flavors that this cuisine gives us.

Here you can taste dishes of chicken with tausi, sweet and sour chicken with pineapples, chicken curry, chaufa rice with vegetables, chicken, pork, shrimp or meat; and various presentations of noodles sautéed with vegetables, chicken, seafood, meat, among other specialties.

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