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Asian fusion food: Chinese noodle with fried chicken peanut

10 Delicious Asian Fusion Foods You Won’t Stop Craving

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Asian fusion food has fans all over the world and not surprisingly. When we talk about the gastronomic culture of countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam, we are not only referring to ancestral and delicious flavors, but also to very versatile cuisine that has been able to adapt to the different places in the world where it has arrived and also to different historical periods.

This is how Asian cuisine was able to adapt, for example, to Latin American palates by incorporating ingredients and techniques. This is palpable in dishes where oriental flavors are the protagonists, but the crossbreeding is also clear. Let’s take a closer look at the following selection of dishes.

But before we continue, a word of warning: this article will whet your appetite!

Our Top 10: Asian Fusion Food Examples

Asian fusion food have become a benchmark of good gastronomy. Let’s take a look at these wonders that were born from the encounter of two or more cultures.

1.- Sushi

Asian fusion food examples: sushi

Doesn’t it seem strange that one of the most popular versions of sushi is called “California Roll”? Sushi is one of the quintessential dishes of Japanese cuisine that has spread all over the world, and thanks to this expansion, it has been able to incorporate new variations to make it more attractive outside its homeland.

This is how sushi fusion was born, a more avant-garde dish that respects the traditional sushi, but adds unique ingredients to make it more daring, such as avocado, mayonnaise, mango, cream cheese, fried banana, different toppings or other ingredients that contribute to enhance the exotic flavors. Depending on the country or region the ingredients that are incorporated allow to obtain a richer dish.

2.- Chaufa rice


Fried rice is one of the great references of Chinese food in the world, although it is not really so Chinese. Fried rice as we know it today in Latin America and the United States is an invention of Chinese migrants who arrived on the continent in the 19th century (in China rice is eaten white). And of all the variety of Chinese rice that was born in the heat of this blending, chaufa rice is one of the most notorious.

Chaufa rice is part of the chifa gastronomy, or Peruvian Chinese, it is cooked in a wok and contains vegetables, aji panca, soy sauce and different proteins such as eggs, chicken, beef and seafood. It is a marvel!

3.- Wonton Tacos

Another jewel of Asian fusion food is wonton tacos. Yes! Not only can you enjoy a delicious wonton soup, the dough used to prepare these delicious stuffed bags serves as a base to create delicious tacos, which can be fried, grilled or baked. This way you can enjoy a kind of Mexican tacos with the Asian technique and the combined flavors of both cuisines. You can fill them with meat, chicken, seafood with a topping of Asian cabbage slaw and a touch of spice.

4.- Olive octopus

Among the examples of Asian fusion food, octopus with olive oil is a must. This dish is part of Nikkei cuisine, Peruvian-Japanese fusion food. It is quite simple and succulent in flavor. The octopus pieces are bathed in a sauce made with mayonnaise and purple olives.

5.- Pollo Chijaukay

Chinese Latino food: pollo chijaukay

We refer to the Peruvian version of sweet and sour chicken. This is a perfect example of Asian fusion food. In China sweet and sour sauce is not used with chicken, but in Latin America it is, and that’s fantastic! Chijaukay chicken is one of the star dishes on the menu of Chifa gastronomy. If you want to know the real Peru, you can’t miss it.

6.- Burrito pho

The burrito pho is the result of a mix between Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine. A corn or wheat tortilla is placed in the center with a little meat, rice noodles, bean sprouts, carrots, cilantro, basil, soy sauce and is given the shape of a burrito, that is, it is rolled up. It is usually served with caldo pho, a soup made from beef broth and seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, star anise, garlic, onion, carrot, fish and soy sauces.

7.- Kimchi Quesadilla

Mexican cuisine has a lot to talk about when it comes to Asian fusion food examples. It turns out that the tortilla that millions of Mexicans eat every day, when combined with kimchi from Korea, becomes a simple dish, but very explosive in flavor. Kimchi is the name given to the fermented mixture of Chinese cabbage with radish, garlic, hot pepper, carrot, fish concentrate, ginger and soy sauce. The traditional cheese tortilla is then topped with a little kimchi, sesame seeds, folded in half, fried in a frying pan on both sides for a few seconds so that everything is au gratin and ready to eat!

8.- Classic Kai

This Asian fusion dish is typical of Peru. It arose from the mixture of this native cuisine with Japanese cuisine. It is quite striking for the color of the thick sauce that is achieved with the yellow chili bell pepper typical of the Andean country. It mixes the taste of octopus with pejerrey fish, clams, katsuobushi and leche de tigre.

9.- Egg onigirazu

Asian fusion food: Onigirazu sandwich

Onigirazu is a version of the traditional egg sandwich, but in this case it has no bread. It is a sandwich of layers of rice filled with protein and vegetables that is wrapped in nori seaweed, with a square shape that when cut is shown as the traditional bread sandwich eaten all over the world. It is considered one of the most complete and healthy Asian fusion food options that is quick and easy to prepare.

Onigirazu sandwiches can also be made with salmon, tuna, vegan, among others.

10.- Lomo saltado

Chinese Latino food: lomo saltado

Lomo saltado is not only a perfect example of Asian fusion food, but it has become so popular that today it is considered the typical Peruvian dish par excellence. It is beef cut into strips, cooked in a wok and sautéed with vegetables and soy sauce, among other spices such as aji panca and pisco. It is accompanied with white rice and french fries.

Chifa Du Kang: Asian Fusion Food Near Me in Miami

Asian fusion food: Chifa Du Kang dishes

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