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Cuban Restaurants in Miami: 5 unique hotspots you must try

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The Latin flavor of Miami is indisputable. This beautiful city is known throughout the world as a great Latin capital where cultures from South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, converge. And if one is especially significant, it is Cuban. Thousands of Cuban families live in South Florida and their presence is noticeable in all aspects of our daily life. One of them is gastronomy. That’s why in this article we want to share with you our selection of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami. We’ve already worked up an appetite!

Cuban Restaurants in Miami: mucho sabor latino

Cuban Restaurants in Miami: Ropa vieja food on wooden table

Let’s talk about Cuban restaurants in Miami, what to expect, what delicious food to order, their specialties and above all why we love them.

Let’s remember that Cuban culture is full of color and flavor. Just as the world knows the wonderful music of Buena Vista Social Club or Celia Cruz, its famous tobacco, the Tropicana cabaret, its rum and iconic cocktails such as the Cuba Libre, the Daiquiri or the Mojito, its gastronomy is also a whole universe.

If you are a Latin food adventurer, this is a stop you can’t miss. The island’s culinary culture blends Taino, Spanish, African and Caribbean ingredients and techniques. Some of its iconic dishes are Ropa Vieja, Lechón Asado, Picadillo, Arroz Congri and the “Sanguich” Cubano (Cuban Sandwich).

Our top 5: best Cuban restaurant in Miami

Traditional cuban food with meat and rice

Our city, as home to thousands of Cubans, is a perfect place to try authentic Cuban food in restaurants of all kinds. It all depends on the experience you are looking for. So now, let’s start with our selection of the best cuban restaurants in Miami.

1.- Café La Trova

We begin this list of Cuban restaurants in Miami with Café La Trova, a traditional place among the Cuban community in the city. It offers traditional Cuban cuisine with a modern touch. In fact, its menu is described as “eclectic”. Its ambiance is informal, and among its specialties are the pasta de rabo encendido, seafood chupe, serrano ham or lobster croquettes and its famous empanada de sanguich cubano. It is located at 971 SW 8th St, Miami.

TripAdvisors users gave this restaurant 4.5/5 stars.

2.- Bella Cuba

Since 2005. It is located in Miami Beach and is an excellent place not only to taste Cuban food, but also food from all over the Caribbean. It also offers a great nightlife with live music and cocktails. Among its specialties are chicken fricassee, rice with chicken, seafood enchilado, tostones with shredded meat and Cuban tamales.

OpenTable users gave Bella Cuba 4.6/5 stars.

3.- Sanguich De Miami

It is located in Little Havana. As its name indicates, it is a place to go especially to eat Cuban Sanguich. It offers them in different versions, some very traditional and others modern and adapted to the American public. It has the great merit of being in the Michelin guide. Its decoration, which evokes the classic cafeterias of the 50’s, is one of its attractions.

TripAdvisors users gave this restaurant 4.5/5 stars.

4.- Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine

This restaurant has 50 years of tradition and is rated by many people as the best Cuban restaurant in Miami. Its Cuban coffee is famous and in general its menu is extensive and has a great reputation. Its Cuban desserts also give a lot to talk about, for example the white sweet potato flan, pastelitos de guayaba, tres leches cake, rice pudding, coconut flan, or typical cheesecakes. It is located at 3555 SW 8th St, Miami.

Foursquare users gave this restaurant 9.1/10 stars.

5.- Estefan Kitchen

We can’t forget to mention Estefan Kitchen, the restaurant of the famous singer Gloria Estefan. It is located in the Miami Design District and its decoration evokes the city of Las Vegas. Its specialties are the traditional recipes of the Estefan family. And yes, the food is delicious, but it’s not the only thing to highlight. As you would expect, this hostspot has an unparalleled musical ambiance. It has an express version inside the Miami International Airport.

TripAdvisors users gave this restaurant 4/5 stars.

Fan of Latin food? Do you know the chifa peruano?

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Do you think the best Cuban restaurant in Miami is on this list or would you add another one?

After this delicious tour of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami, we want to tell you a little more about Latin American food in the city. If you are an explorer of flavors and you like to travel hand in hand with the culinary arts, a mandatory stop you must make is the Peruvian chifa.

The chifa is the fusion of Peruvian and chifa cuisine. It is a mestizo culinary culture that has been part of the daily life of Peruvian families for more than a century.

Let’s remember that Peru is a culinary destination par excellence and that Peruvians do not joke when we talk about good food. However, just as many of our dishes are world famous, for example ceviche or lomo saltado, until recently we had reserved the Peruvian chifa just for ourselves.

But that has already begun to change. Many chifa restaurants have set up shop in major cities around the world and Miami, of course, is no exception. There are already several places in the city where you can taste dishes such as chaufa rice, wantan soup or Tipakay chicken.

Do you know Peruvian chifa? would you like to try it?

Chifa Du Kang: the next stop for all good Latin American food lover

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If you are in Miami and consider yourself a true foodie, we invite you to try the Peruvian-Chinese fusion in one of our Chifa Du Kang restaurants.

We are located on Kendall Dr and Bird Road. Visit our website to learn more about our specialties. With our dishes we guarantee you a trip straight to the real Peru. You can come for lunch or dinner with your family or friends.

Until today, the chifa has been Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret. We are revealing it to more and more people in Miami.

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