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Chino-Latino Heaven! 4 Top Latin Chinese Food Near Miami

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East and West are like two sides of the same coin. Human history has always sought to build bridges between the two hemispheres but, let’s be honest, it is complicated because there are major cultural differences. But it is precisely these distinctive features between the two faces of the planet that make every time a meeting point is achieved, it is rich, unique and explosive. A clear example is Latin Chinese food.

Chinese food that evolved in Latin America is a perfect blend. The use of oriental cooking techniques and the addition of original ingredients from this part of the world gave birth to a gastronomic marvel that is now a world heritage site. Have you tried it?

If you are in Miami and you still don’t know this delicious gastronomic genre, today we want to help you solve that cultural gap. We share with you the best places for Latin Chinese food in our beloved city and as a bonus, we’ll tell you what we like the most about their menu. Let’s get to it!

4 Best Latin Chinese Food Near Miami: Start your intercultural journey

Now, let’s start with our selection of Latin Chinese restaurants. Remember that this gastronomy is not a single one, each country has its own special flavour, so all the stops are mandatory because none of these restaurants serve the same thing.

1.- Qianlog Restaurant

Qianlog is named after a great Chinese emperor in which chef Yony Moy seeks inspiration. It offers Chinese-Venezuelan haute cuisine, the product of a family tradition of several decades.

They serve dishes such as Venezuelan fried rice with shrimp and chicken, chicken noodle soup, lumpias (spring rolls), barbecued ribs, teriyaki chicken and sweet and sour chicken.

Qianlog offers a fine dining experience in a family atmosphere. It is one of the best options for Latin Chinese food in Miami if you are looking for those specific dishes.

What’s our favorite dish at this place?

Without a doubt the house specialty: Peking duck, you can’t live in Miami and not try it!

When the Moy family lived in Venezuela and had their first restaurant, the fame of their Peking duck was such that it was a regular dish for presidents, dignitaries and international artists.

Where is it located?

8726 NW 25th St #15, Doral, FL 33172, USA.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

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Another unmissable stop on your Latin Chinese food tour in Miami is our restaurant Chifa Du Kang. We specialize in chifa food, that is, Peruvian Chinese cuisine. And we swear that our offer is unique in the city.

Our recipes have also been passed down from generation to generation and fuse the best of Chinese wok food with Peruvian ingredients such as aji panca and pisco. We have a pleasant informal atmosphere for you to come for lunch or dinner with your loved ones, and we also offer delivery and take out.

Chifa food is a unique sensory experience with explosive aromas and flavors. You will confirm this from the first bite.

What is our favorite dish?

Chaufa rice is the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice. We have it in six presentations: shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, special and vegetarian. All of them are incredible but there is a seventh one that is not on the menu and that is the one we want to recommend today because it is crazy: the airport rice. Do you want to know what it has? You’ll have to come and check it out for yourself.

If our waiter asks you how you know we offer it, just say you have inside sources.

Where is it located?

In Miami we have two restaurants: Kendall Drive and Bird Road.

3.- Jardines de Confucio

Here we enter the wonderful universe of Colombian Chinese food, and more specifically from the coast, from the city of Barranquilla, the birthplace of our beloved Shakira.

Jardines de Confucio is a successful Colombian Chinese food chain that has been operating since the 80’s and in 2006 expanded to Miami with great success. Here it showcases this delicious cuisine, with dishes that obviously have a Colombian seal.

What is our favorite dish?

The house has several specialties but if we had to choose just one, we would go for the hot & Sour Shrimp Szechuan Style. The Confucius special fried rice is also fantastic, with four jumbo shrimp, four BBQ Pork Slices, shrimp, chicken, pork, ham, egg, bean sprout and green onion….

Where is it located?

10658 Fontainebleau Blvd. Miami, FL 33172

4.- Locos x el grill

Locos x grill is a Miami restaurant that serves a fusion of Chinese and Venezuelan cuisine, but with a twist: they share this type of gastronomy with grilled meat. A combination that can drive you crazy!

Chef Waxin Fong is behind this fusion of fusions. He was born in Venezuela to Chinese parents and his experience behind the cooker is extensive. You can’t miss a visit to this restaurant. You will leave satisfied and wanting to come back.

By the way, we know you’re looking for Latin Chinese food, but if you go with someone who wants to venture into Venezuelan cuisine, this place also offers Venezuelan-only specialities.

What is our favourite dish?

Here the question is very difficult because everything is delicious. But since we have to decide, we’ll go for two: the sweet and sour short ribs and the Pork Belly Crunch.

Where is it located?

In Doral, Fl.

Ready for your trip to Latin Chinese food? Chifa Du Kang is your must-stop

chinese rice noodles near me / noodles from Chifa Du Kang / latin chinese food

Ok, if you’re ready to start your journey through Chinese-Latin flavours, you can’t miss Chifa Du Kang. We tell you this for several reasons:

  • We serve the most authentic Chinese Peruvian food in Miami.
  • Our dishes have explosive flavours.
  • Our menu is very extensive, there is something for everyone, even if you are vegan.
  • Our restaurants have a cozy atmosphere that you will love.
  • Our service is first class.
  • We have delivery and take out.
  • You can accompany your meal with Peruvian desserts and drinks.

There is no reason not to come! Enjoy in Chifa Du Kang the best kept gastronomic secret of Peru.

Start the experience by clicking here. Take a look at our menu.

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