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8 foodie-approved Chinese Restaurants in North Miami Beach

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Can you think of a more seductive and pleasant place than Miami Beach? Let’s be clear, this is one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States. It has hundreds of entertainment options and has been the scene of many wonderful movies. It’s a place to be happy! If you’ve been there, either because you’re from the neighborhood or because you’re visiting, you know it. That said, today we want to talk to you about one of the strong points of the area: its gastronomic offer, and within that, about something very specific: the best Chinese restaurant in north Miami Beach. Do you have yours or do you accept suggestions?

This article is especially dedicated to people who visit the area and consider themselves real foodies. If you are a fan of good food (and good Chinese food, of course), this post is for you. Let’s get started! Enjoy your meal!

The foodie-approved Chinese Restaurants in North Miami Beach

Osaka Nikkei Miami: chifa food / best chinese food dishes / chinese restaurant north miami beach

The following list is our selection of favorites. We are foodies, and if you consider yourself one too, it’s up to you to choose which of these places might be the best Chinese restaurant in north Miami Beach.

Here you will see all kinds of restaurants, from fancy and expensive to family-friendly and casual. But we haven’t really focused on the ambiance but on the quality of the food. These restaurants are mentioned here because their menu is full of gems.

List of chinese restaurant in North Miami Beach

It goes in no specific order. Let’s get started!

1.- Dumpling King

The specialty of this restaurant is to serve fresh and soft bites whose flavors touch our hearts. Dumplings are the kings of this cuisine. They are steamed, cooked in water, soups and baked. The soft dough envelops rich fillings of meats, seafood, vegetables and even fruit jams. They are considered a starter dish that gives way to the main courses served here, such as fried noodles with chicken, sesame chicken, chicken with broccoli, chicken with garlic and honey, among others.

2.- East Ocean

It is a Chinese restaurant with a variety of dishes to sit down and enjoy as God intended. You can choose between Cantonese-style fried rice or white rice accompanied by General Tso’s chicken breast or orange beef. And if you’re looking for a little more, East Ocean has a special offering of tofu dishes with vegetables garnished with brown sauce as the house secret.

3.- King Palace Chinese BBQ

Although the menu is wide and varied to give you the opportunity to walk through many flavors, their Peking-style lacquered duck and roast pork will leave you open-mouthed. It is a simple restaurant, with affordable prices and first class service.

4.- Chifa Du Kang

Chifa peruano en Orlando: beef from Chifa Du Kang / chinese restaurant north miami beach

If you want to explore a different flavor in Chinese food, Chifa Du Kang is the restaurant that will surprise you. We serve Chinese-Peruvian fusion food, with the authentic flavors that characterize this cuisine that emerged in Peru as part of the cultural and gastronomic mix that has allowed us to enrich our offer of dishes with unique flavors. This food is known as chifa and its most representative dishes are chaufa rice, lomo saltado, wanton soup, chijaukay chicken, kamlú wantán, tipakay chicken, among other specialties that we serve in Chifa Du Kang.

5.- China Restaurant

Fresh, delicious food and excellent service is what you will get in this Chinese restaurant in North Miami Beach. It also offers delivery service so you don’t have to move from where you are. The vast majority of its visitors give this place five stars.

6.- China Town

This is a simple restaurant, in a small place located in Miami Gardens Shopping Center, where you can enjoy a succulent lo mein, spring rolls, chicken wings and pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce, after a day of shopping in the city’s renowned mall.

7.- Chai Wok: Chinese Restaurant North Miami Beach

It is a Chinese restaurant where, in addition to the traditional dishes of this cuisine, sushi is served, which makes its gastronomic offer much more attractive. If you want something light, ask for a hot and sour soup, egg soup, chicken noodle soup, wanton soup or dumplings. If you prefer beef, you have several options: ribs, crispy beef, stir-fried beef with vegetables and beef lo mein. For the kids, they serve burgers, hot dogs and chicken strips with fries and ketchup.

8.- Chong’s Chinese Restaurant

Chong’s is a Chinese restaurant in North Miami Beach that has opened its menu to incorporate Latin dishes given the high population of residents and visitors from these countries. So, in addition to traditional Chinese dishes, you can also order fried chicken with white rice and ripe plantains, fish fillet, french fries and salads, grilled chicken breast, white rice and black beans, among others.

We are Chifa Du Kang: Chinese restaurant in north Miami Beach

Noodles/ Chifa Du Kang

We are a Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese food with Peruvian influence, that is, Chifa dishes that preserve the Asian cooking techniques and the unmistakable flavors of ginger, soy sauce and scallion, but this time mixed with the aji amarillo of Peruvian cuisine to achieve explosive flavors that are unique to this fusion cuisine.

We are located at 9899 SW 40th Street, Miami FL 33165, on Bird Road, just minutes away from Miami Beach. We also have a location on Kendall Dr.

Visit us and enjoy Chinese-Peruvian food with unparalleled flavors!

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