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5 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants in Miami Lakes, FL

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Looking for a Chinese restaurant in Miami Lakes? The area is not as busy as other places in Miami, but its tranquility and natural landscapes manage to capture the public that appreciates these benefits. If you live there or are just passing through and have a strong craving for fried rice, spring rolls or sweet and sour chicken, don’t worry, you are not thinking of the impossible.

The presence of different gastronomic cultures is felt in many corners of Miami Lakes offering a high level of service, worthy of restaurants that give the right value and importance to their visitors. This includes Asian cuisine.

So let’s explore some Chinese food options found in Miami Lakes and nearby. Your craving today has a solution!

How many Chinese restaurants are there in Miami Lakes, Fl?

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Miami Lakes is a small and quiet suburb which is part of Miami-Dade County, perfect to rest and enjoy the tranquility with your family. As its name suggests, it is surrounded by lakes, so its landscape is very pleasant.

As for the gastronomic offer, it is diverse. Just in Miami Lakes today we want to recommend two Chinese restaurants that we really like, and if you don’t mind driving a few minutes more, we will add to the list three other places that are very close and well worth knowing for their menu and atmosphere.

Our intention is to offer you options close to home that are equally convenient and delicious. We know that Chinese food is an obsession, so why not satisfy it, wherever we are?

The 5 best Chinese restaurants in Miami Lakes and nearby

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Fan of Chinese food in Miami Lakes? Let’s start with our recommendations.

In this small list you will find restaurants to eat at the table, order delivery or take away service. It all depends on what you want every day. If you ask us, what we recommend is to go to all of them! Let’s get started.

1.- Pei Wei Asian Diner

Located at 15519 NW 67th Ave, Pei Wei is considered a Chinese restaurant in Miami Lakes because it serves a variety of Asian cuisine dishes where chicken and beef are prevalent as main ingredients, which are combined with fresh vegetables rice and noodles.

This restaurant opened to the public in 2014, inspired by the need to offer the public a place where Asian food was served, with the speed and freshness that characterizes Chinese food establishments. Some dishes on their menu are: pad thai, General Tso spicy chicken, Kung Pao chicken, spicy drunken noodles, chicken lo mein, chicken fried rice, spicy Korean BBQ steak, among others.

2.- P.F. Chang’s To Go

This is a Chinese restaurant chain with a presence throughout the United States. In Miami Lakes you can find it at 15121 NW 67th Ave. It provides take away and take away service. It does not provide table service, its service is counter service, so you can place your order through the apps. They also offer catering for special occasions.

Some dishes on their menu are BBQ pork ribs, tempura squid, crab wontons, sushi, mandarin crispy salad, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, pad thai chicken, Korean noodles, honey crispy chicken.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

kendall chinese restaurant: chicken from Chifa Du Kang

Obviously our favorite restaurant on the list. We are very close to Miami Lakes and we are sure you will love to try our Chinese food, which is not only Chinese. Our menu offers Chinese-Peruvian fusion dishes, known as chifa food. We are talking about an exotic explosion of flavors that once you know you don’t want to forget.

In our restaurants you can try dishes like lomo saltado, chaufa rice, wanton soup, chijaukay chicken, sautéed noodles, among other daring creations that mix the best of ancient Chinese techniques with Peruvian ingredients and seasoning. We are located on Kendall Dr and Bird Road. We have an informal atmosphere for you to visit us with your family or friends, and if you want to eat at home, we also have delivery and take away service.

4.- New Hong Kong City Restaurant

It is located in Hialeah, in what is considered the border with Miami Lakes. Here you can enjoy traditional Chinese dishes such as fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, chop suey, pork and sweet and sour chicken, and some modern classics such as chicken with black bean sauce, beef curry, among others.

5.- China Tokyo

China Tokyo is a simple restaurant you can visit at the Bonanza Center in Hialeah. Its spicy and sour soup, fried rice with roast pork, its chow mein dishes of meats and vegetables, chow fun and Kung Bo chicken, will captivate you from the first bite. As its name suggests, it also offers Japanese food, so here you can indulge various cravings.

We are Chifa Du Kang: Chinese restaurant near Miami Lakes

pollo tipakay y chijaukay: peruvian chifa dishes

If you are a Chinese food lover, we invite you to explore the Chinese-Peruvian version we serve at Chifa Du Kang. We are a restaurant located on North Kendall and Bird Road, two locations very close to Miami Lakes that are easily accessible.

The dishes we serve are part of one of the best kept gastronomic secrets of Peruvians. We are proud to showcase this fusion cuisine because it is part of our roots.

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