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Chinese restaurants downtown Miami: cook making dinner in the kitchen of high-end restaurant.

11 worth-the-hype Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Miami

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It is clear that the best way to capture the essence of any city or town is to go directly downtown. That’s where it all happens and where you will know the true spirit of any place. Want an example? The gastronomic offer. When it comes to Miami, this premise is fully met. Downtown is where the best spots are, there is a great diversity (Miami is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States), and they are all wonderful! To prove it, today we share with you a list of our favorite Chinese restaurants in downtown Miami.

If you pass through Miami and don’t try the menu of at least one of these places, you’re missing out on a lot! Let’s get started.

PS: This article may cause immediate starvation. It is up to you to take the risk.

10 Chinese restaurants Downtown Miami You Must Know

As in the whole world, in South Florida, Chinese food is an obsession, and downtown Miami is full of places where you can taste this gastronomy in different versions. We have Chinese restaurants in Downtown Miami with authentic oriental food, fusion cuisine, family restaurants, nightlife, among others.

This is our list. Tell us on our social networks if you know any of these restaurants and how many stars you give them.

1.- First Hong Kong Cafe

This is one of those small family restaurants whose value is the jewels on its menu. They serve authentic Chinese food in an informal and very homely atmosphere. They have food to take away and also home delivery. Their specialty is lo mein.

Address: 117 SE 2nd St, Miami, FL.

2.- Hutong Miami

Now we go to the other extreme. This is a Chinese restaurant to go for a formal dinner. Its menu offers northern Chinese food and cocktails. It has an active nightlife. Its decoration is exquisite. It is really a place to enjoy a special and luxurious evening.

Address: 600 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

Osaka Nikkei Miami: chifa food / best chinese food dishes

If we talk about Chinese restaurants in Dowtown Miami we obviously have to name our Peruvian Chinese fusion food establishment. Chifa food is Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret, and we have made it our goal to share it with the world, starting with the beautiful city of Miami.

If you don’t know our dishes, you can’t wait any longer. Our menu has gems like chaufa rice in six versions, noodles, lomo saltado, chicken chijaukay, chicken tipakay and more. It is an exotic explosion of flavors that you will not forget.

Our atmosphere is familiar and informal. In addition to Chinese fusion food we also offer Peruvian desserts and drinks. The perfect match!

Address: 9899 SW 40th ST, Miami FL.

4.- P.F. Chang’s

It is a Chinese restaurant chain with a family atmosphere where you can enjoy a diverse menu suitable for adults and children. They are specialists in offering creative versions of traditional Chinese dishes, as well as Japanese.

Address: 901 S Miami Ave #104, Miami, FL

5.- San Villa Asian Fusion

This restaurant not only offers Chinese food, but also fusion gastronomy dishes in which all the culinary culture of Southeast Asia is mixed. Its menu features pork egg roll, pho bo soup, philippine beef soup, pork fried rice, chicken yaki soba, Japanese ramen noodles, crispy pata, and beef teriyaki.

Address: 30 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL.

6.- KOMODO Restaurant

This is another of downtown Miami’s Chinese restaurants to enjoy a five-star evening. It offers dishes such as Peking Duck, Tuna & Toro Roll, and Lobster Dynamite. There are three bars to choose from to suit your style and a robust menu of house cocktails.

Address: 801 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL

7.- Da Tang Zhen Wei Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant specializes in Asian hot pot cuisine and other signature dishes such as their lamb skewers and Peking Duck dishes. The place has excellent reviews in all the gastronomic portals of the city.

Address: Four Ambassadors, 801 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL.

8.- Shushu Restaurant

Offers pan-Asian food in a casual atmosphere. One of its specialties is noodles, although it offers very complete and delicious mixed dishes.

Address: 100 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL

9.- 3 Chefs At Brickell

This is a particular restaurant. It offers Asian food, and as its name suggests, the kitchen is run by three different chefs. Among its specialties are Japanese Cuisines, Chinese Food, Tso Chicken, Asian Cuisine, Ramen and Sushi.

Address: 48 SW 12th St, Miami, FL

10.- China Lee Restaurant

This restaurant offers Venezuelan-style Chinese food. It offers Chinese rice, lo mein, wantan soup, noodles, egg rolls, spring rolls and much more.

Address: 559 SW 8th St, Miami, FL.

11.- Wow Bao Restaurant

Wow Bao offers fast Asian street food, such as bao, pan-seared potstickers, steamed dumplings, rice and noodle bowls, soups, salads and specialty drinks, such as fresh ginger ale.

Address: 626 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL.

Chifa Du Kang: This Chinese restaurant is located in downtown Miami?

Chifa food

We have two restaurants in the Miami area: one on Bird Road and one on Kendall Dr In both you can enjoy our menu of Peruvian Chinese fusion cuisine and enjoy a family atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

Come to Chifa Du Kang to enjoy the best chifa food in Miami. If you are a fan of Chinese dishes and want to take your passion to another level, this is the place you are looking for.

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