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chinese latin food: chifa gastronomy

4 Best Chinese Latin Food Restaurants in Miami: Taste the Fusion of Flavors and Cultures

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If two cultures seem to have been born to embrace, it is the Chinese and the Latin American. Chinese migration to this region at the end of the 19th century bequeathed not only an extraordinary encounter between knowledge, traditions and customs, but also tangible heritage elements. One of them (the most delicious, obviously) is Chinese Latin food. Fried rice made in each country’s own way and all those delicious wok dishes are an immense multicultural discovery that luckily happened!

Are your mouth not watering? Surely it is! If you’re a Latin Chinese foodie and you’re in Miami, check out these 4 suggestions to satisfy your craving. Enjoy!

Latin Chinese food near me in Miami

chinese latin food: wanta soup

Florida is the state par excellence that is home to the greatest diversity of cultures in the United States. In a special way, South Florida has received for generations many Latino population, and if you are Latino like us you know that one thing we miss a lot from our beloved land is that Chinese fusion food that is unique and that in our countries is customary.

So, if you don’t want to stay in nostalgia but want to act on that gastronomic love, take a look at these 4 restaurants in Miami where you can enjoy this tasty fusion of flavours. Let’s enjoy Chinese Latin food!

1.- Qianlog Restaurant

Qianlog is a Chinese-Venezuelan haute cuisine restaurant run by the Moy family. Chinese migrants who arrived in Venezuela in the late 1950s and went into the restaurant business. From this country they added a lot of flavour to the dishes they serve today in Miami, in a family atmosphere and guaranteeing a first class gastronomic experience.

If you’re craving shrimp and chicken venezuela fried rice (with that signature sweet chili flavour), chicken noodle soup, lumpias, barbecued ribs, teriyaki chicken or sweet and sour chicken, you know that Qianlog is among the best Latin Chinese food options near me in Miami.

Address: 8726 NW 25th St #15, Doral, FL 33172, USA.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

Du Kang Duck

We want to let the world know Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret: Chifa food! Our speciality is to serve this type of cuisine that emerged from the Chinese-Peruvian fusion and that today is part of the Peruvian daily life.

Our menu offers dishes with a load of explosive flavours that will make your mouth water, such as lomo saltado, chijaukay chicken, chaufa rice and wantán soup, and specialties such as like the Du Kang Duck (in the picture) dishes that you must try at Chifa Du Kang to feel like you’re in Peru.

Address: Kendall Dr. SW 88th ST and Bird Road SW 40th ST.

3.- Locosxgrill

Locosxgrill is a Chinese-Venezuelan fusion restaurant that specialises in serving Venezuelan-style wood-fired barbecue and Chinese rice. The restaurant is run by Waxin Fong, a Venezuelan, son of Chinese parents, who lived for years in one of the states of Venezuela that is among the largest producers and consumers of beef. Hence, his idea to serve Latin Chinese food dishes in Miami with an emphasis on steakhouse style.

Address: 7780 NW 25th St #22, Doral, FL 33122.

4.- Chifans

Another Chinese-Peruvian restaurant that allows you to taste this fusion of gastronomic cultures in Miami is Chifans. Its menu includes chaufa rice, wantan soup, lomo saltado, tipakay chicken, pac pow soup, dishes that Peruvians are used to eating several times a week.

If you are Peruvian and live in Miami, this restaurant is an option for you to maintain the tradition.

Address: 13868 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186.

Are you a Chinese Latin food lover?

Chinesse Latin Food from Chifa Du Kang.

As we already said, Latin Chinese food was a lucky (and delicious) discovery. Its universe is very big, as big as Latin America, and its variants are many.

Now we want to tell you about one of its most developed versions: Peruvian Chinese food or chifa. Did you know that Peru is a five-star gastronomic destination with worldwide recognition? Well, yes, and this means that logically any dish from our country is pure gold, including its Chinese fusion cuisine.

So, Chifa food is the extraordinary result of the fusion of Chinese and Peruvian cuisine. Many people consider it a hidden gem. Although it is a daily occurrence in Peru, it is only just becoming known outside the country.

If you consider yourself a gastronomic explorer, be sure to try chifa food. With the variety of flavours and textures you get in each dish you will live one of the best experiences.

Looking for Latin Chinese food in Miami? Come to Chifa Du Kang

At Chifa Du Kang we prepare each dish taking care of the smallest details so that our visitors feel a five star gastronomic experience.

We specialize in those recipes that take you straight to the most authentic Peru: lomo saltado, arroz chaufa, wanton soup and tipakay and chijaukay chicken.

We are located on Kendall Dr and Bird Road to offer you the best latin chinese food experience. We have a table ready, in a family atmosphere, so you can come with the best company.

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