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6 Must-Go Places for Chinese Fried Rice Near Me

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Are you a fan of Chinese rice? Who isn’t? Chinese rice is a universal obsession. It’s delicious, nutritious, ideal for sharing, and everywhere in the world there’s a place to try it. That’s why, if you find yourself in the beautiful city of Miami, in this post we’ll share with you a selection of our favourite places to enjoy a delicious Chinese fried rice near me.

Our list includes traditional and fusion Chinese food. Why? Because in all of them there is a wonderful Chinese rice with particularities to discover. If you are a true foodie and you are in South Florida save this post in your favourites because this is a ranking you will come back to. Let’s get started, but first let’s share a bit of context.

What is Chinese fried rice?

Contrary to what might sound logical, Chinese rice is not so Chinese. The rice most commonly consumed by the Chinese is white rice, which has nothing to do with the colourful and seasoned rice we are familiar with.

The Chinese rice dishes we are used to eating in the Americas are indeed inspired by Cantonese cuisine, but we have given it a distinctive touch from this side of the world.

In the Chinese province of Canton, fried rice is served seasoned with few spices and small portions of protein to preserve the natural flavour of the food.

With the Chinese migration to America in the 19th century, the original Cantonese dish was moulded to the ingredients of each country and little by little allowed the variety of Chinese fried rice near me to expand to the one we know today, which preserves the technique of cooking in a wok, over high and fast heat, with the flavours added by the soy and oyster sauces, which are essential ingredients in these preparations.

Chinese fried rice is a highly valued dish in the kitchen because it allows you to create delicious and simple versions with few ingredients. In fact, the variety of dishes changes significantly from one country to another, from one region to another, but also from one family to another. Everyone adds their own personal touch to make it more personal, but always maintaining the cooking techniques and the basic flavours of the Asian country.

Where to eat Chinese fried rice near me?

To satisfy that craving for Chinese fried rice near me in Miami, here we suggest several options, with excellent ratings in terms of location, quality of service and price, because enjoying a good meal is also possible in simple restaurants.

Luxury is not always synonymous with quality, and the delicious flavours that a cuisine can offer can be surprising.

1.- Shop Suey International Restaurant

This restaurant located at 90 SW 27th Ave #1427, Miami, FL 33135, serves simple, traditional Chinese food in a pleasantly decorated environment that allows you to relax and enjoy the well-crafted dishes brought to each table.

Users of several websites recommend it as an excellent place to enjoy authentic and delicious Chinese food at affordable prices, with first class service.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

chinese fried rice vs peruvian arroz chaufa: chifa du kang chaufa rice

If you’re open to exploring Chinese fusion cuisine, this is the place. At Chifa Du Kang we serve Chinese-Peruvian food, and if you’re looking for Chinese rice, we have the wildest and most delicious version: chaufa rice.

Chaufa rice mixes traditional Chinese ingredients with Peruvian flavours such as aji panca and pisco. We have it in six versions: beef, shrimp, chicken, pork, vegetables and special. In Miami we have two locations: in Kendall and Bird Road.

3.- Chinesse Buffet

Chinesse Buffet is a restaurant chain with more than 50 locations in the United States that serves traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients, including the highly demanded vegetable fried rice dishes, chicken and pork, and shrimp, among other delicacies that make this buffet-style service one of the most popular in Miami. You can visit this restaurant at 1032 SW 67th Ave, FL 33144.

4.- Pekin Chinese Restaurant and Supermarket.

This restaurant serves high quality Cantonese Chinese food to all its visitors for one of the best dining experiences. It is located at 2293 SW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33145. You won’t regret if you decide to eat Chinese fried rice near me at this place.

Also, if you wish, you can buy the ingredients to prepare your Chinese fried rice recipes at home at this place.

5.- China Express

Here you can taste a wide variety of fried rice, but also delicious Chinese salads, various preparations of chicken and meat dishes, shop suey, lo mein, chow mein, among others.

China Express Restaurant is located at 5748 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33144. Come and explore and enjoy the exquisite flavours offered in a simple atmosphere.

6.- Chang’s Chinese Restaurant

It is a reference for serving authentic Cantonese Chinese food in the city of Miami, in a family atmosphere. Dishes are steamed, stir-fried and boiled to get that special flavour and offer a variety of food textures.

Chang’s Chinese Restaurant is an excellent option where you can eat Chinese fried rice near me. It is located at 1311 SW 107th Ave, Miami, FL 33174.

Eating Chinese fried rice near me is possible with Chifa Du Kang?

Chifa food from Chifa Du Kang / best chinese food dishes / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

Of course it is. At Chifa Du Kang restaurant we are experts in serving authentic Chinese fusion food, specifically, Chifa food. For us it is a pleasure to showcase the variety of exotic and explosive flavours that have emerged from the blend of our traditional Chinese and Peruvian cuisine.

Chinese and Peruvian gastronomy are two millenary arts widely recognised worldwide as the best cuisines. And we offer you the privilege of exploring these unique flavours, fused in bold dishes.

One such dish is chaufa rice, the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice, which integrates the flavours of Peruvian cuisine and which we invite you to discover at Chifa Du Kang.

You can visit us at Kendall Dr and Bird Road, and make these locations your favourite places to enjoy a different version of Chinese fried rice near me in Miami.

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