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Our 6 Top Picks for Chinese Fried Rice Near me in Miami

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Just as we have a favorite pair of shoes or a jacket that we always repeat, the same happens with food. As much as we have an appetite for all kinds of flavors, there is always a dish that we crave frequently, and even more so if it comes in many presentations, so the temptation is always to want to try its variants. The perfect example is fried rice. This is a recipe that we never tire of revisiting because it is so versatile that every restaurant and family adds their own variations to give it an original touch. If you are in Miami and you share with us this obsession, this article will be of great help because we took on the task of selecting the best restaurants to eat Chinese fried rice near me in this magical city.

Best places for Chinese Fried Rice in Miami

chinese fried rice vs peruvian arroz chaufa: chifa du kang chaufa rice / chaufa rice near me / chinese fried rice near me

Living or visiting Miami has many advantages. In addition to the beaches, weather and fun, every day you will discover a new place for sightseeing. In Miami you can drastically increase your list of friends of different nationalities and every day you can embark on a different gastronomic journey without having to take a plane and suffer from jetlag.

If you live in this city or you are visiting, you will have no problem if you crave Asian, Latin, Italian or African food… because there is such a variety of restaurants that you can become a real taster, but if your thing is Chinese food above all things, the competition is tougher because in addition to Chinese restaurants, there are many others that serve popular dishes of this cuisine fused with other culinary cultures.

Our Top 6: Chinese fried rice near me in Miami

pollo tipakay y chijaukay: peruvian chifa dishes / chinese fried rice near me

So you have the double advantage of quickly finding Chinese fried rice restaurants near me. So many that you will probably be overwhelmed and not know which one to choose. So that you don’t have any doubts at that moment and go with the certainty that you are going to enjoy only the best of the best. Here we share with you this selection of restaurants that will not disappoint you. Let’s get started.

1.- Chifa Du Kang

Our version of Chinese fried rice near me will always leave you wanting to keep eating. Not because you’ll be dissatisfied with the portions (in fact, our dishes are plentiful) but because they have addictive flavors that will have you coming back faster than you think.

The fried rice we serve at Chifa Du Kang (we have it in 6 versions) is exotic and explosive, as it achieves an interesting fusion between the traditional flavors of Chinese and Peruvian cuisine. If you are just about to discover it, we tell you that Chifa food is a jewel that is just making its way out of Peru, but Peruvians have been enjoying it for more than a century.

In Miami we have two restaurants: one on Bird Road and the other on Kendall Drive.

2.- Novikow

It is an elegant place with a Chinese-Japanese proposal on Biscayne Boulevard perfect for a romantic evening because of its impressive view that shows us the serenity of the bay, lined with impressive buildings. Their specialty fried rice comes with shrimp, beef or duck.

3.- Hakkasan

When we want a plate of Chinese fried rice near me, but want to be pampered more than usual, Hakkasan is an option to consider. This restaurant is synonymous with luxury everywhere you look: the place, the food, the service…. It is a chain of restaurants with presence in several cities around the world and its Michelin stars recognize its high quality and distinctive flavors.

4.- Tanka

This place is another of Miami’s jewels to enjoy succulent fried rice dishes and contemporary dishes from the provinces of Canton, Shanghai and Szechuan. You can find it at 1717 N Bayshore Dr. Suite 33, in the Marina Retail Shops.

5.- Silver Palace

We can’t overlook this place, as its food, ambiance and quality of service make it worthy of a spot on this short list. Silver Pala’s food is authentic Cantonese. Their special Chinese fried rice is very good. You will enjoy a pleasant experience, in a simple atmosphere and with first class service. They have table service as well as delivery service.

6.- Tropical Chinese

It is a simple and pleasant place to visit with friends and family. It serves authentic dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine, which are prepared on the spot with fresh ingredients so you can appreciate that crunchy touch in every dish. In this restaurant, fried rice is combined with dumplings and dim sum, but their specialty is Yeung chow, a Chinese fried rice dish with shrimp, roast pork and lots of vegetables.The restaurant offers the option to combine your fried rice with other Chinese dishes in what they have called the bento food box, to make your dish bigger, juicier and more desirable.

Your favorite comfort food, made Chinese-Peruvian style: visit Chifa Du Kang

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As we indicated at the beginning of this article, in this list of restaurants we have selected only the best, but if you are still wondering at this moment in time, in which of these options will I eat Chinese fried rice near me? Undoubtedly we recommend Chifa Du Kang.

You can venture out with one or several of our 6 fried rice presentations: with shrimp, beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian and special.

We have table service for lunch or casual dining, take out and delivery, we work hard to give you the best service!

Don’t give it another thought and come and enjoy those fried rice dishes that you can’t resist for a second longer.

Click here to take a look at our menu. We are waiting for you today.

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