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6 Best Places for Chinese Food in Miami Springs

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Just as every home should have its first aid kit and emergency phone list, having an up-to-date list of our favorite restaurants near the perimeter is a must that will save us from a lot of headaches. Why? Because it helps us save time every time that dreaded emergency called a craving arises. In this article we want to help you with that, especially if you live in one of the areas we like the most in Miami and if your obsesion is for one of our favorite cuisines. So, let’s talk in this article about chinese food Miami Springs.

How many chinese restaurants food are there in Miami Springs?

According to TripAdvisors, there are 27 restaurants near Miami Springs serving Chinese and Cantonese food. The number rises to 63 if we include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sichuan-style, Korean, Thai, and “Asian” food in general in the filter.

As you can see, the problem is not the number of options, but knowing how to choose. Anyone who is a fan of Chinese food knows that this gastronomy is addictive, but it is also demanding and not everywhere they know how to honor it as it deserves.

With that in mind, we made a list of Chinese restaurants in Miami Springs that can serve as a salvation table in one of those evenings when you don’t know where to go but you are sure that you want to eat well.

List of chinese restaurants food in Miami Springs

This Chinese food Miami Springs list is in no specific order. These restaurants have a diversity of atmospheres and styles. You can also check which of them offer table service, take away and delivery. Some are exactly in Miami Springs and others in its surroundings. Let’s get started.

1.- King’s chef

This restaurant offers traditional Chinese food. It is located at 1 Westward Dr. Its menu includes various presentations of fried rice, spring rolls and noodles. It offers table service and delivery through its website and the Uber Eats, Postmates and Doordash platforms.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

restaurants near Princeton Miami / chicken Chifa Du Kang

Our restaurant on Bird Road is only a 16-minute drive from Miami Springs. We don’t know if you’ve heard of chifa gastronomy, but we’ll tell you what it is: it’s Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

Once you try our dishes, it is sure that you will want to repeat. Our menu is extensive and includes dishes with chicken, meat, seafood, pork and vegetables. We preserve traditional Chinese techniques with Peruvian ingredients that enrich them.

We also have another restaurant on Kendall Drive. We invite you to visit us. We have the best informal atmosphere in Miami for table service, as well as delivery and pick up.

3.- Ping House

Ping House is a small and simple restaurant in Miami Springs ideal for a delicious but quick lunch or dinner. This hotspot is located on 36th St. and is open daily from noon to 10:00 p.m. Their menu is vast and includes all kinds of Cantonese Chinese food. Any recommendation? Their chicken chop suey, their Cantonese seafood and their beef with red curry.

4.- Doral Thai Restaurant

It offers Chinese and Thai food, with traditional and vegan options. It is a simple restaurant but its food has excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, so it is worth giving it a try. It is only 8 minutes by car from Miami Springs.

5.- Hong Kong City

It is located on Northwest 36th Street, just a 5-minute drive from Miami Springs. It has a casual atmosphere but excellent food. It can be ordered online through Beyond Menu. It is open all week for lunch and dinner, at the table, take away or delivery.

6.- China Kitchen

This restaurant offers traditional Chinese Cantonese dishes. It is located on NW 7St, just 8 minutes by car if you are coming from Miami Springs. Open every day of the week from noon to 10:00 pm. It offers 7 varieties of Chinese fried rice. Of their specialties, we recommend the Hot & Sour Soup, the House Special Chow Mein and the Shrimp Chop Suey.

Is your favorite Miami Springs Chinese restaurant on this list? Do you think we missed any? Do you not like someone? Tell us in the comments or on our social networks.

Chifa Du Kang: The restaurant Chinese food near Miami Springs that you must now

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At Chifa Du Kang we want to reveal the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy to everyone in Miami: chifa food.

Remember that Peru is the best gastronomic destination in the world, and our Chinese-Peruvian fusion dishes are prepared under that aegis: they are a unique explosion of flavor with a seal of origin.

Come to one of our two restaurants in Miami and try dishes such as arroz chaufa (we have it in six presentations), lomo saltado, chicken chajaukay, tipakay, with orange, pineapple or tamarind sauce, wonton soup, different presentations of stir-fried noodles and more.

We have the best informal atmosphere for you to visit us with family or friends any day of the week. We also have pick up and delivery service.

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