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4 Chinese Food Delivery Miami Lakes: China’s Umami in Every Bite

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Oh, Chinese food! How can you not love it? This gastronomic genre, which has long since ceased to be simply Chinese and has become a universal heritage, deserves a tribute. It is delicious, aromatic, nutritious, varied… it has a unique flavour, and as if that weren’t enough, it is accessible. In every corner of the world there is a Chinese restaurant to satisfy your cravings. Isn’t it true? So it is in Miami, and not only in the heart of the city, but in all its adjacent areas. That’s why in this article we’ll share with you our list of “Chinese food delivery Miami Lakes”.

If this is your area, you are a fan of Chinese food and you like your meals to arrive fresh and fast to your door, save this post because it can save your life more than once.

But before we start, let’s talk about the first topic, which is directly related to our list of restaurants: that I don’t know what about Chinese food. Do you know what we are talking about? You probably do, but you can’t quite put a name to it. Well, the key word is this: Umami. Say what?

What is Chinese Umami and how do I know if I have already tasted it?

Before we start with our list of restaurants, let’s talk a bit about this characteristic taste of Asian cuisine.

Umami is a basic flavour that is fundamental to Chinese cuisine. It refers to the savoury, spicy or ripe flavour that comes from the amino acids glutamate and inosinate. The concept of umami originated in China thousands of years ago.

Traditional Chinese cuisine uses many umami-rich ingredients such as soy sauce, miso, garlic, mushrooms, ginger and seaweed. These ingredients, when combined, create dishes full of that “fifth taste”.

A classic example of Chinese umami is chicken or pork broth, which is prepared by boiling pieces of meat with bones, ginger, garlic and spices for hours. This broth is then used as a base for many dishes and soups that get their thick, deep flavour from the umami in the broth.

If you have tried traditional Chinese dishes such as ginger-garlic chicken, sweet and sour pork, lacquered duck or soups such as wonton or hot and sour, you have probably experienced the unique taste of umami.

Learning how to identify and enhance umami in the kitchen can help you enjoy Chinese dishes much more. On the other hand, only really experienced cooks manage to bring umami to its exact point. We took that into account when we listed the restaurants below.

4 Chinese Food Delivery Miami Lakes

So without further ado, if you live in Miami Lakes, here’s a good top of restaurants to order Chinese food delivery from that are guaranteed to leave you licking your lips with an Umami sensation in your mouth.

They go in no specific order.

1.- Chifa Du Kang

peruvian chinese food near me

Chifa Du Kang is a restaurant that fuses the best of Peruvian and Chinese gastronomy. Our story began in Peru and after a resounding success we opened two locations in Miami because we want to make known in the world the richness of this gastronomic fusion.

Chifa Du Kang offers specialties that do not go unnoticed to the most demanding palate such as the popular lomo Saltado, made with sautéed beef, onion, tomato and soy sauce, and Chaufa rice, the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice, in six presentations: chicken, shrimp, pork, vegetables, beef, special and Aeropuerto.

You can find us on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. We reach Miami Lakes, just visit our website to find out how to order. Your food will arrive fast and as fresh as out of the wok.

2.- Miami Lakes Chinese Restaurant

“Infinite options” is how this restaurant, which bears the same name as its location, describes its menu.

Here you will find crispy appetizers such as golden wings (chicken dipped in honey) or crab Rangoon, the typical fried rice in all its presentations (with beef, chicken, pork, ham, shrimp or simple), vegetarian dishes, seafood dishes, chop-suey, chow mein and lo mein.

The house specialties are the honey chicken which consists of lightly fried boneless breast dipped in house honey sauce and the Kung Pao chicken which is a specialty that comes sliced with fresh Chinese vegetables in spicy Kung Pao sauce.

3.- Golden Palace

For 20 years the Miami Lakes community has had Golden Palace, which has maintained a family atmosphere by serving the best of authentic Chinese food with care from fresh, high quality ingredients.

In addition to the popular fried rice we all know, they serve some famous dishes such as roast duck served sliced with Hoisin sauce and scallions. Szechuan shrimp which is a dish with a spicy flavor and comes sautéed with vegetables. It also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

4.- Panda Express Miami Lakes

In this list of Miami Lakes delivery restaurants, Panda Express could not be missing. This popular chain of more than 2200 American Chinese fast food restaurants was founded in 1983 in Glendale, California, and Miami Lakes has one of its locations.

You might think that being a chain might diminish its culinary characteristics, but they really maintain high standards in their wide variety of dishes that are characterized by being “Americanized”, and also offer friendly and efficient service.

Orange chicken, chow mein and fried rice are on the menu as in any Chinese restaurant, as well as several options for vegetarians and vegans. However, the most popular of their dishes is the orange chicken for being crispy coated with sweet and sour sauce.

Chifa Du Kang offers exceptional Chinese food in Miami Lakes

Chifa food from Chifa Du Kang / best chinese food dishes / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

Chifa Du Kang is an experience you can’t pass up if you are a true fan of Chinese food. Get out of your comfort zone and try this gastronomic fusion that enraptures everyone who comes across it.

We have a wide menu of Chinese-Peruvian dishes, and we accompany them with desserts and drinks from our beloved country.

Our delivery service is at your disposal.

Click here, know our menu and order. Welcome to the chifa experience!

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