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4 Chinese Food Delivery Downtown Miami to Elevate Your At-Home Dining

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Finding a good Chinese restaurant with service to your home can be an odyssey, especially when you live in a cosmopolitan city like Miami, where options are everywhere. If tonight is one of those nights when you want to have a high quality dinner at home, with your beloved Chinese meal that arrives fast and fresh, the best thing to do is to have proven quality alternatives. That’s why today we want to share with you our deliciously curated “Chinese food delivery Downtown Miami” list.

Let’s start by taking a look at these options and keep an eye on them, because the night of craving for Asian flavours could be today. Let’s get to it!

Best chinese food delivery in Downtown Miami

Let’s get this straight first. In every city there is at least one place to order Chinese food, isn’t there? Miami is no different. The thing is that Chinese food has many culinary variations in its extensive territory, and then, in every part of the world where it has arrived.

In general, the Chinese food that has become most popular is Cantonese. But beware, each country has added its own touch to it. Therefore, it is not the same, for example, to eat “Cantonese” food in a restaurant in Beijing, Bogota, Paris or… Downtown Miami, of course.

This is great for lovers of nuances, because although the style of Chinese food retains the same principles: use of woks for cooking, aromatic spices and condiments for seasoning, vegetables and greens pre-cut fresh and sautéed to preserve their nutritional properties… It is also true that even in the same city you can enjoy and explore different flavours and types of Chinese food, because each variant, in its turn, started its journey around the world.

That’s what we want to capture in this, our Chinese Food Delivery Downtown Miami list. Another thing to take into account is that our selection also put emphasis on the quality of the delivery service of each restaurant.

So now, let’s get started with the guide.

1.- First Hong Kong Café

This is a Chinese restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Miami for 30 years. Their focus is to serve healthy dishes, with fresh ingredients for the best presentations and the most delicious flavours.

The Chinese cuisine dishes they offer focus on fresh fish and seafood, as well as meats and vegetables as the main ingredients. For example: Beef or chicken with broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian Beef and orange chicken.

You can order through their website. If you live in Miami Downtown you will receive it within minutes.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

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Our speciality is Chifa food, this is the {unique and delicious Chinese Peruvian culinary fusion. This bicultural gastronomic genre was until now a well-kept secret in Peru but we have decided to bring it to the world because it is too delicious to be hidden.

We have two restaurants in Miami, on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. The latter can deliver your order straight to Dowtown Miami within minutes and freshly made, so you can have an exotic evening at home with special people. We assure you that they will thank you for the discovery.

What to order at Chifa Du Kang?

Chifa food shares cultural heritage, some Chinese cooking techniques, recipes and seasonings, and is combined with Peruvian spices, vegetables and condiments. For example, the dishes are served with a garnish made with aji amarillo sauce.

A must-try when you go to Chifa Du Kang is the chaufa rice, our version of Chinese fried rice, which we serve in six presentations, as well as the lomo saltado, a dish that is almost a country brand for Peru.

3.- Kitsune House

Another restaurant that offers truly special food, Kitsune House fuses Japanese and Chinese food in a masterful way. For example, the famous Japanese Ramen with Chinese Broccoli, Sushi with Peking Duck.

The truth is that you can find a great variety of dishes such as the typical Japanese Yaki udon that comes with meat, vegetables and Hoisin sauce or the Lo Mein. Veggie and vegetarian options are also available.

Can’t decide whether to have Chinese or Japanese food for that dinner at home? This is a good option to please them all.

4.- Chong’s Chinese Restaurant

This is a Chinese restaurant with a long history, located on Flagler St, offering a wide variety of Chinese dishes, as well as some Latin American dishes.

Some comments from satisfied customers are that the dishes at this restaurant are not only appetizing, but they are also hearty and reasonably priced.

Chifa Du Kang is a perfect option to make your dinner at home a unique experience

Chifa peruano en Orlando: chicken from Chifa Du Kan / chinese food delivery Downtown Miami

Exotic and delicious food and efficient delivery is what we offer you today at Chifa Du Kang for your dinner at home.

Our menu includes dishes for all tastes. Are you a lover of seafood, chicken, beef, pork, are you vegan? We invite you to try them all! Believe us, you will thank us for this recommendation.

And if you prefer to visit us, we have the best casual atmosphere in Miami. Come to our restaurants with family, for a business lunch, with that special someone or even ask for a table for one. You’ll love it!

You can accompany our dishes with Peruvian desserts and drinks. This way the experience will be complete.

Enter our site and find out how to order at Chifa Du Kang. Start today, you’ll be hooked!

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