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6 Savory Chinese Food Delivery Doral: From Dim Sum to Fried Rice

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Self-love also is about forgetting about today’s cooking and ordering some delicious Chinese food delivery in Doral. 

On those days when you want to relax watching your favorite show without stressing about not knowing what to cook, near this area there are different restaurants with Chinese food dishes that will satisfy your needs for flavor and relationship. 

From crispy spring rolls, comfort food classics like Chicken Fried Rice to fusion dishes that unite two great culinary cultures, let yourself be surprised by all the flavorful gastronomic ways you can love yourself. Spice up your life… chinese style!

6 best chinese food delivery in Doral, FL

1.Orient Chef

Do you crave chinese food delivery in Doral but are open to discovering more delicious Asian dishes? If so, you’ll love Orient Chef. They offer authentic and delicious Chinese and Japanese food and are known for their fresh and delicious sushi! 

On the Chinese menu, you’ll find dishes ready to arrive at your doorstep at a moment’s notice. A relaxing evening watching your favorite show? Try the delicious taste of the comfort food we all love, Chicken Fried Rice. Need to make a family dinner but don’t have time? Order their hearty Family Special and create special moments at the table.

If you have specific cravings for Chinese appetizers, with Orient Chef you have a little bit of everything to try: from Spring rolls to dumplings, you have a world of traditional Chinese flavors to discover. 

2.Chifa Du Kang

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At Chifa Du Kang, you will discover the Peruvian side of Chinese food. Mixing Peruvian seasoning with wok ingredients and techniques, we will bring your palate to the table on a family Sunday in Peru.  

You’ll become obsessed with our Tipakay Chicken, with a sweet and sour taste and served with a portion of chaufa rice to balance the flavours, you’ll soon discover why it’s one of the most requested dishes in a Peruvian chifa. You’ll have a new comfort food favorite!    

Want something more traditional for those relaxing evenings? You will also discover the Peruvian version of the classic Fried rice. It’s called Chaufa Rice, the Peruvian chifa’s signature dish. We serve it in different presentations with chicken, beef or shrimp. Eating it feels like a festival of flavors in your mouth. Did you know that the famous Lomo Saltado is born from the fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food? It is cooked in the wok! We also have it and ours is the juiciest one we are going to try. 

Ask for our Chinese food delivery service in Doral and discover why Peruvians order chifa at least 3 times a week. 

3.Beijing Cafe

If when you order Chinese food for delivery, you’re like the toughest food critic analyzing what the texture, taste and temperature are 10/10, Beijing Cafe will surely pass your test… This Chinese food restaurant serves a wide variety of well-cooked dishes with delicious taste and fresh ingredients. 

Indulge in the provocative combination of sour and spicy General Tso Chicken for a night of total comfort. Craving Fried rice? Their customers say their Pork Fried Rice is the best they’ve ever tasted, so brilliantly cooked that it even tastes good as leftovers the next day. 

4.China King

China King regulars have something to say about their delivery of Chinese food in Doral: it’s beautifully cooked and full of traditional flavor! If you’re serious about your Chinese food cravings, you have to add this restaurant to your list.

Ordering food delivery is supposed to take the stress out of not knowing what to cook. Still, choosing which dish to pick from can be stressful. For a truly relaxing moment of eating, we recommend ordering their Honey Fried Chicken, if you want a sweet and salty taste on your palate. The Wonton Soup and Egg Rolls are also a non-heavy and tasty option to calm the cravings. 

5.Dumpling House of Miami

Dumpling House Miami not only offers fried or steamed dumplings with the most varied fillings, in its menu you can discover other delicious gems of Chinese food that you can order by delivery. 

Between fried rice, Chow Mein and Low Mein, the menu is very diverse. You will surely find something delicious with chinese umami to pamper your palate on those days when you don’t feel like cooking. For dinner, you can choose their Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice, the combination of salty and sweet will lift your spirits. If you want something lighter but just as delicious, go to the appetizer section and choose one of each, variety is the spice of life! 

6.Mr Chefs

Turn an impromptu dinner for one into a date with yourself with the delicious dishes at Mr Chefs, a gourmet Chinese food restaurant with delivery in Doral. The variety of their menu does not disappoint and neither does the quality of their food. In the comfort of your home, you can enjoy delicious, fresh dishes with the right amount of flavor, each beautifully presented.  

Knowing which dish to order for delivery can take more than 15 minutes – everything looks so delicious you’ll want to eat it all! But here’s a little spoiler of what you can find on their menu to make your order go faster: Dim Sum, Seafood, Fried Rice, Beef & Pork, Duck dishes. If you have no idea where to start, how about trying their Szechuan Shrimp?

Spoil yourself with in your no-cooking day ordering our delicious fusion dishes at Chifa Du Kang

Play your favorite show, relax on your couch and discover the best kept secret of Peruvian gastronomy from the comfort of your home: the chifa. We deliver to Doral.

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