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Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

6 best Chicken Fried Rice Near me in Miami to skip tonight’s cooking

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Cooking is a great pleasure. Having the talent to know how to mix ingredients, flavors and aromas; to venture with textures and techniques; to make the people we love happy through new recipes, is very stimulating. But let’s also be clear, when we cook out of obligation, the pleasure becomes a nightmare. Sometimes we even prefer to go hungry than to go into the kitchen! Is that your case tonight? We share with you some interesting suggestions for a dish that is always welcome. Check out these options of chicken fried rice near me.

Best Chicken Fried Rice Restaurants Near me in Miami

Chifa Du Kang menu / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

You’ve had one of those days when you just want to get home and throw yourself into bed or on the couch until the alarm clock wakes you up the next day, but you know that this desire will be frustrated because you have to cook for dinner and prepare the lunch you’ll take to work the next day? How many times a week is this your own story?

Well, today we want to tell you that in this scenario, there are several solutions. You can order food, spend it looking for it on the way home or you can go out to dinner and clear your mind a little. Whatever you choose, Chinese food is always a good option, as delicious as it is nutritious.

For approximately 200 grams of chicken fried rice we get about 15 grams of protein, 57 grams of carbohydrates, 7.5 grams of fat for a total of 345 calories, which represents almost a fifth of the total to be consumed daily. Not bad at all. Besides, if you like to experiment, there are many versions you can get if you are interested in fusion gastronomy.

So there is no turning back to pay a visit to the best restaurants serving chicken fried rice near me this week. Let’s take a look at our 6 favorite options in beautiful Miami.

Our Top 6 Chinese Restaurants in Miami

1.- Chifa Du Kang

Indisputably the best restaurant to eat chicken fried rice near me in Miami is Chifa Du Kang. We are experts in Chinese-Peruvian fusion food. We have no competition. We know how to mix the ingredients of these two renowned gastronomies to give it the touch of flavor that identifies Chifa dishes. And if you are looking for chicken fried rice, rest assured that ours has no competition. The unique touch given by the aji panca bell pepper, the pisco and the secrets of Peru is incredible.

Here you can sit and enjoy your plate of fried rice with some of the typical Peruvian drinks and desserts to make your visit to this place much more pleasant and exotic. We also have take out and delivery. We have two restaurants located on Kendall Drive and Bird Road.

2.- P.F.Chang’s

This restaurant can’t miss on this list. P.F.Chang’s is an expert in Asian food, so we can’t ignore it if we’re craving chicken fried rice near me to make family dinner special any day of the week. It provides table service and home delivery if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home.

3.- Hakkasan

It is an ideal place for a special evening if you like to get away from it all and you are very careful with your diet. The chicken used to prepare the fried rice at Hakkasan restaurant is organic! A very attractive proposal that is worth trying and having on hand to surprise on those occasions when you want to have a great outing. We recommend you to make your reservation in advance so you can be on the safe side.

4.- Ming Yuan

It is a simple and informal place that serves traditional Chinese food. They offer table service, take-out and delivery. Their chicken fried rice is succulent. Depending on the number of people who are going to eat, you can choose from their five portion presentations, or if you prefer, you can choose directly from the special family menu.

5.- Laureles

This is a restaurant that deserves its five stars when it comes to its cuisine and service. The place is small and simple, but cozy. You feel at home from the moment you enter. The service is fast and the kitchen is in full view of everyone. So you don’t get lost in the process of preparing that chicken fried rice dish you ordered to satisfy that craving.

6.- Panda Express

This restaurant chain has six locations in Miami, so it won’t be hard to order chicken fried rice near me at any of their locations. Panda offers a fusion cuisine of Chinese roots and American flavors, where fresh and crunchy ingredients are the protagonists. Dare to discover it!

Forget about tonight’s cooking with our delicious Chinese-Peruvian style fried rice

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Hang up your apron tonight and treat yourself to a different kind of fried rice at Chifa Du Kang restaurant. In Chinese-Peruvian cuisine, fried rice is known as chaufa and when we assure you that it is part of the gastronomic treasure that Peruvian cuisine has, we fall short.

These flavors are so unique and explosive that you won’t want to try them just once. You will become a regular!

In addition to arroz chaufa with chicken, we have five other presentations: with shrimp, beef, pork, vegetables and special.

You can eat our chaufa rice alone or with lomo saltado or wanton soup, other chifa delicacies that we bring to Miami to share with locals and tourists.

Want to prove why we claim to be the best chicken fried rice restaurant near me? Click here, locate our restaurants and come in today! You’ll leave wanting to come back soon.

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