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4 Best Chaufa Rice Near Me with authentic peruvian flavor

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Rice chaufa near me in Miami? That was your internet search today? Cuisine has that wonderful power to bring us closer in a matter of seconds to those flavours and memories that keep us tied to bits of land that are important to us, and in this case this dish is a direct trip to the world’s top gastronomic destination: Peru.

Chaufa rice is one of the most representative dishes that Peruvians eat (almost every day). This recipe is considered the jewel of Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, which emerged in Peru at the end of the 19th century, when the country received a large number of Chinese immigrants. Are you a fan of its explosive flavour or don’t you know it yet? Find out with this selection of restaurants in Miami.

But first, a necessary warning: if you read on, be sure that this selection will make you go out and eat arroz chaufa in the next 24 hours, your craving will be unstoppable! Do you accept the challenge?

Where to eat the best chaufa rice near me?

chinese fried rice vs peruvian arroz chaufa: chifa du kang chaufa rice

Eating chaufa rice near me in Miami is possible in chifa restaurants. Until recently this was a privilege that only Peruvians had. In the country there is no neighbourhood, city or small town where there is not a restaurant serving chifa food, that’s why it is so easy to taste these dishes several times a week, whenever you feel like it. Besides, every Peruvian family has its own chifa recipes. By the way, grannies make the best!

But being outside Peru it is not so easy, although this is changing every day. Chifa restaurants are experiencing a moment of prosperity outside the Peruvian borders and Miami has welcomed them with open arms with the same joy of a family member receiving a loved one.

This city is home to a large number of Latin and Asian people who welcome the opening of new spaces that bring them closer to the authentic flavours of their countries of origin, in this case China and Peru.

Chifa food mixes basic ingredients of Chinese cuisine such as ginger, soy sauce and chives, with Peruvian flavours mainly provided by aji amarillo, pisco and others.

Sitting down to taste chifa food is a way of getting closer to Peru. This rich and varied gastronomy has won important awards worldwide, and today there are more and more people who have the opportunity to taste and explore these flavours.

They sell chaufa rice near me?

The following list is dedicated to restaurants in Miami that serve authentic Peruvian food. So we suggest you include them in your stops to enjoy chaufa rice near me in Miami.

1.- Chifa Du Kang

Chinese shrimp fried rice from Chifa Du Kang / chaufa rice near me

The best place to enjoy the best chaufa rice in Miami! We serve authentic Chinese-Peruvian dishes. We have a family tradition of cross-cultural cuisine that goes back decades and started in Peru. Our menu features six presentations of chaufa rice (chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, vegan and special) as well as other typical chifa dishes, accompanied by Peruvian drinks and desserts. The perfect cocktail! Come with family or friends to our relaxed atmosphere.

We are located in Bird Road: 9899 SW 40th Street, Miami FL 33165, and Kendall: 11768 SW 88th Street, Miami FL 33186.

2. -La Mar de Gastón Acurio

Renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio promises a memorable dining experience here. Traditional Peruvian, Novo-Andean and fusion food is served here. It is an excellent choice for arroz chaufa near me in Miami. Here you can also eat other typical Peruvian dishes such as ceviche, leche de tigre, aji de gallina or causa limeña, with a contemporary twist.

La Mar Restaurant is located at 500 Brickell Key Dr Miami, FL 33131

3.- Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar

This restaurant serves delicious traditional and fusion Peruvian food. It stands out for its variety of options, fresh ingredients and excellent service. On their menu, of course, they serve arroz chaufa. Come here if you want a taste of authentic Peruvian food done in the traditional way.

Dr. Limón Ceviche Bar is located at 13766 SW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33158-1032

4.- Modern Peruvian Cuisine

The name says it all. Here you will find a varied menu of Peruvian food modernised and adapted to the palate of the people of Miami. It offers a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy authentic Peruvian flavors, with a touch of modernity, which they give us in each dish.

You can visit this restaurant at 261 SW 8St 33130 Brickell Miami.

Find the best chaufa rice near you in Chifa Du Kang?

chinese fried rice vs peruvian arroz chaufa: chifa du kang chaufa rice / chaufa rice near me

We are proud to say that at Chifa Du Kang we serve the best chaufa rice dishes you will find near me in Miami. For us, more than a family tradition, it is a pleasure to bring to the table of our diners that mix of unique and explosive flavors product of the fusion of Chinese and Peruvian cuisines.

Have you ever been to Peru and experienced the flavour of Chifa food there? If so, eating at Chifa Du Kang will be like coming face to face with our beautiful country.

And if you still don’t know these flavours, you will notice that our version of Chinese fried rice has something that makes it shine. We are sure that once you try it, you will be hooked and will make Chifa Du Kang one of your favourite places to enjoy chaufa rice in Miami.

And if you’re craving other chifa dishes, you can wander through those options as well. We serve the best wanton, fuchifu and pac pow soups, as well as lomo saltado, tipakay chicken, noodles, among other delicacies.

At Chifa Du Kang we are open all week long. We offer a family atmosphere where you can sit quietly and enjoy the flavours of our cuisine with good company.

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