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Cuban restaurants Bird Road: cuban food concept.

Bird Road’s Sabor Cubano: Unveiling the Best Cuban Restaurants in Town

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“Asere, qué bolá?”. If you live in Miami, whatever nationality you are, you have heard this greeting and you know what it means. Today, we want to talk about that culture that in South Florida is in every corner and that we love so much: the Cuban one. The people of the island are loud, colorful, loving, passionate, warm and with a presence that is impossible not to notice. All these characteristics are also present in their food. The powerful flavor, the aromas travel dozens of meters in a second… these recipes enter your mouth and it’s as if you felt the whole Caribbean with all its waves and all its power. Have you been provoked? Then let’s get down to business and start talking about cuban restaurants in Bird Road and nearby.

Why Bird Road? It’s our neighborhood, we like it, and we know that sometimes it’s hard to decide where to eat around here. Not because there are too few options, but precisely because there are too many.

Anyway, if you want Cuban food today, here is our list, deliciously curated and selected especially for palates that are not satisfied with just any taste.

Cuban restaurants Bird Road and nearby: Let’s go with our list of favorites

These Cuban restaurants on Bird Road all have 5 stars on Yelp, but that’s not the most important thing. The best thing is that we ourselves took on the arduous task ( you’re welcome) of visiting each and every one of them, trying several dishes from their menu and agreeing on the verdict (the work of writing for this blog can sometimes be very hard, but who are we to say no to the duties).

We don’t want to spoil it for you, but before we start we reiterate: no matter which one you choose to start with, everything here is tasty. Let’s get down to business:

1.- Kuba Cabana

An 11-minute drive from Bird Road, this Cuban restaurant located in Doral is a great discovery. Their food is excellent but not only that, as good Cubans, they also include cocktails, cigars, dancing and partying. Their happy hour is always an event and the Sunday brunch is a feast.

Their most requested dish is the meat with potatoes, croquettes, Kuba fried rice and masitas are also very popular.

Coming here is an experience, so don’t think it’s just an evening of eating.

2.- Caja caliente

Here we get into an interesting mix: tacos and Cuban, what could go wrong? This Latin restaurant makes us doubly happy on Bird Road because it has two nearby locations: one in Coral Gables and one in Wynwood.

Like many Latin businesses, this is a family restaurant. The Cuban tacos they prepare are loyals to the recipe of this family’s grandparents. They also make sandwiches, burritos, tamales, bowls and “discos voladores,” all in the Cuban style. It’s seriously a discovery worth making.

Their vaca frita tacos, stuffed avocado with “ropa vieja,” and octopus bowl are amazing.

3.- El Floridita Seafood Restaurant

Its name pays homage to that famous spot in Havana where Ernest Hemingway used to enjoy his daiquiris. This place on Bird Road, as its name suggests, is a Cuban seafood restaurant. Its specialties undeniably taste like the Caribbean, and there’s nothing on its menu that won’t make your mouth water.

Translate to English: el lugar tiene 20 años de historia, sus recetas son familiares, y entre sus platillos más populares están el coctel de langosta, las albóndigas de pescado, el enchilado de cangrego y los tostones con camarones. Te sentirás en Varadero!

The place has 20 years of history, its recipes are family ones, and among its most popular dishes are the lobster cocktail, fish meatballs, crab enchilado, and tostones with shrimp. You’ll feel like you’re in Varadero!

4.- Café Versailles

This is one of the most traditional Cuban places in Miami. They serve all the deliciousness that comes from the island, and their specialty is Cuban sandwiches, which have been famous since the place opened in 1971. It’s located just an 8-minute drive from Bird Road.

What to eat here? It’s impossible to decide for you because everything is delicious. By the way, the dishes are very well-provided and abundant, keep that in mind. We recommend, of course, the Cuban sandwich, as well as the arroz con pollo, yuca croquettes, and picadillo a la cubana (Ground Beef Cooked with Onions, Bell Peppers, Raisins, Olives, Wine and a Light Tomato Sauce Served with White Rice, Black Beans and Sweet Plantains). This is a place to become a regular.

Craving Latin flavors? We recommend you to try chifa food

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Cuban food is amazing. Hopefully you can visit all the places we have recommended and select your favorite. And after undertaking that project, we now entrust you with an additional task: discovering chifa food.

It is an exotic Latin American fusion cuisine: Chinese-Peruvian food. Chifa food mixes traditional Chinese recipes and its essential wok cooking technique with unquestionably Peruvian flavors such as aji panca, pisco, local meats and more.

At Bird Road you can try these dishes and we’ll tell you where.

Discover chifa food in Chifa Du Kang

kendall chinese restaurant: chicken from Chifa Du Kang

In our restaurant you can discover chaufa rice, the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice, in seven amazing presentations (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, vegetables, special and the most spectacular and Peruvian of all, the Airport, full of ingredients and topped with a fried egg).

Also the juicy lomo saltado (tenderloin sautéed in water with red onion, tomato, paprika, soy sauce and more), wanta soup, which cures any ailment of the body and / or soul, among other dishes.

Come today alone or with company, and enjoy a meal that will really fill your belly and heart.

We are located on Bird Road, we have a nice informal dining room, as well as delivery and pick up service.

Click here and start the chifa experience now.

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