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uruguayan restaurant miami: Hot grilled spare ribs with barbecue sauce with fire .

Uruguay’s Foodie Utopia: 3 Best Uruguayan Restaurants in Miami

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We had a new craving for meat but we didn’t want to keep trying the usual BBQ. We knew that this blog still had a lot of gastronomies to try, so we decided to venture into a type of carnivorous food that we had never tried before, and what a great idea it was! We did our respective tour, we were happy and today we share with you the verdict. Welcome to our new Top 3: Uruguayan Restaurant Miami.

Maybe you make the mistake of thinking that the Uruguayan asado is the same as the Argentinean or Brazilian asado, with that characteristic gaucho touch. But nothing like that! While the regional brand is of course present, and proudly so, this experience blew our minds and left us in awe. Start reading and we will explain everything.

Top 3: Uruguayan Restaurant Miami: First of all, what to expect

As you can guess, the main thing in Uruguayan food is meat. In this small South American country of only about 3 million inhabitants, they often joke about a fact that is true: there are more heads of cattle than people in its territory.

Let’s take a look at this brief list of dishes:

  • Asado: It is not grilled over charcoal, but over firewood, and on a traditional Uruguayan grill. This asado usually includes only the beef ribs and is marinated with salt and pepper only, allowing the meat to express all its flavor. It is accompanied with chimichurri sauce.
  • Chivito: One of the most famous sandwiches in Latin America. It consists of tomato, lettuce, thin slices of beef milanesa, egg, thick slices of mozzarella cheese, ham, mayonnaise, a little oil and salt to taste.
  • Capelis a la Caruso: Uruguayan food has a strong Italian influence and this is the most popular dish of that subgenre. The sauce is made of a combination of onion, mushrooms, ham, cheese, cream and meat, and together with the pasta (which also has meat) they form an exquisite dish.

Let’s start with the tour to the best Restaurante Uruguayo en Miami

1.- Los Gauchitos Miami

This is a small informal restaurant with delicacies not only Uruguayan but also Argentinean and Venezuelan, and as a plus they are a pizzeria. They have their own dining room and a mini-market area with local products from these three countries. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers delivery service.

From their menu we highlight the Parrilla El Gauchito, which includes 2 strips of asado, picana, entrana, vacio, chicken breast, 1 chorizo, 1 blood sausage, sweetbreads, chinchulin and grilled sausage. Also the chivito. We had a pizza tasting and our favorite was the chorizo.

2.- Gauchitos Steakhouse

From here we noticed that the portions are extremely abundant, and that’s a good thing, because the food is so delicious that you don’t want it to run out. It is located in Biscayne Bay.

It is difficult to choose our favorites from their menu. We had a feast trying everything. If this is your first time with Uruguayan food, you might want to start with Ribeye Steak and some gaucho sausages. The place has its own empanadas, homemade pasta and also a good selection of seafood dishes. Of the pastas, the most delicious for us was the gnocchi with shrimp.

Here you can have a Uruguayan or Argentinean wine. We suggest you try the Navarro Correas malbec.

3.- Doña Paulina

This is one of those little places with exquisite taste and family atmosphere. Its specialty is meat and pasta. It is located on Bird Road.

They have a wide selection of Uruguayan wines, that captivated us. Among the most outstanding are Garzon, Altos de la BALLENA, Tannat and others.

From their menu it is unanimous that our favorite was the Asado de Tira. We also liked the milanesa and the parrillada latina. There is even a children’s menu and a selection of Uruguayan desserts to enjoy. We tried the Cortadito and loved it.

Looking for other types of meat with an explosive Latin flavor? Have you tried chifa food?

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Urguayan food is incredible and these three places honor their locality with dignity. Hopefully you can visit them all.

And when you have a craving for meat again but don’t want the same old BBQ, we invite you to try the chifa dishes. This Peruvian gastronomic subgenre is fused with Chinese food and has some incredible wok meat recipes, in different presentations.

Lomo saltado is almost a Peruvian signature dish and its flavor is unforgettable. You can also try beef with Chinese beans, roast pork or tipakay chicken with its characteristic sweet and sour taste.

Chifa food was for generations a well-kept gastronomic secret in Peru but fortunately in these times of globalization it is starting to be known all over the world and Miami is obviously one of its first stops.

Where to eat chifa food in Miami? Chifa Du Kang is your place

We are located on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. Our menu is based on authentic chifa family recipes that have been fine tuned and have already traveled three continents.

If your craving is for meat, our lomo saltado will make you rave, and of course you can’t miss our chaufa rice and wantan soup. You won’t believe the flavor!

We have an informal atmosphere ideal for you to come with family or friends, and if you prefer to stay at home, we’ll bring your order to you.

Enter our website, check out our menu and see how your mouth starts to water. We are waiting for you today!

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