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Elevate Your palate with this 4 Best restaurants in Kendall Square

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Kendall Square is like a little babel – there are so many cultures together! Miami is a city that brings congregates communities from five continents, and this little piece is the perfect example of that. One of the many fortunate consequences of this international mix is the gastronomic diversity. Traveling through the palate is one of the safest and most delicious ways to get to know other parts of the world, and here we have that opportunity at our fingertips. Today we want to give you a little taste of this with our curated list “4 best restaurants Kendall Square”.

First of all, we warn you that this list will make you want to get ready to go out to one of these special places. And if that’s what your body is asking for, why say no? Let’s get started!

Our curated list: 4 Best restaurants in Kendall Square

If you find yourself in Kendall Square or the surrounding area and are looking for something to eat, this guide has been made especially for you with data from foodie sites, diner reviews and other opinions on the best restaurants to give your taste buds a treat. Let’s go.

Pisco and Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

If you are looking for a unique and different taste, then you must give Peruvian gastronomy a chance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already tried it, it’s never enough and in this restaurant you’ll find a modern twist to the traditional cuisine of this Latin culture. The menu is inspired by the main ceviche restaurants in Peru, which is why they offer dishes with bold flavors, unique cocktails and a wide variety of local and international beers.

Some of the culinary proposals that visitors to Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar recommend the most, beyond its delicious ceviche, are the tostones with crab and its chicken causa. Among its drinks you will find the famous pisco de chicha morada and other local and international options.

The restaurant is located in The Palms at Town & Country, in Miami’s Kendall neighborhood, and stands out for its personality and ambiance. The vibrant bar overlooking the open kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a drink, socialize and sample the excellent ceviche. Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar is ideal for brunch, lunch, dinner or happy hour.

Likewise, if you are looking for a place to celebrate an event, this restaurant is an excellent option. They offer private dining options, so you can plan your next event with them.

Chifa Du Kang

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Did you ever thought that two millenary cultures from two ends of the world could meet in the same dish? In Chifa Du Kang it is a reality. We offer a unique fusion of Chinese food with native ingredients of Peruvian gastronomy that give it an unparalleled flavor. Many consider this food the best kept gastronomic jewel of Peru.

Among our most tasted and recommended dishes are the chaufa de Camarones and the Kamlú Wantán, which consists of sweet and sour shrimp, chicken, pork, quail eggs with fried golden wontons. Likewise, our service is meticulous and reflects our Peruvian cultural values of closeness and warmth.

It is worth mentioning that the history of our restaurant began with Jingquan Du, the creator of Chifa Du Kang. This businessman traveled to Peru when he was very young in the late 1980s and soon after opened his first restaurant in the Central Market area of Lima.

From Peru he decided to move to Miami with his wife and children to found Chifa Du Kang, bringing to this new land this genre of fusion cuisine so beloved in Peru. Our mission at Chifa Du Kang is to make known emblematic dishes of Chifa food, such as arroz chaufa, which has already become a favorite among its diners, and lomo saltado, which also has a special place among the palates of Kendall, among others.

We are located on Kendall Drive and also has an establishment on Bird Road. We have the best casual atmosphere in town and we have delivery and take out.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Some decisions don’t have to be so hard. If you’re in the mood for classic Italian food, this restaurant has been building its own culinary brand for a few decades now. Its pizza, cooked in an 800-degree oven, provides a ‘well-done’ taste that has become the best calling card for this place that also has a wide variety of options.

Diners usually arrive attracted by the recommendations of their pizzas and many times they stay for their other dishes such as their meatballs, chicken wings, among others. From the restaurant they assure that the focus to achieve the culinary status they have reached is in fresh ingredients and authentic recipes.

Anthony’s unique menu includes traditional and specialty pizzas with dough prepared daily and stretched to order; fresh chicken wings roasted in a charcoal oven; great homemade meatballs from a recipe passed down from Anthony’s grandmother; a classic Italian salad with original dressing; and Eggplant Marino. Likewise it is worth mentioning that Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza was voted Best Pizza, Best Wings and Best Meatballs in 2015.

Patacon Pisao

Kendall is known for its Latino communities such as the Colombian, and of course, in this list could not miss a restaurant that represents it. In such sense we mention Patacon Pisao, a family restaurant that offers the best traditional recipes, passed down from generation to generation, along with every secret that makes them unique to Colombia.

The founders of this restaurant have dedicated themselves to preserve the history and culinary culture of the region of Popayan and Valle del Cauca in Colombia. That is why visitors will find the famous bandeja paisa, arepas, natural juices and other flavors of Colombian culture.

Likewise, the restaurant assures that they present the fundamental dishes of the Caribbean, Pacific and Andean regions of Colombia, with the aim of bringing customers the authentic culinary experience of this country. All this accompanied by an attention that they are always concerned about improving to offer a pleasant atmosphere to visitors.

Ready for a different dining experience? Then we are waiting for you at Chifa Du Kang

Fried rice delivery near me: arroz chaufa from Chifa Du Kang

If you really want to give your palate a treat and try something different, your place today is Chifa Du Kang. Our fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food will make you obsessed.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Good thing, because we’re in Kendall, so we’re close to you.

If you are with your family, friends or a special person, here you will find the best atmosphere with a pleasant service that will make you feel that you made the right decision. Or, if the plan is to stay at home, we also offer delivery and take out.

Click here and start getting excited with our menu. Come today!

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