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Embrace Your Inner Peruvian Foodie: 5 Best restaurants near Bird Road

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Not even the ruthless Decepticons are an obstacle when it comes to enjoying the delicious dishes of Peruvian cuisine. Transformers stars Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback, who play Noah Diaz and Elena Wallace, revealed in an interview with a peruvian newspaper that they were amazed by Peruvian food during the filming of ‘Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts’. You don’t have to star in the next installment of the movie to delight in Peruvian food. Near Bird Road, you can find delicious Peruvian restaurants that will satisfy that beastly hunger you feel awakening inside you.

5 best peruvian restaurants in Bird Road

1.El Chalan Restaurant

Lunchtime in Peru is a gastronomic experience in itself that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. The Chalan Peruvian restaurant’s menu is a true homage to this special time of the day, allowing you to experience it for yourself if you are looking for peruvian restaurants near Bird Road.

The favorite dish of those who have tried their varied menu is the Lomo Saltado, which rekindles your passion for life with its juicy meat and the contrast of oriental and Peruvian flavors. In the middle of the week, Peruvians crave something more traditional, and the Ají de Gallina is that homemade dish that you will also find on the menu of this peruvian restaurant near Bird Road. Like everyone else, you’ll surrender to its creaminess and spicy flavor with just the right touch of heat.

And to close the week, you can’t miss the seafood at lunch. The crunchy Jalea Mixta and the fresh Ceviche Restaurant will recharge you with energy and good spirits. At Chalan Restaurant, your week of lunches will be complete, peruvian style.

2.Chifa Du Kang

At Chifa Du Kang, a peruvian restaurant on Bird Road, we bring the Chinese-Peruvian gastronomic heritage to your table.

Each dish will allow you to discover an aspect of Peruvian gastronomy that only a lucky few know. We cook our dishes in the authentic peruvian chifa style, which captivates the palate with a creative blend of oriental and Peruvian flavors. In our chifa, the secret of its irresistible flavor lies in the fire of the wok cooking technique, which is masterfully mastered by our chifa masters. By adjusting the intensity and rhythm of the flame, we manage to create a perfect harmony in emblematic dishes such as Chaufa Rice and Tipakay Chicken, perfectly balancing flavor and cooking, which leave a pleasant aftertaste in every bite. These dishes are very abundant, so traditionally in Peru one usually visits a chifa as a family. In Chifa Du Kang, you will enjoy a family atmosphere where the fusion of two gastronomies unite people and forge new traditions in family.

3.Taipa Peruvian Restaurant

This peruvian restaurant on Bird Road, which started as a foodtruck in 2012, does justice to its name “Taipa” , a peruvian slang meaning “well served”. If you visit on your lunch hour or for a dinner, be sure to have eaten lightly beforehand.

Taipa’s menu reflects the most popular dishes of peruvian food, divided into two main categories: traditional food and seafood. After enjoying the comforting homemade flavor of Seco de Res, you can delight in the freshness of the sea reinterpreted with Peruvian seasoning.

Among the various seafood options they serve, the Trio Marino stands out, a dish that combines the crunchiness of the Jalea, with the forcefulness of the Arroz con Mariscos and the invigorating Ceviche. Every bite will transport you to the Peruvian coasts, where fresh ingredients and notes of marine flavor combine in an unparalleled culinary experience. If you want to understand the gastronomic diversity of Peru, visit this Peruvian restaurant near Bird Road.

4.Aromas of Peru

Aromas del Peru is a peruvian restaurant near Bird Road that keeps its roots intact in every dish on its menu, from traditional creole food to culinary innovations that respect the classics.

To eat there is to embark on a gastronomic journey in which each dish takes you by the hand to the richness and culinary diversity of the Peruvian Coast, Highlands and Jungle. If you explore the seafood section, you will discover authentic treasures such as the Ceviche Achorado, a refreshing Leche de Tigre with a touch of spiciness that can completely revive you. The gastronomic journey continues in its Wok section, where your taste buds will discover the most oriental side of Peruvian cuisine. You will feel how the multicultural beauty of Peru makes your senses throb when tasting a delicious Chaufa Rice or Lomo Saltado, both born from the fusion of Peruvian and Chinese flavors and techniques. At Aromas del Peru, all delicacies are prepared with the freshest ingredients, releasing a vibrant flavor that only Peruvian seasoning can achieve.

5. El Chaman Peruvian Restaurant

For the Incas, the most powerful man was the chaman. This individual possessed mystical gifts and powers that guided the Incas in their culture, way of life and also in their diet. The restaurant El Chaman, honors, with its name and purpose, the mythical character of Inca spirituality by turning the offerings of the Pacha Mama (The Earth) into delicious dishes and guiding diners who roam near Bird Road to find food that enriches their souls.

The gastro-spiritual experience begins with its mystical menu of Peruvian food. Traditional dishes like the fresh Causa Limeña will enchant you with its characteristic mix of spiciness and acidity, with soft potatoes melting in your mouth that will make you feel on cloud nine with every bite.

El Chaman, one of the best peruvian restaurants near Bird Road continues its mission to bring you gastronomic offerings for the soul with its Ceviche Chaman, a seafood dish that with its mixture of seafood and corn from Cusco makes mealtime a true ritual. You also have other delicacies that bewitch the heart, its Parihuela which is a seafood soup, will fill your soul with warmth with its comforting marine flavors and pleasant temperature. And if you feel confused about your purpose in life, their exquisite Lomo Saltado Especial and Tallarin Verde con Churrasco, with its soul-awakening flavor will reveal to you the right path, which has always been within you.

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Discover the best kept secret of peruvian gastronomy enjoying our mouth-watering dishes that fuse millenary chinese cuisine with peruvian flavors. Get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds on your plate at Bird Road.

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