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Mexican Restaurants Kendall: Mexican Food

Flavor & Fiesta: 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Kendall FL

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If we have to choose a cuisine that truly resembles a party in your mouth, it would have to be Mexican. The combination of flavors, textures, ingredients, the imperative presence of spiciness, the colors, aromas and, in short, the whole torrent of sensory characteristics that make Mexican food unique, cannot be better described than the explosion of a great piñata. If you are in Miami and today you are provoked by some of this, in this article we share with you our list of “Mexican Restaurants Kendall”.

Mexican food has a strong presence in the United States and South Florida has some of its best restaurants. Here we share with you some of the ones we are obsessed with.

But be warned, if you weren’t hungry, this list will wake you up.

5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Kendall FL

Mexican Restaurants Kendall: tacos

In this list we put in your hands Mexican restaurants in Kendall that have been very well rated, but beyond those cold statistics, they are places that we love. We have added details that we think might be of interest to you when choosing dishes. Let’s start this taste tour:

Tacos and Tattoos

If you live in Kendall or are just passing through and want to give your taste buds a Mexican treat, you should probably try Tacos y Tattoos. This restaurant offers a culinary experience that fuses a variety of flavors and styles from different cultures into a single menu inspired by traditional Mexican food.

It is a family business that has grown in its culinary proposal thanks to its founder’s travels around the world and has incorporated techniques and ingredients from those adventures in their recipes. In this way they have managed to create an explosion of delicious flavors difficult to find elsewhere.

Those who have attended this restaurant value it for the attention they receive from the first moment they enter. In this sense, at the time of choosing, diners are always recommended to review the menu, because it is very varied and provocative.

Among this culinary diversity, many approve and recommend the chips with sauces as a starter, followed by the delicious and widely suggested fish tacos, as well as the chicken wings.

La Diosa Taqueria

When it comes to Mexican food, one of the restaurants you must visit is La Diosa Taqueria. The food is always fresh and very delicious, with a wide variety of dishes that evoke the authentic Mexican culture and its culinary nuances through its flavorful dishes.

Among the most recommended dishes have been the carne asada tacos, the tomato and avocado salad, as well as other proposals for tacos with fish and shrimp. The drink menu is also varied, among the most suggested are their famous margaritas.

The staff also offers a pleasant experience, with a friendly treatment at all times as well as a fast service to place the ordered dishes on the table. To get to this authentic Mexican jewel you must get to SW 8th street in Miami, it is a small place but with a very nice decoration.

El Rancho Grande

This is a family business that promises the most demanding palates a culinary experience of authentic Mexican food. At the same time they have a decoration that is a display of colors, ceramic tables that take you to the culture of this country, from Chihuahua to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Among the most requested dishes are their unique tortilla soup, their chips with guacamole that give an explosion of flavors to your mouth and their tacos al pastor. Among the drinks they offer are margaritas and beers, although they have a wide variety of options.

The variety of their dishes also shows the capacity to adapt to the events that diners want to develop in this restaurant, which can range from a simple family meal, or with friends, to a business lunch, or outdoor meetings.

El Rancho Grande has been operating in Miami since 1992 and a few years ago it was installed in Kendell, FL. Since then it has become a favorite among locals, both for its restaurant and catering services.

Taco Rico

Taco Rico has become an authentic dining experience for Miami residents since 1992, since then they have been dedicated to protecting those same values that made their first restaurant a staple among local dining options. These values include fresh, homemade Tex-Mex cuisine, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and customer service that aims to treat every visitor as if they were a member of the family.

As such, each diner upon arrival receives a complimentary basket of chips that can be enjoyed with a variety of homemade salsas available at the restaurant’s salsa bar. A good option to start tasting and prepare the palate for the flavors to come.

If there is one thing Taco Rico prides itself on, it is its cozy dining room that has been a favorite of generations of families. In the same way, diners highlight their large portions in each dish, as well as their tacos and sauces.

It is worth mentioning that over a span of 14 years, Taco Rico grew in tandem with the growing demand for Tex-Mex restaurants, which forced them to open more locations in South Beach in 2006, Pinecrest in 2008, Doral in 2011 and Bird Road in 2014. In 2015 they awarded the first franchise for the business, resulting in the opening of the first franchise unit in Kendall, followed by Brickell and Cutler Bay.

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

One of the restaurants widely known for its Mexican food is Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. Its visitors highlight it for its famous burrito bowl, as well as the beef fajitas with a flavor that will make you want to try more and its rich tacos.

On the other hand, dessert lovers also praise the generous portion of key lime pie served by the waiters. In this place you will also find a wide variety of drinks, including their margaritas, beers and delicious wines. American coffee lovers can also enjoy this hot beverage.

As the fiesta of flavor is not limited to one place, this restaurant also offers take-out options if you want to bring your passion for Mexican food to your home, office or any other place you prefer. Customer service is a point that can not be left aside, because they always aim to make each of their guests feel special.

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