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From Ramen to Tteokbokki: 5 Best Korean Restaurants in Doral FL

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Everything Korean is in fashion and no wonder. Kpop, BTS, movies, series, makeup, The Squid Game… this wonderful culture is luring the world and when it goes to gastronomy it couldn’t be different. Fortunately we live in Miami and we have the opportunity to find all kinds of places to eat in every neighborhood. That’s why, and because we love k-fever, today we will share with you our Top 4: Best Korean Restaurant Doral.

Top 4: Best Korean Restaurant Doral and nearby

Keep this list well because it will help you kill your craving for Asian food whenever it arises. If today you are craving for Kimchi or a good Tteokbokki, read on and plan your evening.

1.- Sushi Cafe & Shilla Korean BBQ

This place prides itself on being Pan-Asian rather than Korean, so apart from serving K-delicacies, it also offers Chinese, Thai, Japanese dishes, among others. Its history dates back to 20 years ago, and today they have the great merit of having been evolving, growing and innovating.

From the menu we really liked the Salmon Hibachi, the Beef Katsu and the special ramen with chicken and shrimp. The atmosphere is very pleasant.

2.- Sesame Asian Cuisine

This place is also in the pan-Asian food vibe. The restaurant is a marvel, its elegant ambiance makes the visit an experience. The menu is very extensive and on weekends they don’t skimp on flavors with a brunch from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm where you can really feast.

Something we really recommend here is the Korean sizziling stone rice (Korean style rice served in a hot stone bowl with short ribs, beans sprout, pickled radish and sweet Korean chili sauce).

You will leave this place with a smile on your face.

3.- KOW Restaurant, Kitchen of the world

This place is truly amazing. There is food from 5 continents, and obviously within the Asian menu you can find delicious Korean dishes. They also have a very good selection of ramen.

We also gave a 10 for the wok crunchy shrimp served with Avocado and Fresh Herbs (Sweet and Spicy Wok-Glazed Crunchy Shrimp served with Avocado and Fresh Herbs).

If you visit this place with a group that doesn’t share your Asian craving, no problem because they also have American, African and European menus.

4.- Red Shallot Restaurant

We end our Top 4: Best Korean Restaurant Doral with this Asian fusion place where Korean food shares the menu along with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and more.

Here the best thing is the aroma that welcomes you. What do we recommend? We loved the Gyudon Beef Bowl (A dashi and soy based sauce slowly cooked with thinly sliced beef and onions), the Porkatarian Delight (Slow cooked pork belly, soft and tender) and the House Fried Rice (Combinati on of shrimp, chicken, pork and veggie).

5.- Cote Miami

This restaurant closes our Best Korean Restaurant Doral list, and the reason why it is last is only because it is not exactly in Doral, but about 17 minutes away by car, in Miami’s Design District. It is a spectacular place! and its food is so good that it has a Michelin star.

Their specialty is Korean-style meat, but they also have an American bbq menu. Their chef David Shim has been in charge of making the perfect intercultural mix. As a fact of interest we can tell you that this place, which is a replica of Cote de New York, is one of only two restaurants in the United States to have Michelin stars in different cities.

From the menu we cannot fail to mention the Omakase Steak, a house dish that is a complete experience, and the Miyazaki Prefecture (Ribeye). Of course, this is not a place to just go on a craving last night, it is a restaurant to really enjoy a special time.

Looking for more oriental food options? Already know the chifa gastronomy?

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Again, if Asian food is what you’re craving today, this list will help you a lot. And if Korean is not exactly what you are looking for, we invite you to discover chifa food. What we’re talking about here is the spectacular Peruvian-Chinese mix that, like k-pop, is taking the world by storm.

Chifa food emerged in Peru in the 19th century with the first wave of Chinese migration to the country. This crossbreeding set the table for two millenary gastronomies to come together in perfect harmony. Thus, very Peruvian flavors such as yellow chili bell pepper landed in fried rice, wok-fried seafood, and more.

And although chifa food has since become very popular in Peru, it has not gained international recognition. Until today. Nowadays, chifa restaurateurs with tradition have taken on the task of making Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret known to the world, and obviously Miami, this wonderful cosmopolitan city, had to be one of the first destinations.

Where do I eat chifa in Miami? At Chifa Du Kang, of course.

At Chifa Du Kang we work with a guarantee that makes us invincible: family recipes from several generations ago. We started with chifa restaurants in Peru in the 80’s, and today we have moved to Miami because we want to shout this delicious secret to the world.

In our restaurants we recommend you to try one of our 7 versions of chaufa rice (shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, special, vegetarian or airport style), the incredible lomo saltado or a delicious wantan soup. This accompanied by Peruvian desserts and drinks.

We are located on Bird Road and Kendall Drive. We have a casual atmosphere ideal for you to come with family, friends or that special someone. Can you think of a better plan to kill your craving?

Click here, take a look at our menu and let yourself be captivated by this experience.

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