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Best Kendall restaurants: woman take a picture of their food

Gastronomic Delights: 4 Best Kendall Restaurants for foodies

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What does a foodie look for in a restaurant? We are not talking about just any eater, but one of those who have turned their passion for food into a way of life. For a foodie, a meal is much more than a necessity, it’s an experience. That’s why any place where they decide to stop for a snack or sit down to an important dinner must meet strict standards. If you consider yourself a foodie and you’re in Kendall, today we wanted to share with you our “Best Kendall Restaurants” list.

A true foodie is not only looking for extraordinary flavors and aromas. He is also obsessed with everything behind it: fresh ingredients, breakthrough culinary techniques, presentations worthy of a work of art, colors that delight the eye and whet the appetite, comfort and warm attention. It all adds up.

Will these 4 restaurants pass your expert dining test? Let’s see.

4 Best Kendall Restaurants for foodies

We will show you the best restaurants in Kendall, suitable for foodies. But, if what you want is a delivery, or to develop a family or business event, these spots may also be ideal for you. Dare to try the following proposals:

Chifa Du Kang

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We begin this list with our restaurant. At Chifa Du Kang we serve chifa food, that is, dishes from the gastronomic fusion that unites two apparently very distant worlds: China and Peru.

Chifa food emerged in Peru in the 19th century with the first wave of Chinese migration. Its popularity quickly rose to become one of the most popular gastronomic genres in the country. But unlike ceviche or other world-famous Peruvian dishes, until recently Chifa food was totally unknown outside Peru.

At Chifa Du Kang we have become obsessed with making Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret known in the United States, and we started in South Florida. We have two restaurants in Miami, one on Kendall Drive and the other on Bird Road.

Among our most popular dishes are our seven varieties of chaufa rice (the Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice), Kam Lu Wantan, chijaukay chicken and lomo saltado. The latter is almost a country brand. It is a delicious tenderloin sautéed in a wok with vegetables such as red onion and paprika, soy sauce and other ingredients. It has a juicy texture and a really powerful flavor.

Chifa food is amazing and our restaurants turn those flavors into an experience. If you are a foodie, you will not only love to come and try our recipes, but you will want to keep repeating. That’s a fact.

Cantina Catrina

In this Mexican restaurant you will find a culinary proposal that prides itself on having a traditional and modern Mexican cuisine, which was developed with imported materials with the goal of offering the original flavors of Mexico. They also boast a variety of cocktails that have been elaborated with 100% distilled agave.

It is necessary to point out that all this culinary space is not only focused on its dishes, those who enter notice from the beginning how colorful it is, as the intention is to transport its customers to a holiday of the Day of the Dead. This is how you will find artwork and murals throughout the business referring to skulls.

Among the dishes available here are the traditional nachos, a delicious fresh ceviche, the famous flautas made of rolled and then fried tortillas, which in turn are filled with a tasty chicken. They also offer street tacos, enchiladas and much more.

From the restaurant they assure that their dishes are served as they are prepared in the kitchen, with this they seek to ensure that their flavor and freshness is preserved. They also consider that the atmosphere they offer gives an ” instagram-able” moment with flashy signs and walls completely decorated by graffiti artists. Dare to live this Mexican experience in Miami.

Inari Sushi Fusion

This is another restaurant that fuses Asian and Latin food. This time it is Japanese with Peruvian, a proposal that the founder of this business, Pedro Gónzalez, has perfected over time to create a unique gastronomic proposal.

One of the great attractions of this proposal in our Best Kendall Restaurants list is in the presentation of Inari’s specialty, which is sushi. Its differentiating proposal is found in larger than average rolls and a wide variety of options with up to 32 roles to choose from.

Among its highlights are the Laura, dragon and fox rolls, in addition to another one that, in the same restaurant, they have named as CrossFit roll because it is suitable for diets and people who take care of what they are eating.

Among other notable dishes are the coconut ceviche, honoring Peruvian food served in a split coconut. There are also the delicious shrimp with crispy potatoes and tuna and lobster guacamole. If you want to eat here, you can go to Kendall, or to their branch in West Kendall and see for yourself if it was worth it.

Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

Fresh ingredients is one of the great attractions of this restaurant that, to achieve it, they assure to squeeze more than 6,000 lemons a week. As its name suggests, they offer ceviche, as well as other delicious proposals of Peruvian gastronomy, where the founders of this business come from.

Likewise, the name Dr. Limón also refers to the experience that diners will live when entering the restaurant, because as if it were a visit to a doctor’s office specializing in gastronomy, consumers will find dishes with medical terms so they can treat and improve themselves with every bite.

Among the menu highlights are the crab tostones (fried green plantains topped with crab salad), you will also find the sea jelly (crispy seafood with cassava and tartar sauce) and one of the house favorites is the Dr. Tokyo (tuna, pineapple and hot bell pepper served in a bowl of fried wonton).

Are you a foodie looking for new experiences in Kendall? Chifa Du Kang is your place

chinese rice noodles near me / noodles from Chifa Du Kang

At Chifa Du Kang we have everything to make you want to come: exceptional, delicious food with a great story behind it, a very nice place with attentive service and, in general, a culinary journey that will take you into a whole new experience.

You can come alone, with friends or family, or even on a date with that special someone you want to surprise with something different.

What to order? Our menu has something for everyone: seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, we adapt to your preferences!

Click here, carefully review the menu and get ready to visit us. It is a fact that this exotic combination of flavors will make you happy. Are you coming today?

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