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Masala Magic: 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Miami

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In this article we would like to introduce you to our new list of 5 Best Indian Restaurants Miami. Why? Because Indian cuisine is spectacular and fortunately in our beautiful city there are many ways to dive into its arms.

Indian cuisine, recognized worldwide, is an art that combines a rich variety of spices, fresh ingredients and traditional techniques to create unique and captivating dishes. In Miami, a growing community of Indian chefs has established restaurants where diners can indulge in authentic recipes without traveling thousands of miles.

5 Best Indian Restaurants Miami: our curated list

Whether you’re looking for a culinary experience full of spicy and intense flavors, or prefer softer, more delicate options, Indian restaurants in Miami have something for every palate. From classic curry dishes to delicious samosas and aromatic biryanis, every bite is an explosion of flavors and an invitation to explore the culinary traditions of India. So let’s digress and get started.

1.- Bombay Darbar

We open our 5 Best Indian Restaurants Miami list with this restaurant because it is the complete package: wonderful food, first class service and a place that is a dream. It is a complete experience and if you live in Miami or are visiting you should not miss it.

The place is located in Coconut Grove. We went and this is what we ordered: we started with a typical Indian yougurt based drink that we love, the Mago Lassi. We had vegetable samosa, dal soup, chicken tikka masala and for dessert pistachio kulfi.

EVERYTHING was delicious. We also had a small tasting of their basmati rice and came away in love.

2.- Zaika Indian Cuisine

This is one of those little places that at first glance seem simple but are actually a jewel. When you enter, its aromas are fantastic and it already shows what you will be tasting soon after.

Their food is a mix of traditional Indian food and modern touches that suit the palate of the American public. Its letter of introduction is its chefs, who come from working at the modern Taj Mahal hotel in India.

As for what to eat here, there are many options. If you ask us, we are obsessed with the Lamb Chop Masala and we also recommend the Malai Kabab.

3.- Ghee Indian Kitchen

Obviously this place would be on our list. Imagine the deliciousness of their Michelin-starred menu.

It’s a beautiful place, with an open kitchen and a display of spices that testify to the wide variety of flavors of Indian gastronomy. Being in their dining room is in itself a journey. This is a place to which we will undoubtedly always want to return.

About their dishes, we recommend all of them but we tell you what we ate when we visited: Turmeric Marinated Fish Curry GF, Seed Nanaan and Chutney Platter.

It is located in Dowtown Dadeland.

4.- Urban Rrasoi – Kendall

TripAdvisors users give this place, located in Kendall, 5/5 stars. The food is really fantastic and the portions are very generous. It is one of those little places that at first blush doesn’t live up to what they serve and their warm service, but believe me you won’t be disappointed.

It is a family business, so naturally they offer homemade recipes perfected by generations and adapted to the palate of the Miami public.

We really liked their Chana Masala, as well as their classic goat curry. As a good Indian restaurant, they have an extensive vegan menu and also offer delivery and take out service.

5.- Ashoka Indian Restaurant Miami

We close our 5 Best Indian Restaurants Miami list with this restaurant, which is also a place that makes you travel just by entering its dining room. The aromas and decoration immediately place you in India, it is really fabulous.

And something incredible, it is not only a restaurant but also an Indian market where you can buy products from this wonderful country to enjoy at home.

About their menu, we highlight their Indian Street Food section, for us the most interesting to explore, with dishes like Samosa Chaat, Chole Bhature and Pav Bhaji.

Looking for really intense flavors? Add chifa cuisine to your bucket list

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If you are a foodie and your obsession is intense flavors, another gastronomy you should include in your bucket list is chifa. What we are talking about here is Peruvian-Chinese fusion cuisine.

Many say that it is Peru’s best kept gastronomic secret because, although Peruvian food is known worldwide (who hasn’t tried ceviche?), chifa food until now was only popular within our country. Fortunately, secrecy is being left behind and now chifa restaurants are opening all over the world that are spreading the word about this incredible menu.

Chifa food mixes oriental cooking techniques with wok and high heat, with typical Andean flavors such as aji amarillo and pisco. Among its dishes are chaufa rice (Peruvian version of Chinese fried rice), lomo saltado, tipakay chicken and noodles with shrimp.

And another piece of good news: in Miami is located the perfect place to get started in these intense flavors. We are talking about Chifa Du Kang.

Discover Miami’s most explosive fusion cuisine at Chifa Du Kang

Masala Magic: 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Miami Masala Magic: 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Miami

We have three locations in the city: Bird Road, Kendall Drive and Doral. Find the one closest to you and come today to try a menu you’ll never want to leave.

Our recipes run in the family. We keep a tradition that has been passed down through three generations and three continents, so you won’t take any chances, our food is deliciously authentic.

We have the best casual atmosphere in Miami to welcome you and your family, friends, colleagues or even that special someone for a romantic evening.

Click here and find out how to get to Chifa Du Kang. Table for how many?

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