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From Bandeja Paisa to Sopa de Costilla: 5 best colombian restaurants near Bird Road

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Lunchtime in Colombia transcends mere food. It is a time of gathering, celebration and sharing around a table filled with delicious dishes, cooked with fresh ingredients and full of flavor. In this list of the best colombian restaurants near Bird Road, you can experience the authentic flavors of traditional dishes served at a Colombian family table or in the nooks and crannies of Bogotá. No need to travel to the streets of the capital, as these restaurants will give you an unforgettable culinary experience, where you can discover the richness of colombian cuisine without leaving Bird Road.

5 best colombian restaurants near Bird Road

1.Rincón Antioqueño

Imagine how delicious the food at this Colombian restaurant near Bird Road must be that one diner drove 4 hours from Lake Mary just to indulge in their Sopa de Costilla.

But this comforting broth, rich in beef and reflecting the warmth of traditional colombian food, is not the only reason it would be worth the long drive. At Rincón Antioqueño they serve a Bandeja Paisa to die for. The meat is cooked and seasoned to perfection, creating an intense flavor that contrasts harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients. The dish is so abundant that it is best to travel on an empty stomach. With food like this, a 4-hour trip feels like 10 minutes.

Another traditional colombian dish that fans do incredible things for is Mondongo, a hearty broth made from beef tripe. Its intense and diverse flavor, along with its thick and comforting consistency, has made a diner visit them religiously for over 24 years.

Although Rincón Antioqueño may be a hole-in-the-wall style restaurant that would go unnoticed if you casually walk down the street, the warmth of their service, the quality of their food and the generosity of their dishes easily make it one of the best colombian food restaurants in Miami. Once you try their dishes, you will understand why their diners would do anything to eat there again.

2.Pueblito Viejo

His ancestors, colombian roots and a collection of international music his mother left behind inspired Gonzalo Rodriguez to open Pueblito Viejo in 1994 in Chicago. The good reception from diners made it possible for you to enjoy it 9 years later on Bird Road, Miami. 

The atmosphere of this restaurant is traditional and familiar, and it feels like a real party. The colorful decorations and vibrant lights hanging from the ceiling create a festive and rumbustious atmosphere, while the warm colombian hospitality is a fundamental part of the experience. There is also a bar and dance floor, because good food always tastes better with good company and music.

However, the real celebration is experienced through its traditional dishes, full of Colombian flavor. To start the gastronomic ‘rumba’, you can try the exquisite Sobrebarriga. With its concentrated meaty flavor and juicy texture, it will become the dish you can’t miss every time you visit this colombian restaurant on Bird Road. Need something sweet to get into the rumba spirit? Then the Brevas con Arequipe is the perfect choice. The natural sweetness of the fig blends with the mellow creaminess of the colombian arequipe, creating a delight for the palate. You’re sure to order several throughout the night. 

Pueblito Viejo stands out as one of the best colombian food restaurants on Bird Road, thanks to its energetic rumba atmosphere and its offering of authentic traditional cuisine that celebrates Colombia’s culinary culture.

3.Bandeja Paisa Restaurant

You know you’re in an excellent Colombian restaurant on Bird Road when, like Bandeja Paisa, every option on the menu is so delicious that it’s hard to choose. Deciding on just one dish from their menu becomes a challenge, as each one shares a homey, hearty flavor that takes you on a culinary journey you won’t want to return from. 

Their famous Sancocho Colombiano is one of the dishes that makes it difficult to choose. No one can resist this emblematic and traditional Colombian dish that, with its intense and comforting flavor, pampers you on those rainy days. It is a favorite thanks to its slow cooking, which allows the flavors of the meat and root vegetables to develop and settle.

Its Bandeja Paisa Original is another standout contender. It shines with flavor and heartiness, taking the competition to a more demanding level. It whets the appetite by visualizing a bed of rice accompanied by two fried eggs and a generous portion of crispy chicharrón. And to satisfy it completely, there is the ripe plantain, tostón, avocado slices, fried yucca and arepa, all accompanied by a delicious side of beans.

The dishes on the Bandeja Paisa menu are so exquisite that even on your tenth meal you will still be overthinking your choice.

4.Los Arrieros Restaurant

Since 1991, Arrieros Restaurant’s kitchen has been generating the magic of Colombian food. Their dishes are prepared only with fresh ingredients, and have a very clear purpose that is reflected in their flavor and generosity: to promote the culture of their beautiful country, Colombia.

La Mojarra Entera is one of those dishes that will leave the authentic taste of Colombia in your palate. The juicy flesh of the fish contrasts perfectly with its crispy, fried outer coating. Its flavor is delicately marine, with an exquisite combination of seasonings and spices that enhance the dish with nuances of flavors.

Tostones con Hogao is another exquisite example of how Arriero Restaurant pays homage to traditional colombian cuisine. The tostones, with their crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside, provide a subtly sweet flavor and a woody touch thanks to the fried green plantain. When combined with Hogao, a thick sauce that adds an aromatic touch to the dish with its blend of tomato, onion, garlic and spices, the palate embarks on a true colombian gastronomic feast.

If you want to taste the true magic of Colombian food, you can’t miss Arriero Restaurant, one of the best colombian restaurants near Bird Road.

5.Mi Pueblo

”Everything about this place makes me happy” ”It’s a lot like being in Disney, they replicate very well being in Colombia with an atmosphere inspired by the typical houses in the “finca” or country house. ”I felt like I was transported to a Colombian neighborhood”. These are the praises that Mi Pueblo receives daily for its Colombian atmosphere and, of course, its exquisite traditional dishes with a flavor so authentic that with every bite, they make you feel as if you were in a small Latin American village. 

The dishes that have captivated diners and inspired them to profess their love for this colombian restaurant near Bird Road are a true delight, brimming with authentic colombian flavors. 

Among them, the Cazuela de Mariscos stands out, a traditional dish that skillfully combines cooked seafood with a thick, flavorful sauce. With every bite, its freshness and marine flavor transport you to Cartagena’s paradisiacal beaches, caressed by the sea. The Bandeja Paisa is also a must for its abundance with its variety of exquisitely seasoned meats and side dishes, served with plenty of freshness and flavor.

In addition to its main dishes, Mi Pueblo stands out for its exquisite Empanadas Colombianas, a delicious snack that diners say is the best they have ever tasted. The combination of the crunchy dough, the juicy and well-seasoned filling, and the sauce that accompanies this small delicacy of colombian gastronomy will create an explosion of flavors in your palate, at the street food stands in a neighborhood of Bogota. 

If you’re looking for a colombian restaurant near Bird Road with food so delicious that it inspired you to write declarations of love on Yelp, Mi Pueblo is the place you want your taste buds and your heart to know.

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