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Chifa peruano en Orlando: chicken from Chifa Du Kan

6 Best Chifa Peruano in Orlando FL to visit with your family

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Orlando is a wonderful city to enjoy with the family. One of the main reasons is that it is home to the most famous theme park in the world: Walt Disney World. And if you are from Peru, possibly after an extensive and exhausting tour of this magical world, you will crave for a good restaurant chifa peruano en Orlando. We don’t blame you! There is no better food to replenish your energy and put a smile on your face.

So let’s get straight to the good news: satisfying that craving is possible. The city offers a variety of international cuisine, including chifa food, and here we will tell you which are those places where they serve it with authentic Peruvian flavor.

Does the best Peruvian Chifa in Orlando exist?

Chifa Du Kang menu

Orlando has many tourist places worth visiting, but also places to get closer to the different cuisines of the world. So don’t think twice and join us on this magical journey to find the best Chifa Peruano en Orlando. In this city all dreams come true. And why not give ourselves the pleasure of finding and enjoying those explosive dishes that Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine gives us?

Eating chifa for Peruvians is an everyday thing, but for strangers it is perhaps a dish of traditional Chinese food. Nothing could be further from the truth, exploring the flavors of this food is one of the best experiences you can have. The combination of foods, techniques and flavors of both cuisines make for enviable creations, especially for their bold flavors.

And the best thing is that, little by little, these dishes are becoming known outside Peru as what they are, authentic chifa food. Thanks to the efforts made by several entrepreneurs to give many people the opportunity to discover and explore that Chinese and Peruvian food have a lot to offer.

Where to find a good Peruvian chifa in Orlando?

There are many restaurants that serve chifa food in this city. We are going to tell you the 7 places we recommend you to visit with the family, but only you decide which one deserves the first place.

Chifa is known as the fusion dishes of Chinese-Peruvian cuisine, but also Chinese and Peruvian restaurants that serve these dishes. Only those who truly know these cuisines, know what it is to mix those flavors that make the difference.

1.- China Hut

This is one of the Chinese restaurants considered the best Peruvian chifa in Orlando. Here they serve ceviche, kamlú wantán, sautéed noodles, lomo saltado and chaufa rice to enjoy with the family in a cozy atmosphere and with the attention its visitors deserve.

2.- Hong Kong Asian Cuisine

The menu of this Chinese restaurant offers a section of chifa dishes, including chicken chijaukay, wanton soup, lomo saltado and kamlu wanton. If you want to appreciate the flavors that make the difference between traditional Chinese and chifa dishes, this is a good opportunity to dare to explore flavors.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

Chifa peruano en Orlando: beef from Chifa Du Kang

We are not exactly a chifa Peruano en Orlando, but we have a location on Bird Road, which is quite close. In your car, in less than 30 minutes you can reach our restaurant and enjoy the authentic flavors of Chinese-Peruvian dishes as they are served in Peru.

Our specialties are part of a cross-cultural family tradition that goes back several generations. Our menu is very extensive and ranges from the traditional chaufa rice in six presentations, to specialties such as Tay Pa Du Kang (Shrimp, chicken, pork and quail eggs sauteed with veggies) and others. The experience we offer is well worth the half hour in front of the steering wheel.

4.- La Granja restaurant

This is not a Chinese restaurant, but a Peruvian restaurant chain, whose specialty is serving Peruvian-style roast chicken, as well as chifa dishes. The most requested dishes are the lomo saltado and the seafood chaufa. In this way you can walk through the different flavors offered by Peruvian gastronomy.
The Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine

Like La Granja, this restaurant serves traditional Peruvian food and chifa dishes, because Peruvians have made this food an essential part of every table. Eating chifa can be done in Peruvian food restaurants and Chinese restaurants specialized in preparing these dishes and the Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine is one of them.

5.- 88 Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is well known in Orlando for serving delicious traditional Chinese food and modern dishes to make the menu more attractive. In their menu they have a section of Peruvian dishes that go through traditional and chifa cuisine.

6.- Nang King

It is a Chinese restaurant that serves Latin fusion food in Old Winter Garden Road. In its menu you can get various chifa dishes that you can accompany with the traditional Inka Cola consumed by Peruvians, or with a delicious tempting dessert to close with a flourish, it can be considered as a Peruvian chifa in Orlando.

Is Chifa Du Kang a Peruvian chifa in Orlando?

Chifa food from Chifa Du Kang / best chinese food dishes / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

As we already told you, we are not in Orlando, but we are very close, so why not come visit us and extend your gastronomic horizons a little bit?

Chifa food has its secrets and there is nothing better than sitting down to enjoy these dishes in Chinese and Peruvian restaurants with authentic tradition. We are experts in preparing the great variety of chifa dishes with which we bring you closer to Peru just by touching your palate.

We have more than 25 years preparing and serving authentic chifa food. We bring to Miami all the knowledge and experience we have acquired by having 4 restaurants in Peru where we became experts in fusing these flavors.

For us it is a pleasure to serve you as if you were at home. If you are in Orlando, take a little getaway and visit Chifa Du Kang on Bird Road.

Visit our website and social networks for more information about our coordinates in South Florida.

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