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restaurant chifa peruano: kam lu wantan and arroz chaufa.

The Best Chifa Peruano en Miami: Discover the unknown side of Peruvian food

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Have you been invited to eat at a restaurant chifa peruano? If you haven’t tried chifa food, don’t despise an invitation like that because the experience you will live will be one of the most delicious of your life. Your palate will appreciate the unique flavors offered by this mixed culinary culture that unites Peru and China.

If you are in Miami, there are several options to try these tasty dishes. In this article we want to tell you all about Peruvian chifa. Let’s start this delightful journey!

Restaurant chifa peruano. What to expect?

restaurant chifa peruano: arroz chaufa

What do you expect from the best restaurant chifa peruano? As is well known, Peru is recognized as one of the best gastronomic destinations in South America and the world. Who doesn’t know the ceviche? The aroma and flavor of this cuisine is so diverse that it has managed to conquer the most exquisite palates, and no wonder! Peruvian food preserves the flavor that has passed from generation to generation, maintaining the essence of the culinary art practiced by its ancestors.

Without losing the north, this gastronomy has granted a little space to other cuisines, to take advantage of the best of each one of them and increase the variety of dishes offered to its diners.

Thus, within Peruvian gastronomy, there are others where the influence of foreign cultures predominates, as is the case of Chifa gastronomy.

Chifa is a term created by Peruvians to refer to the fusion cuisine that combines Peruvian and Chinese food. When the Chinese population arrived in Peru, they gradually adapted their cuisine to the ingredients they found available in the Andean country. This allowed the creation of totally new dishes. Thus, chifa food was born.

Peruvians have made this culinary culture part of their gastronomic identity. There is no family that does not enjoy chifa food at least twice a week. In addition, the number of restaurants serving chifa food is increasing every day in the country. There you can taste delicacies that speak for themselves of the right combination of ingredients that will lead you to experience the richest explosion of flavors.

In a good restaurant chifa peruano you cannot miss the chaufa rice, the tipakay chicken and the lomo saltado. We will briefly tell you what these dishes consist of so that you can get an idea of what you can taste.

  • Chaufa rice: consists of a mixture of fried rice sautéed in a wok with small pieces of meat or chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, vegetables and soy sauce.
  • Lomo saltado: This dish is a staple of Chifa cuisine. It consists of beef quickly sautéed in a wok to preserve its juicy texture, to which abundant black sauce and vegetables are added shortly before removing from the heat so that they do not soften too much. It is served with white rice and root vegetables.
  • Tipakay Chicken: It is an exotic dish. The chicken breast is cooked in strips with pineapple chunks and few vegetables, and then covered with tamarind sauce.

Is your mouth watering? This is just a small preview of what you will get at the best restaurant chifa peruano in Miami.

In search of chifa peruano near me?

Lomo saltado and arroz chaufa

Miami is a city where most cultures converge, especially the Latin one. There you can travel much of the geography, just tasting the flavors offered by each cuisine. If you want to embark on this gastronomic journey through the best fusion cuisine, put in the search engine “chifa peruano near me” and you will find a good place to enjoy it.

Chifa food has been tasted only in Peru for decades. It is a treasure that we had well kept and today is making its way outside the borders of our beloved Peru with rich dishes.

When visiting one of these places you should keep in mind that the portions served are quite generous, so we recommend that you go in the company of friends or family, and they will have the chance to order different dishes and try each one.

Best Restaurant Chifa Peruano in Miami: Chifa Du Kang

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We have no hesitation in telling you that the best restaurant chifa peruano in Miami is Chifa Du Kang.

We have a whole trajectory in this delicious business. In Peru we have 4 restaurants and in Miami we already have 2. We arrived in the United States with the purpose of sharing with the cosmopolitan community of Miami the fusion of the two best millenary cuisines of the world.

Our goal is that every day more and more people can enjoy authentic Chifa food far away from Peru. For that reason they are so careful to maintain the flavors that only this cuisine, considered by many the best kept secret of the Peruvians, can achieve.

Don’t miss out on the best Peruvian chifa in Miami!

At Chifa Du Kang we wait for you every day from 12:00pm to 9:00pm, except Tuesdays. We offer vegetarian and vegan menu. Our locations are on Kendall Dr and Bird Road.

We assure you that after tasting our dishes, you will always want to come back!

To reserve a table with us you can visit our website or social networks.

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